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How To Test And Fix Asymmetrical Face


There are physical and hormonal features that make a person look more appealing than others. For example, the mode of dressing, body shape and the symmetry of the face can make a person very appealing and attractive. How do you fix an asymmetrical face?

When parts of your body are mirror images of one another, this is referred to as symmetry. Most people find symmetrical faces more attractive, according to research but there are methods used to fix asymmetrical face.

What is an asymmetrical face?

A symmetrical face means a person has similar features on either side of the face. Meanwhile, people with asymmetrical faces either have eyes at different heights, different sizes of ears, crooked teeth and etc.

It is more common to find people with asymmetrical faces (symmetrical faces) but this is normal.

Causes of asymmetrical face

Various factors are responsible for the symmetry of the face. These factors include:


In some cases, an asymmetrical face is a function of body development and genes. For example, a parent can pass on two different sizes of ears to his/her child.  Just as the various features of the body are inherited, an asymmetry of the face can also be inherited.

Meanwhile, researchers have attributed asymmetrical faces to genetic health conditions such as cleft lip and palate and vascular disorders.

Sun Damage:

As you grow older, your skin becomes tender. So, if you are exposed to the UV rays of the sun, it will cause spots, patches, and moles on your skin.

Sun damage rarely affects your entire face equally, particularly if you spend a lot of time
outdoors, wear a baseball cap, work or drive outside, or participate in outdoor sports.
Only one side or portion of the face can be damaged by the sun.


When you pop out smoke from a cigarette, you expose your face to certain toxins. According to research, smoking has been linked with facial asymmetry as one of the causes.

Dental Treatment:

Tooth extraction can alter the symmetry of the face. In addition, the use of dentures and Veneers can also alter the contours of the face to make it asymmetrical.


The asymmetry of your face gets worse as you age. This comes with age naturally. While your cartilage stops developing as you get older since your bones cease growing at puberty.

This indicates that as you age, your ears and nose expand and vary, which could lead to


Some people think that sleeping on your stomach or resting your face against a pillow, long
amounts of time spent sitting with your legs crossed, bad posture and sleeping with your face resting against your hand can all cause facial asymmetry.


Injury or trauma can alter the shape and form of the face and cause asymmetry. It could be during childhood or at any time in a person’s life.

Bell’s Palsy:

A sudden shift in facial symmetry can indicate a potentially dangerous condition. Bell’s palsy is a type of facial nerve paralysis that causes a sudden or unexpected onset of weakness in the muscles on one side of your face.

Bell’s palsy is frequently transient and can occur following pregnancy or a viral infection.
Bell’s palsy is a facial asymmetry caused by weaker or immobile facial muscles on one side of the face.


Facial drooping is an indication of a stroke. If your grin becomes suddenly uneven or you
develop numbness on one side of your face, you should seek emergency medical attention. Other symptoms of a stroke include difficulty in speaking and arm numbness or weakness.


Torticollis, also known as “twisted neck,” is a misalignment of the muscles in your neck.
Torticollis can cause facial asymmetry when the baby is born if it develops during pregnancy. To improve your vision, you may tilt your head to one side or the other, making one side of your neck muscles stronger than the other. Torticollis is frequently transient, with symptoms disappearing. In rare cases, it may even be permanent.

Test for facial symmetry

You can follow a simple regime to know if your face is symmetrical or not. One of the most
a trusted method for this is to print a photo of your face.

Mark the following areas on your face portrait. Alternatively, if you’re using a mirror, use a
a marker that can be removed later:

  • The top of your brow and the middle of your chin (This is the only set of points you will check for
    vertical symmetry; the rest are horizontal.)
  • The outermost rim of both of your eyes
  • The crease between your nose bridge and each of your eyes
  • Either side of your lips’ crease
  • The widest point on each side of your face and the largest area of your nose on both nostrils

You can use a ruler to determine whether a straight, horizontal line can be drawn between each pair of points.

There are free online apps that will assess your facial symmetry based on a picture of your face. However, do not take the result too seriously because the apps are not trusted.

A computer algorithm can estimate your “attractiveness” based on a ratio, but it cannot consider how attractive you are due to your most pronounced, distinguishing features. A computer will never be able to judge your stunning hair, intense eyes, or contagious grin.

How To Fix Asymmetrical Face

Asymmetrical features are mostly natural or self-inflicted, and so they do not need treatment. In some instances, they are seen as unique and what makes a person attractive. However, there are cosmetic procedures that can be carried out to fix this condition:


A “soft filler” injection into your face can correct the appearance of facial asymmetry. Botox or a filler substance is commonly used to lift uneven brows or a wrinkled forehead on one side. Fillers can help with asymmetry caused by tissue imbalance or weak muscles. Fillers lose their effectiveness over time because they do not last indefinitely.

Facial implants:

If your bone structure causes your face to be lopsided, you may want to consider implants. This treatment is popular for a chin or cheek imbalances. Facial implants are made of metal and are intended to be permanent.

  • Silicone
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Gels


A corrective rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” can make your nose appear symmetrical if the cause of your facial asymmetry is a broken nose that was improperly set or if you dislike the shape of your nose.

The effects of rhinoplasty are long-lasting, though your nose may revert to some of its previous characteristics over time.

Relevance of facial exercise

At the moment, there is no clinical evidence that facial exercise that can fix an asymmetrical face. Although facial exercise can affect the shape and form of the features of the face. However, asymmetry caused by weak muscles can be corrected with facial exercise.

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