How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24 Hours Using The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Most people tend to fantasize about what they desire in life per time, and you find them mostly lost in the quest to arrive at this land of dreams or fantasy. However, there is a law known as the Law of Attraction which is a philosophy that claims people attract what they think about – this means, if you think a negative thought, you’d attract exactly negative outcomes and conversely so.

The substance of your thought is what is termed manifestation, which means you are responsible for the things that happen to you, whether positive or negative. When you’re consciously thinking about something, the universe conjures it to turn into reality. The great philosophers have also claimed thoughts backed by action have undeniable effects.

A classic example is of a woman that got paralyzed from an accident, the diagnosis she got from the doctor said she would never walk again. Regardless, she believed she’d walk, run, dance, and get her life back together. She returned to the hospital a few days after she was dismissed, the doctor got a rude shock when he realized strength was already returning to her legs despite his dismissive diagnosis. After a year, she started walking and using her legs because she thought about it and worked towards it as well.

Simple steps to manifest anything you want using the law of attraction

  • Decision: You have to know what you want to have/manifest. You must decide on something specific. After deciding on what you want, be prepared for the impending achievement and be very sure about it.


  • Quell negative thoughts: After making a precise decision, you must be able to quell all forms of negative thoughts that are likely going to form a brick wall to the manifestation of your positive thought. Fight all negative thought processes and inwardly convince yourself that whatever you’re looking for will manifest itself.


  • Write: You must put down your vision or thoughts in detail – including date, timelines, place, how, what, and even people. The Bible in Habakkuk 2:2 makes this recommendation as well. The law of attraction also states that you’ll attract your written down goals.


  • Visualize: Have a mental picture of what you desire to happen, like see it coming already. When you see it, you’ll have it as there’s usually a trigger in the subconscious that the manifestation is real.


  • Affirmation: Words are very creative and they are seeds that grow to manifest their fruits either positively or negatively. If you want to see positive results, you’ve got to practice daily affirmations, this way you’d attract positive energy.


  • Attention:  Pay attention to the signs the universe delivers. If manifestation is on the verge of happening, there are usually signs that give clues.


  • Gratitude: It is of essence to be thankful to the universe and the maker of the universe. Thanksgiving is a multiplier of blessings, so if you want to see more, thank more.

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