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How To Make Money Using Canva In 2023


Although used by everyone, only a few know its full earning opportunities. Canva presents tons of possibilities for revenue generation. Do you want to know how to monetize Canva? Let’s get into it!

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design and publishing tool. It is a user-friendly platform that allows users to quickly and easily discover their creativity. It is a blessing for amateurs and non-designers that seek to create beautiful and attention-grabbing visuals.  Thanks to its vast library of themes, Canva has emerged as the standard design tool for posters, gifs, logos, banners and graphics.

Why Is Canva Popular?

Canva’s popularity can be attributed to how simple it is to use and its wide range of other features.

Several characteristics that make Canva almost indispensable are:

  • Designing on this platform is straightforward and quick because it has a drag-and-drop interface. Users have access to millions of templates to create lovely graphics, even with no prior design skills.
  • Canva has a free plan with a lot of options and tools. There is also an economical Pro subscription for only $9.95, should you have a reason to upgrade. As a result, Canva software is available to enterprises of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to larger corporations.
  • Canva is typically thought of as an image-creation tool. However, it also creates menus, certifications, brochures, invites, calendars and more. There are tonnes of great features.

How to Make Money with Canva?

Besides offering the tools needed to design captivating images, Canva gives designers a chance to turn their work into a source of income. It is a fantastic platform freelancers use to make some additional cash online.

Let’s explore a few of the commonest means.

1.    Join Canva Pro Affiliate Program

In monetizing Canva, Canva Pro Affiliate Program must be taken into account.  With this program, you will receive a commission when anyone registers on Canva using your affiliate link. Even without any prior skills, you may still make money using this affiliate strategy.

There are three steps involved in getting money with Canva Pro Affiliate Marketing.

  • Create an affiliate account – Become the first to make money by referring new Canva Pro users. You can join without paying anything.
  • Promote Canva Professional – Play a part in growing the number of Canva users globally. By encouraging visitors to sign up through a link, you get money.
  • Begin to earn – You can make up to $36 for every new user that registers using your referral link.

2.    Teach Canva on Your Blog and YouTube

One avenue to expanding a firm is by educating others about it. The ultimate objective should always be to motivate others. This can be achieved when you have a sizable amount of following. You can take advantage of your audience and convert their presence into money. Demonstrate to them that regardless of their skill level, they are capable of creating something magnificent.

You may create short tutorial movies about Canva. You may also create YouTube adverts about the app. Adding your affiliate links to the description of your clip can increase your earnings.

3.    Create and Sell Your Own Master Canva Course

With a website such as teachable, you can start your own introductory course if you’re an expert at designing on Canva. This is fairly easy to accomplish. Make a course content overview that includes your lectures and homework. Give a summary of the materials. Decide on the course fee, depending on the duration and quality. You may also include images and videos to explain your course further.

On Udemy, you get paid every time a user purchases your course. Some instructors make up to hundreds of dollars per month. You get monthly royalties also from Skillshare based on the number of students who view your classes.

A variety of topics you can talk about include:

  • Making a logo
  • Designing a presentation template
  • Creating a business card
  • Using Canva to create printables
  • Editing videos for Pinterest

4.    Become Canva Distributor

The key features of Canva are its templates and designs. These assist novice designers in producing beautiful visuals. As a result, there is a constant need for brand-new, original templates, designs, videos, pictures, and other content utilized by Canva users.

As a graphic designer who wishes to make more income and gain more exposure, Canva is the best platform. Become a distributor by expanding Canva’s media libraries, templates, and designs. Simply create an account on Canva and contribute your designs. You will receive payment for each time a user uses a file you uploaded.

5.    Use Canva to Make Money from the Ebook Market

Have you ever given any thought to the effects of an ebook cover design?

Virtually everyone judges a book by its cover. An ebook’s cover potentially has effects on its sales. Many readers get turned off by a poorly designed cover. Cover art determines if readers want to explore a book.

Authors know this; hence they want the cover of their books to be expertly designed. This is where you step in to help! As a designer, you project competence and quality on an eBook’s cover.

If you search through Fiverr, and other related websites, you will discover that this service is in great demand. It can be highly beneficial to you.

6.     Create Low Content Books

These are simple-to-make books. There are a variety of categories such as:

  • Journals
  • Picture books
  • Sketchbooks
  • Quote books
  • Guest books
  • Music composition books
  • Log books

Any type of book that requires the consumer to fill out belongs to this group. With Canva, you can produce them and sell them on Amazon via their KDP service. Astonishingly, these books are always in demand. You can make about $1 to $4 on each copy automatically. All you need to do is make your own design and publish your products.

7.    Create Personalised Products

Selling personalized products such as mugs, and t-shirts can make you some money. Simply come up with a catchy and unique design on a diverse range of customized products. As long the product is spectacular, you will have no trouble selling your designs. Numerous sports franchises, artists, and influencers use their branded products to deepen their connections with their fans.

Individuals may also order customized products such as tote bags for personal use. With Canva, you can display your creativity on these products and begin to make money.

You may also post your designs on websites like Etsy and Amazon. You may choose the pricing and get paid a commission per sale.

8.    Design and Sell Printables 

Currently, printable items are a big deal. What are printables? Think:

  • Calendars
  • Meal planners
  • Checklist
  • Budget Templates
  • Art Works
  • Wall Art
  • Yard Signs
  • Stickers

There are products that people can download and print right in the comfort of their homes in a matter of seconds. Anything people might consider useful and printable falls on the list.

Etsy would be a great platform to sell these items. With millions of consumers, you are likely to get customers that will desire to purchase your designs. All you have to do is create an account and upload your products. The entire procedure is virtually automated, therefore simple to use.

9.    Sell Graphic Design Services

With Canva, you can earn a lot from offering graphic design services. Since there is a wide range of templates and elements available, it is simple. Whether you are designing flyers, logos, or website graphics, Canva has the options that will assist you in producing beautiful designs.

There are various places to market your graphic designs. Some of the biggest platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, WooCommerce, and Shopify. This can be a means for some extra cash or full-time income.

10. Create Marketing Videos

Most people are unaware that Canva features a user-friendly and simple video editor. With this editor, you can get paid by small enterprises to put up marketing videos and advertisements. You won’t need to spend money or hire an editor, Canva offers tools that will help you produce stunning videos. It is the simplest thing to do.

These marketing videos are used by companies such as Airbnbs, bars, and cafes for social media advertisements. It may also be to just highlight their goods and services on their websites.


Now you have the appropriate piece of information. Don’t you think it is about time you started using Canva to make some extra cash?

Download Canva right away and register for free. You may select any of the choices above to begin to earn, as long as it interests you. You can also get started with Canva Pro free trial. There are limitless templates, designs, background removers, and much more to explore!



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