6 Easy Ways To Make Him Chase You

ways to Make Him Chase You

All women desire to be chased but only a few know how to get the man they admire to chase them. If this is the kind of game you want to play, you have to pay attention to certain things. This is the only way to get what you want and you will be pleased with the result.

A man may notice you but you can only get him to make him chase you by some of the things you do. Ladies, you can get a man to beg for your attention if you apply the following tips and tricks.

Stop Being Needy

Neediness destroys attraction and it is one of the main reasons men pull away. You could be acting clingy and needy without even knowing it. Yes, there are subtle ways women display neediness and get men on their heels. For example, did you know something as simple as asking a man to open the car door for you shows neediness? This may be hard to believe, but it is true.

Be your own woman and do your things by yourself. Men like strong and independent women even if they have the capacity to provide. A woman that displays independence is more attractive to men.

It Is Okay To Be Single

If a guy perceives that you are single, he will think of you as someone with self-worth. I mean, you are smart, fun, beautiful but still alone. This will get him thinking twice about that and make him want you in his life. Men think women who are thriving and alone are satisfied with life and that they don’t need a man to complete them.

Just because you don’t need him, he’d love to be a part of your life. Now, it is up to you to want him or not.

Stay Busy With Your Life

Are you into a guy who sits around, does nothing but watch movies and surf the internet all day? A decent woman would want a man who has a lot going for him and that’s exactly what a man wants too. So, if you are tempted to send a text message like “I’m bored”, “I want to sit out”, stop. Instead, show him that your life is jam-packed, full of fun and amazing activities with your friends and family.

when he perceives that your life and happiness do not depend on his company, he’d want to be part of it. He will be the one asking you for a hang-out.

Adopt High Love Standards

Sometimes, you need to raise your personal standard to make a man notice you. A man can chase a woman who is easy to get but may not respect her fully if she accepts just any relationship terms. Show him that if he wants to be with you, he needs to prove that he’s deserving of your time, affection and company.

Make him fall for you

You shouldn’t sell yourself short and ensure you don’t allow the man you want to lead you on.

Be a Little Mysterious

Even though it is good, to be honest, there’s no harm in keeping some key information to yourself. A powerful psychological thing you can do to a man is to make his mind wander. Make him curious, make him think about what you going to be doing tonight, be unpredictable and let him guess your favourite hobby. And better yet, do not tell him what turns you on.

Spilling the beans early can turn him off faster than you think. If you really want to learn how to make a man chase you and make him commit to you, you have to be a little mysterious.

Don’t always give him credit

A man should go the extra mile to get a woman he likes. Even though you know that you want him, don’t let him think you two are already in a relationship because he invited you for dinner. It should take so much for you to consider anyone as your boyfriend. Do not don’t act like someone who wants him until he deserves it, this will make him chase you even harder.

Be a little stingy with your compliments for him, this will make him want to do more.

Why You Should Make Men Chase You

It Boosts their Ego

Men are naturally competitive, so they want to get the best girls in the world. Women too have many options, so they often evaluate those wooing them to see who’s putting more effort. What men see as chasing women is not really it, rather it is the woman trying to choose the man that wins her heart and proves his love.

A man will always feel he’s better than the other suitors of his girlfriend. However, do not make a man continue to chase you for the wrong reasons. If you feel from the onset that he doesn’t deserve you, don’t stick around him.

To Show How Important You Are

Men progressively fall in love, meaning they fall in love in stages. A man tries to get a woman to like him first before making a move on her. If a woman proves to be too easy to get, chances are that he won’t respect the woman.

Love web

If you find yourself displaying so much affection on a first date, there’s really nothing to worry about. His consistency in chasing you is what will determine if he’s a potential boyfriend or not. And if he knows how important you are, he’d unlikely stop chasing you.

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