How to Make 6 Figures Online Monthly

Make 6 Figures Online

If you were in a conversation with a co-worker at the office. You two have been working for a couple of years and receiving approximately the same salary.

Now, this co-worker suddenly tells you one morning that he’s planning on quitting his job and working from home. What sort of expression would you have on your face? Now let’s take this even a step further.

What if this co-worker tells you he’s found out how to make 6 FIGURES ONLINE MONTHLY from working at home? I’m guessing now is when you’d just laugh at how totally ridiculous he’s being, tell him to wake up from his dream, and get back to work. Who can blame you? That’s what people would do 95% of the time.

Make 6 Figures Online monthly

Yet as ridiculous as this “dream” sounds, you should know that it is NOT impossible to accomplish. And it is not unheard of either. All over the world, a substantial amount of people have been making it big for themselves by simply working at home. The secret to this success…is something we all use every day. Hell, you’re using it now in fact. The INTERNET.


The internet has to be the greatest invention in recent history. Its importance can hardly be overemphasized because living without it can hardly be imagined.

From communication to entertainment to information gathering, the internet offers so many services, that it has become the most used invention of our time. Yet, even with all this, the internet still offers so much more.

Keeping up with the latest news and staying in touch with friends and family is all well and good, but this is not the part of the internet that would bring money into your bank account.

Sadly, this is what we mostly use the internet for, and this is why we think making substantial money off the internet is a bit farfetched. It is NOT. Making money from the internet is a very real thing in this present world and age and making 6 figures online monthly is not only a possibility.


Are you like the co-worker in the first paragraph of this post? Are you tired of your regular 9-5 job, and want something better?

Do you want to be your own boss and decide what you would do and when you want to do it? If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then I am here to tell you all this is possible. And there’s even more. You can make up to 6 FIGURES online monthly this way. And yes, if you were wondering, it’s ALL LEGAL. Here are a few success stories to prove to you just how possible it is to actualize your dreams.

  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Founder, Making Sense of Cents.

Michelle started her blog with little to no knowledge of how to make a blog or run it. Five years along the line, the world gets to see her in a new light; as one of the few people to make a stupendous amount of money monthly from a single blog. She makes over $100,000 each month.

  • John Lee Dumas

John is an entrepreneur who once made over $500,000 by using the internet to boost the sales of his products.


Now here is the big question you have been meaning to ask. How do I Make 6 Figures Online Monthly? How did these people do it? The answers to your questions are actually simpler than you would expect. They were able to make that much money because they took advantage of the greatest thing the internet has to offer: a worldwide connection.

The internet provides you with the largest possible market you can ever think of. Think about it, you have the largest possible gathering of potential buyers you can find in the 21st century, and you don’t even need to move an inch to meet them or display your products and services. All you need to do is CONNECT. It is that easy.

Unfortunately, this simplicity itself comes with its own brand of difficulty. Due to the fact that the internet is relatively open to anyone and somewhat easy to use, simply placing yourself out there is not going to fetch you the 6 figures income you are looking for. You are not to just put yourself out there and hope people would find you.

That would be like throwing a needle in a stack of other needles, scattering them in a haystack and then asking someone to pick out the one needle for you. Hopeless right? Exactly. You’d want to do more than just put yourself out there. You’d want to make sure you have what your target market wants and that when they look for it, they find YOU. And finally, you’d want to present it to them in such a way that, THEY WOULD ALWAYS COME BACK.

The secret to Make 6 Figures Online

This is most likely the part you have all been waiting for, however, before getting started some things must be cleared out. Most people think working online from their homes is an easy task. Something they can just do when they like and just drop when they aren’t feeling like it. This is not far from the truth.

Though working online and from your home gives you more freedom than any 9-5 can offer you, it isn’t a job for the lazy. Working online and from your home makes you an entrepreneur.

This means the success or failure of your business rests in your hand. You do have the opportunity to choose what job to do and what not to do, but you can’t afford to accept a job and then back off later just because you “don’t feel like it”.

That kills consumer trust, and that is generally bad for business. It takes something as small as an unsatisfied customer to ruin months upon months of hard work, so be careful about it. Also, just working for a day or two online can fetch you some extra cash but making 6 figures online monthly requires a lot more work. You would want to work like those who make this much money to earn as they do. And those guys don’t lazy around.

With that out of the way, here is how you can make a steady substantial income from the internet. If you follow the steps listed below diligently and persistently, tomorrow might just see you as one of those making 6 figures online monthly income.

Decide what you want to start making money online as.

This step is on this list because most people don’t really know how to make money online. They hear that it is possible, they see that it is possible, but they just don’t KNOW how.

Below is a list of the two major ways you can make money online. You can use any one of these means or even combine them. It is advisable however that when starting up you stick to one. This would help you focus and build a better reputation there.


This is the selling of services to an employer on a somewhat short-term basis. Here you can work for one or more employers for as long as your contract of employment lasts. Once the contract is concluded, you can both go your separate ways. Fiverr, Freelancer, and UPWORK can be your great start to making 6 figures online if taken seriously.


This comprises the designing, editing, and continuous updating of a blog. Here you run a blog and are paid for it. The criteria for payment varies from site to site, but it mostly revolves around the number of views articles on your blogs get the number of visitors you get on your blog, and the ads posted on it.

Once it is decided how you plan to make money online, you might need to check on tips on how to be successful in your chosen field. Once that is done, then you are ready to get started on step two.

Choose your target market.

This is the second step in successfully getting an income online. This is also where most people new to working online start missing it. This little step is what would decide if you would be successful in your endeavours to make money online, or if you are simply wasting your time.

There are so many businesses floating around the internet that your business is just one in billions. Being a jack of all trades would not help you here. It’s better to have a particular service you render and then set your sight on customers who would need or would be looking for that service or related services.

This doesn’t mean you have to pick a speciality right away, it just means to pick a category you want to focus on. Are you planning on creating a blog? Choose what sort of blog you want it to be. Is it about the celebrity gist? Fitness and weight loss? Religious or motivational information? Are you planning to be a freelancer? Then decide what sort of service you would be rendering. Arrive at a decision and stick to it.

This is not to say that you can’t switch or add more services to the one you are already rendering, this just simply means you know what sort of clients to be expecting, and these clients in return recognize you as someone who could potentially provide them with what they need.

Once you have chosen your target market, start working to impress them. If you choose to be a blogger, start writing articles on things that would impress your target market. Are there questions they could ask? Answer them. Are there things they would need help with? Provide help. Are there trending topics? Discuss them. This is how you get the client’s attention. Keeping this up is how you keep it.

If you choose to be a freelancer, your approach would be a bit different. Create samples that display the best of your skill. Create samples of different things which your target market could be interested in. This would help you get their attention.

Advertise yourself

Having what the buyers need is not enough though, you have to let them know that you have it. You need to start making sure your target market KNOWS YOU ARE HERE. This means you have to advertise yourself. There’s no point in placing yourself in the largest market in the world if none of the potential buyers even know you are there.

With the billions of possible distractions all around the web, some of which are competitors, it is almost impossible to get the buyers to see you without actively advertising yourself. Don’t just bank on being lucky.

How to Make 6 Figures Online Monthly

Advertise yourself any chance you get. Are you a blogger or a freelancer? Let people know about it. Invite people to your blog. Tell them about your services. Social media is your friend here. Post your blog on your social media pages and your status updates to pull as many people to your blog as possible. If you are into freelancing instead.

Post your services instead. Do your best to get yourself to as many people as you can. The more customers know about you, the more money you can make. You can also get friends to help promote your services and blogs. Also, get them to have their friends promote you. That way, you get to reach more people than you possibly could on your own.

Do the extra.

Now, though the above steps would help pull potential buyers to you and help you start getting money, they are what almost everyone who works online does. To get the opportunity to make 6 figures online, you need to follow this final step.

And that is this: Don’t just get the clients to come to you, GET THEM TO KEEP COMING. This is the simple secret behind every successful business: continuity. Make sure you don’t just attract buyers, keep them. Provide so good a job that they always want to keep coming and within a short while,to make 6 figures online will be very easy.

As a blogger, keep updating your blog with interesting articles that are sure to get your customers’ attention. You should also keep posting these updates and new articles on your social media. You could also get your friends to help. As a freelancer, make sure you consciously attempt to make every service you render your best. Remember that a satisfactory job in most cases brings back the client.


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