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How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles From Your Face

Remove Wrinkles

A saggy skin condition, whether on the face, under the arm, or on any part of the body, can affect a person’s self-esteem. Wrinkles result from factors like age, environment, genes, health, and other physical conditions. So, you can get rid of wrinkles with certain remedies.

Thankfully, a loose skin condition is redeemable. Several methods, including homemade, medical, and non-medical procedures, can now be used to remedy a wrinkled or saggy face.

Why does skin sag?

Collagen is a major component of protein in the body. The function of collagen is to hold the skin together and tighter.

However, the production of collagen by the body naturally decreases with age. This results in wrinkles, and the skin becomes less elastic as well.

The decrease in natural collagen levels also causes a reduction in the amount of fat in the deeper layers of the skin. The result of this is unoccupied space under the layer of the skin, which in turn causes sag or looseness.

Aside from the natural factor of age, wrinkles or sag can be caused by weight loss or gain, processed foods, smoking, and UV rays.

Home remedies

Homemade remedies for wrinkles or loose skin on the face are not curative measures. They can only prevent an open skin condition. Meanwhile, only medical or non-surgical procedures can be used to reverse wrinkling.

However, if you want to prevent sagging in any form, it is best to practice a cumulative method. You should focus on your entire health and lifestyle to take care of your skin.

Firming creams and lotions

Anti-aging products are categorized into two types: cell regulators and antioxidants.

  • Cell regulators

Lotions and creams containing retinol, peptides, and growth ingredients are known as cell regulators. The ingredients mentioned above boost collagen production in the skin, thereby causing a reversal of anti-aging signs when used.

Anti-aging creams have vitamin A (retinol) as a primary ingredient, but tretinoin is another form of vitamin A that firms the skin on the face and neck. In addition, this vitamin A source also increases collagen production and makes sagging less noticeable.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants fight the body against free and unwanted radicals that can cause diseases and oxidative stress. They are unlikely to reverse wrinkles, but they can prevent the condition.

There are claims that antioxidants reduce skin redness, and inflammation and make the skin healthier.

  • Face yoga

Yoga is one of the exercise routines that improve looks and body shape. During yoga, the oxygen level in the skin increases, making it appear younger.

Although face yoga focuses on tightening the skin on the face, it is not a very efficient method of preventing wrinkles. Repeatedly leaving your face in a specific position can cause wrinkles, so face yoga is unlikely to cause a reversal.

  • Collagen supplements

Collagen boosts the health of the skin as well as tightens loose pores. It can be taken in form of supplements to prevent sagging.

  • Sunscreen

The Ultraviolet Ray of the sun is one of the causes of wrinkles. To protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays, use sunscreen. You can apply sunscreen on the neck and around the eyes to look younger.

  • Drinking water

Do not starve yourself of water. If you deprive yourself of water, the chances are that ageing signs will be more noticeable. If you want to look younger, stay hydrated. 

In-office procedures

Radiofrequency Microneedling

RF is used to boost collagen production, which tightens the skin. It also targets acne scars and early signs of ageing, like fine lines. So radiofrequency micro needling is one of the most effective methods to tighten the skin.

Radiofrequency (Thermage)

Thermage is one of the techniques also used for tightening the skin using heat. The heat boosts the production of collagen and strengthens the skin layers.

Non-surgical procedures are now a viable option for medical procedures. A procedure like radiofrequency saves time has a short recovery period and is relatively cheap.

Ablative And Non-Ablative Laser Resurfacing or Laser Peeling

This procedure is an effective way of rejuvenating your skin. Ablative skin resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the skin to reveal tight and fresh skin beneath.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing involves heating the skin tissue to stimulate collagen production. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

If you don’t feel that home remedies are working to make your skin appear firm, your next step might be to speak with a dermatologist about in-office procedures.

Laser peel

Laser skin resurfacing boosts collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. During this procedure, the topmost layer of the skin is removed to improve texture.

The result of this procedure is temporary, but it strengthens the skin in the longer term.



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