How To Get Rich By Creating Value

How To Get Rich By Creating Value

I am sure that you sometimes wonder how the people with so much affluence attain their level of wealth. This thought readily comes to mind especially when you’re working hard to break the barrier of poverty but your effort isn’t yielding the desired fruits. But, you may just be chasing a whirlwind of shadows if you are working hard and have no real value to exchange for wealth. This publication has been able to uncover how to get rich by creating value.

If you want to attract wealth, you must have value you are willing to exchange, and that value will in turn bring you wealth. In essence, wealth is a function of exchange. What are you exchanging?

What is Money?

Money is a medium of economic exchange from person to person or between people and organizations.

To earn money, you have to exchange a specific value for whatever sum that you deserve. For instance, if you are employed as an IT Support Technician in an organization, you’d be responsible for fixing faulty computer systems, upgrading software and installation of network cables among other things – the money you’re paid on a monthly or weekly basis is because of your ability to solve the aforementioned IT problems (that’s what we call value).

And in some instances, the more problem you solve, the more money you earn. Therefore, when you think money, stop thinking about notes or currency but ponder on tangibles that leave you wanted by customers or employers.

For those that have the knack for gambling, lotteries, or even buying stock, there’s no guarantee that you’ll eventually earn millions of dollars in profit from those ventures. While a few people have been lucky, it remains only a function of luck to become wealthy doing any of the aforementioned.

Instead of only working to earn money, why not develop yourself to the point where people or organizations are seeking your service at all costs? You can be consulting for a company from the comfort of your home and they’d be paying you very heavily because of the knowledge you’re offering to make them better than their competitors.

In other words, what you earn is what you’re worth. You are only going to be paid according to the value that you can exchange. This is how to get rich by creating value.


How To Get Rich By Creating Value

Money earned equals value offered

Think of any billionaire, and what you readily see is value creation before wealth. Bill Gate, for instance, “American business manganate and software developer” – this line comes before the fact that he is a billionaire on his Wikipedia page. And likewise, Carlos Slim, Steve Job, and Aliko Dangote, none of them won lotteries to become billionaires. So, if you’re bent on becoming wealthy, you have to learn how to get rich by creating value.

Oftentimes, people are remembered not for the amount they have in their bank accounts but for the number of lives they touched. I do not believe that it will all be rosy but it’s hard to achieve anything without surmounting obstacles.

So, when you start out doing a course or a business, don’t set it all up because of the profit margin you envisage but do so with the purpose of adding value to people’s lives, and you’ll inadvertently earn from it. Your primary purpose for setting up any venture should be far from making profits alone, being a solution provider.

When I started out this blog, all I wanted was to teach some tips, and share tools and tricks you need for a beautiful lifestyle. But as you are learning from the post, I’m adding value to you and maybe earning from it as well. There’s hardly a value that goes unrewarded in this world, albeit it may not be immediate but it is certain.

Just like you’d give someone a chance when they fail you, you should give yourself another chance if you fail.

A chunk of people see sports as a hobby but sportsmen and women are among the richest people in the world. Footballers may be playing for the same team but their pay would usually varies according to the quality of service ( value) they can offer. In terms of their sponsorship deals and renewal of contracts, they are rewarded according to their talents. This is how to get rich by creating value.

It is not too late to think out of the box to create something that can be exchanged for money. Most recently, people have leveraged the opportunity of the internet to earn money from the gig economy and tech world. I’m sure you can see the enormous amounts of Apps that are currently being launched.

If you are stuck on the thought of creating value worth thousands of dollars, I’ve got you. And you should do the following:

  • Adopt a Financial Goal: What do you have in mind to earn or how much are you looking to earn?


  • Write a Plan; After figuring out a goal, write a plan of how you intend to score the aforementioned goal.


  • Timeline: If you do not give yourself a timeline for scoring your goal, you may end up procrastinating.


  • Be self-aware: Look at your goal in terms of the value you intend to exchange and not the money you want to earn from it.


  • Execute: In executing whatever plan you have, endeavour to answer the questions below
    • Who are the people you can create value for?
    • What do these people need?
    • What problems are yet unsolved in your location?
    • What is your talent?
    • What do you think will benefit others?
    • How do you intend to let them buy the value you can offer?
    • And then find out if you need help and get one if that’s the case.”
    • How To Get Rich By Creating Value

If you adopt the methods above, your financial standing will change for the better.

How To Get Rich By Creating Value

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