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How To Get Paid Listening to Music in 12 ways


It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t listen to music. Music is a coping mechanism for many and a stress-buster.

You can get paid listening to music. Instead of wasting your data on music streaming, you can monetize this activity. Some platforms pay people who have good ears for music.

How To Get Paid Listening to Music:

·         SliceThePie

SliceThePie is one of the numerous platforms that pay people to listen to music. This platform currently has more than 2 million people who review music on its site.

To get paid on SlideThePie, you listen to a song for at least 90 seconds and then write a review. Your review must be a constructive critique of the song because they want feedback.

People with older accounts are likely going to have more opportunities to review songs. If your review is detailed enough, chances are that you’ll make more money.


SliceThePie pays between $0.02 – $0.2 per song review.

You must earn a minimum of $10 before you can make a withdrawal.

Payments are made into Paypal accounts.


The United States and Canada.

·         MusicXray

MusicXray also pays listeners who review songs. However, the focus of this platform is upcoming artists and composers. They send the songs to the email of reviewers, who listen to the song and write a constructive review. The aim is to help song composers and upcoming artists improve upon their craft.


To sign up on this platform, create an account and upload a minimum of five songs. The uploaded songs will allow them to understand your taste in music. If they find songs that match your taste for reviews, they will send them to your email. However, you have to return with your review within a day.


MusicXray pays $0.05 per song review.

Payments are credited into a Paypal account.



·        PlaylistPush

If you want to get paid listening to music, you can sign up on PlaylistPush.

PlaylistPush is different from the other platforms. This allows you to monetize their Spotify or Apple Music playlist. Not just that, on PlaylistPush, playlist creators are connected with some of their favourite artists on the various streaming apps.


Depending on how influential you are, artists pitch their songs to playlist creators to gain more views. It is the singers and music producers that pay creators to listen to their songs through this platform. But you must have a minimum of 400 followers on Spotify or Apple Music playlist.


$1 per song review to $12 per song review depending on the number of your followers.



·          HitPredictor

New songs are published on HitPredictors and users are allowed to predict if a song can become a hit.

Record producers, artists, and music executives are all looking for experts to review their songs.

In addition to reviewing songs, artists are rated on HitPredictor. You earn points when you rate artists.

However, only those that are 13 years and above are allowed to sign up.


$5 for 15 tracks.



·       WeLocalize

Another platform that pays people to review songs is WeLocalize. Nonetheless, they are different from the other platforms because they focus more on lyrics.

You will be required to transcribe the lyrics of songs rather than review the songs.

Account-holders receive tracks daily to transcribe. To maximize your earnings on this platform, you must be a fast typist.



WeLocalize pays  $4 per transcribed song. Imagine being able to transcribe 3 songs per day, you will earn about $320 per month.

Payment is made via wire transfer.


The United States.

·       Research.fm

You can also earn money for reviewing music on Research.fm.

The site has a menu to listen to new releases and those who listen can instantly rate the songs. Asides from the website, Research.fm has an app that can be downloaded via Playstore or Apple Store.


You can only join this review platform via an invitation link shared with you by existing members.

The invitation link is used to create an account and listen to new songs in order to make reviews.


Depends on the songs.

The payment method is via Paypal.



·       Earnably

Earnably provides yet another option for making money through the review of songs. They offer more pay than the other music review sites.


On Earnably, users make money by watching music views, taking surveys, and watching paid ads. The opportunities on Earnably are numerous.

In addition, they have an online radio platform and people get paid for listening. Earnable also has a referral program that offers 10% for a referral.


Depends on the videos.

The withdrawal threshold is $2. Payment is made via Paypal, Amazon Gift card, and Bitcoin.



·       RadioEarn

You can also earn money listening to radio programs. Yes, this is a possibility.

RadioEarn is free to join for everyone interested. To join, sign up on their platform and fill in your credentials.

If your account is approved, you will be allowed to listen to some radio channels on the dashboard of their site. You earn points per 15 minutes spent listening to programs on the radio channels.


Depends on the ads displayed.

Payment is made via Paypal accounts, Giftcards or wire transfers.



·       Radioloyalty

You don’t just make money listening to Radioloyalty but you can be sure of being entertained as well.

People earn money from Radioloyalty by listening to the radio channel through a computer or an app.

During radio programs, ads are aired and listeners are paid a commission. Your attentiveness is monitored by a CAPTCHA activity every 5 minutes.

Listeners who fail to make the entry at the right are logged out of the site instantly.


Depends on the availability of ads.



·       Cash4minutes

Cash4minutes is another radio that pays listeners for listening to radio programs.

You must have a landline phone number to be able to sign up. After filling up your details, they will create a login for you to access the platform.

People who sign up are frequently sent emails to carry out tasks such as opening specific radio channels.


Members are allowed to hear calls that pay the same amount as live radio sessions.


Around $0.08 per minute.



·       FusionCash

FusionCash pays listeners for listening to their favourite music. They offer a $5 welcome bonus to people who sign up.

You will be given access to a dashboard of music when you create an account. However, to ensure you’re still on, a CAPTCHA menu pops up every time to verify your attentiveness.

In addition to watching music videos, users make money on this platform by taking surveys. They make payment 20th of every month. But they have a payment threshold of $25.


Depends on the ads.



·       Current Rewards

Current Rewards is available for downloads on Google play store and Apple Store. With Current Rewards, you can log into more than 100k live radio stations at a go.

You are allowed to sort your preference based on the genre of music or the artist you love.

Swiping up your lock screen allows you access to the radio station of your choice.

You earn points for every minute you spend on a radio station. The credit limit is 150 points.


Up to $120 per year.



Final Words

Instead of wasting your time for the pleasure of music, you can monetize your airtime and get pleasure from listening to music. Asides from earning money from listening to music, you can also check out music affiliate programs.

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