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How To Find Your Purpose In Life


Are you feeling lost or unsure about your life’s purpose? Do you feel unfulfilled despite bagging some business deals, upgrading your degrees and travelling to places you have dreamt about? Many people have most of what they want in life but are unhappy because they have not found their purpose, which can be overwhelming.

Finding life’s purpose has so many benefits, from health and well-being to being a better partner and communicator in relationships. It can also help you become a very successful career person in your field. Your purpose can determine how you behave, how you talk, communicate and most importantly, how you feel about yourself and what you achieve in life.

There is no time limit for finding a purpose. There are people who found their purpose early in life while others toiled for a long time before they discovered why they are created. Whichever category you find yourself in, you would still be better off than someone who does not know his/her purpose because finding purpose gives a sense of fulfilment.

What Is The Purpose of Life?

How many times have you thought about the purpose of your existence? Have you asked yourself what you’re doing here or why you were created? For some people, life is about making money and dancing in the club, for others, it is about being famous while others see the purpose of life as obeying the dictates of God.

Your life purpose consists of whatever motivates you to achieve anything tangible — it could be the reason you jump out of your bed every morning. Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning. For some people, their purpose is connected to a vocation — meaningful, satisfying work.

Meanwhile, other people feel purposeful if they are attending to the responsibilities of their family members and close friends. Some people see their purpose or meaning through some religious beliefs or spirituality.

Purpose is often unique to individuals. Two professionals on the same career path may have a different purpose from each other. And purpose can change as people grow, learn and discover who they really are.

Three fundamental questions usually come up when you try to find your purpose:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I belong?
  • When do I feel fulfilled?

Difference Between Passion And Purpose

Passion is about emotions, motivation and what makes us feel good, i.e. “do what you love”. Purpose is the reason or the why behind what we do, primarily for others, i.e., “do what contributes.”

Where passion can be all over the place, the wild and exciting, purpose is much more focused.

Factors That Can Limit You From Finding Your Purpose

Unfortunately, most people are not living their true purpose. They are either living a life that their parent wants for them or one that is still trying to figure out their purpose. Several factors can limit people from finding their purpose and these include:

  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You rely on other people to make decisions for you
  • You always compare your life to others instead of taking responsibility always
  • You do not have the right people around you
  • Limiting beliefs

How To Find Your Purpose in Life

There is no disadvantage to finding your purpose in life. People who are living their purpose are happier, more productive and more fulfilled. In order to fulfil your purpose in life, you must:


Meditation has so many benefits ranging from physical, health and psychological. During meditation, you will be able to take stock of your life and listen to yourself to know if you are truly on the right path to achieving anything tangible. There’s no way you can experience growth if you do not take time out to search inward about your life.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

All the answers you have been seeking are within you. When you meditate, you’d discover all the limitations that are holding you back and what you need to replace those limitations.

With meditation, you become more aware of yourself. And when you know yourself, it would be easier for you to be in control.

What Do People Say About You?

It is not really difficult to find your passion. However, it can be quite confusing to know your purpose because you can be passionate about so many things at the same time.

Most people are known for their passion and they are even given credit for it. For example, cooking is a passion for some women who are known for their unique culinary skills. If you often receive compliments for cooking delicious meals or if you are often complimented for your skills, it could be a pointer to what your purpose is.

It is advised that you often pen down what people mostly describe you as and look for patterns around those compliments.

Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

Challenges are inevitable in life. However, overcoming challenges makes you a better person because you would have learnt from them.

Some people ask for help during challenges. Also, it becomes easier to help others who are in a situation where you found yourself in the past – this is how some people find their purpose.

Most life coaches, social workers, painters, and some authors are people who based their work on good and bad past experiences.

Your pain or challenges can be an avenue to discover why you are here.

Explore Your Passions

Passion is an indicator of purpose. Your passion will make you feel good, you will always be delighted doing what you are passionate about. If you are tired, you will hardly be discouraged about your passion.

If you are great at teaching or if teaching is your passion, for example, you could develop a career as a teacher. And the more you explore teaching,  you could realise if it is your purpose or not.

Most people are good at what they are passionate about, which can also be your hobby. Therefore, exploring your passion is a must if you want to discover your purpose.

What Brings You Fulfilment?

Are there things you do that make you feel joyful and fulfilled? Was it when you gave alms or made others happy? Was it closing business deals or getting certifications? Whatever brings you joy and fulfilment is where your purpose usually lies.

Your sense of fulfilment is connected to your abilities and achievements, so you should examine them always.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

You are the company that you keep. If your flock around negative people, your results will mostly be negative. If you are around people who are serious about finding and fulfilling their purpose, you will find yourself doing the same thing.

Who do you spend your free time with? If all you do during your free time is sit out at the bars or clubs, you will likely end up becoming a premier alcohol consumer or a patient in the hospital.

Surround yourself with people who are ahead of you in life, and people who have more experience and exposure than you. These people can inspire you to fulfil your purpose.

Ironically, if you are around negative individuals, they will drain you and make you lose motivation about achieving anything.

Write Down Your Vision Statement

A personal vision statement will help me follow a specific path in life. There’s no way you can arrive at a destiny that has no road map. When you have a vision statement, it will guide you on the step-by-step method you must adopt to attain a purposeful life.

With a vision statement, your values and principles will be established, which will in turn guide you on how to live your life in general.

A personal vision statement keeps you motivated against all odds.

How To Know You’ve Found Your Purpose?

There is no specific pointer that someone has found his purpose because purpose itself is subjective.

However, those who have found their purpose will feel more connected to the universe and they know their place in it. Oftentimes, people who are living their purpose carry out activities that ultimately benefit others. They hardly do anything for personal gain.

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