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How To Burn Calories Walking


If you look around your school, home or office, chances are that you will find a gym within a short distance. More people are now engaging in different types of physical activities because they want to lose weight and be healthy.

While physical exercise can help to burn calories, it is as equally important and effective as dieting and taking long walks for weight loss. You do not have to hit the gym regularly to shed weight, walking reasonably long distances and at different times a day guarantee weight loss.

Benefits of walking for weight loss

More effective than dieting: You can lose weight with the right diet. However, it takes a longer time to lose weight with dieting alone. Dieting causes the loss of muscles, which is not sustainable in the long term.

Walking can improve mental health and mood: Sometimes, take a break from being under the blue light and get some serotonin from fresh air, sunlight and physical activities. Research has claimed that walking and running can serve as antidepressants.

Maintain weight:  It will amount to sheer waste of time to lose weight and gain more after a short while. Establishing a consistent walking routine guarantees lasting changes.

Basics Of Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight By Walking

Don’t just embark on walking for weight loss. You must understand the nitty gritty of weight loss to maximize your routine. There are several factors you must bear in mind in order to make your physical activities worthwhile.

Below are some of the factors that you must bear in mind:


You must burn more calories than you consume daily in order to lose weight.

Most people who are keen on losing weight monitor the number of calories they consume per day. If you check the calorie content of your diet, it will guide you on what the eat on a daily basis.

Basically, you should aim for a daily calorie deficit in order to lose weight.


If you take very long walks and don’t watch what you eat, you will not lose weight.

You do not have to starve to lose weight either, just eat right and combine the right diet with exercise in order to lose weight.

Set Goals

You can set a goal for your weight loss journey. For example, you can aim to lose 2-3KG per week or 5 KG in a month.

Setting a goal for your weight loss journey will keep you motivated and informed about how much effort you need to put in to achieve your weight loss goal.

How Much Walking Do You Need A Day?

7700 calories equal 1 KG of body fat. Therefore, in order to lose 1kg, you must have a calorie deficit of 7700. In addition, 3500 calories are equivalent to losing 1 lb of body fat.

Although a 30-minute walk a day has been recommended for fitness, to lose weight, you will need to walk for more than 30 minutes a day.

A person’s height, weight, gender, and age can affect how quickly they shed weight.

Calories Burned in 1 hour of walking  


If you walk at 3.5 miles per hour, it would be roughly 17-18 minutes per mile.

If you walk at 4 miles per hour, it would be estimated at 15 minutes per mile.

If you walk at 4.5 miles per hour, it would take you about 13 minutes per mile.

Any faster than 13 minutes per mile would most likely involve some light jogging unless you are power walking.

How To Reduce Calories Without Starving

You can cut down on your calorie intake without subjecting yourself to the discomfort of starvation.

Below are some of the methods you can adopt to eat more nutritious and healthy foods

  • Eat more lean protein like salmon, chicken, or turkey instead of beef and pork.
  • Go for complex carbohydrates like brown rice and pasta, beans, lentils, and oats instead of processed carbs like white bread, rice, and pasta.
  • Take fruits instead of sugary snacks.
  • Increase your intake of vegetables.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol or substitute it with coffee, iced tea, or water.

How to Maximize Walking

If you enjoy walking as your weight loss routine, you can make the most of this exercise if you do the following:

Mix walking and jogging: You can burn calories walking. The faster you move, the more calories you burn. Walk for some minutes and jog for some minutes.

Walk twice or three times a day: The more routines you do, the faster you lose weight. For weight loss, it is recommended that you walk twice or three times a day for 30 minutes each.

Walk up hills: You will easily burn more calories if you increase your resistance. High-intensity routines are more beneficial than just walking.

Young caucasian muscular handsome man climbing on top of a mountain.


It is easier to lose weight if you watch what you eat and drink, change your diet and exercise. However, if you are not consistent with all of these, you will not lose weight. Weight loss requires commitment and consistency.

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