How Entitlement Mentality Affects Growth And Success

One of the problems facing the relationships of humans is an entitlement mentality, which has created chasms between people and made others lazy to do things for themselves.

So, people with entitlement mentality tendencies have high expectations from friends, family, work, and possibly their country or even the world – this is regardless of whether they fail to play their own part of the bargain.

What is an Entitlement mentality?

People have defined entitlement mentality based on their experiences but it can be generally termed as a sense of deservingness, superiority, expectation, and specialness that is not earned by any means. In some quarters, this mentality has proven to be rude while it is perceived as a go-getting attitude in others.

A classical example of entitlement mentality follows thus: A work is billed to start from the bottom through to the top, and while others follow this route, you think you should not have to. Again, you know the salary of a friend and because you are broke, you feel he should be paying you an allowance at the end of every month since he earns bogus pay.

Effect of EM on Relationships and Mental Health

People with entitlement mentality tendencies are hardly aware that it is a psychological problem that evolved as a result of past experiences. The said experiences may not even be negative but they probably metamorphosed into an inflated sense that you are more important than others.

Although some people know they have entitlement mentality tendencies, others are not even aware that they do but let’s see an effect of this anti-social behavior.

Long-term damage: If people refuse to offer you the treatment that you demand from them, it will likely affect your mental health. The moment you feel that you are denied what you allegedly deserve, you feel unhappy, disappointed, depressed, and it could result in conflicts in your relationship.

While it is believed that people with an entitlement mentality are good leaders because of their confidence, their careers may suffer because they lack team spirit and shy away from solving problems.

Overcoming a Sense of Entitlement Mentality

People who realize they have EM are far better than those who have the tendencies but deny the possibility. Having EM is actually not a dead end as a change of mindset can make anybody better. Taking responsibility and being emotionally intelligent can help you understand that you cannot have all things your way. You may want to follow the tips below to over the entitlement mentality.
The golden rule. This rule states that you should treat others as you’d love to be treated.
Recognize that not all situations are unfair. Try to understand that people or systems must not be distorted because of you. Imagine a world without personal differences in thoughts, opinions, and actions.
Respect. Treat everyone you know with human dignity and respect. Do not disrespect people that fail to do your bidding, they may have personal struggles bigger than you know it.‌Learn from your mistakes. Your ability to outgrow mistakes will make you better. Do not be stuck with the same repulsive demeanor that people complain about.

Practice perspective-taking. If you feel offended that favor wasn’t offered to you, pick a pen and a paper and write the possible reasons from the other person’s perspective. This is like placing your thought in theirs.

Sensitize yourself to how good it feels to promote other people’s successes. If you promote the success or growth of friends, it will have a positive effect on you, this is called capitalization research. For the purpose of results, promote the progress of your friend for 30 days and come back to tell me the result.

Use cognitive restructuring.  If you have an entitlement tendency, consider alternative evidence and perspective. Ask yourself questions like, What are the reasons why you should be treated better than others? You may not come up with any reasonable answers.

Check out what happens when you drop your entitlement tendencies. It is quite possible for friends and relatives to avoid people with entitlement mentality tendencies. Find out, what if your relationship turns more cordial when you curb this mentality? find out, what if you get more ear-time from people when you stop expecting more from them? People could become more responsible you know.

Observe yourself to know if you fall into the moral licensing trap. Moral licensing is a situation where people justify in their hearts whatever wrong they do. However, it is good to develop the mindset of saying it’s okay to take more than I give in a given situation.





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