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How Character Becomes Destiny 


A person’s character in life is probably going to have a big impact on their destiny. For us, what does this mean? All we are saying is that the emphasis on a person’s destiny is closely tied to the type of character that person displays throughout their lifetime.

Technically, you control your destiny, even though society has taught us that fate is predetermined. As you may have heard previously, your character can determine 70% of how your life turns out.

As much as people want to think that character and destiny are related, there’s only one way to find out. This article breaks down the relationship between destiny and character and shows how character shapes fate. Stay glued!

What is Character?

How Character Becomes Destiny
How Character Becomes Destiny

The perfect way to describe a character is by aligning it with the thoughts, actions and how they manifest in the life of the individual, be it good or bad. “THE TRUTH OF YOUR CHARACTER IS EXPRESSED THROUGH THE CHOICE OF YOUR ACTIONS.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli.

Character is a reflection of who you are, what your core morals are and how much you uphold your integrity. Think of a character like a book cover, an opening to many chapters and topics unknown to a new reader. But somehow, the book cover conveys the book’s message and content through the colour themes, design and graphic illustration if present. That’s how powerful the character is. Character, however, concealed, frequently comes out organically, even though most people pretend to have it. All you have to do is to pay attention to the patterns.

Character is the bedrock to both success and failure, depending on how you make it be. Success comes with discipline, determination, courage, and effort. Hence, if someone wants to make it big, you have to deploy a certain character or attitude to meet up that goal. In this case, the attitude to success.

“Good Character is the single most important attribute of a successful and worthy life” – Michael Josephson

Character and Habits

Even though each character is thought to be distinct, people in the same demographic can have the same character. For example, British people usually appreciate a good cup of tea and biscuits, whereas French people prefer a croissant. It’s common to see generosity towards a dog as a sign of character when someone treats it well; the same goes for bad behaviour. While most people pretend, a character often reveals itself naturally no matter how hidden it may be. All you have to do is to pay attention to the patterns.

“Character is simply habit long continued” – Plutarch

We will occasionally deviate from pairing characters with clichés as we walk you through the genuine essence of character. Characters usually emerge from intents and behaviours. You can only be considered wicked if you make it your mission to destroy others. It all comes down to intentions and emotions at the end of the day. These inner thoughts become physical deeds, and the results are always in line with the intentions. Most people who use this trick are manipulators. As we establish positive habits in our lives, they will contribute to the positive development of our character.

Factors That Influence Character

How Character Becomes Destiny 
How Character Becomes Destiny

No one was born despicably evil or utterly good, rather, some influences determine how character is birthed. It ranges from what you listen to, what you digest mentally and your environment but, in this article, we are going to look at a few of the most common factors.

Family or Mentorship

The first area of socialization has a great impact on the foundation of an individual’s character. Any character, good or bad always starts from the home first. An individual could be exposed to early virtues or vices. Similarly, those who grew up with parents who are known to cause trouble around would also grow to do the same. Because their parents or guardians behave a certain way, they will frequently reflect that type of upbringing.

Society and Culture

In an environment where people behave a certain way, it is only natural to reflect some similarities of those behaviours. Only a few individuals can escape this toxic matrix. Thanks to education and exposure, people are becoming more intentional about how they want their lives to be rather than allowing their environment to dictate how they should be.

Childhood traumas or Past Experiences

Another factor that triggers the development of character is childhood traumas. Most people you see act a bit mean today is usually a reflection of what has happened in their past. It could be caused by a series of being neglected, unheard or even abandoned. In life, everyone has a story to tell but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up and rebrand yourself.

“Your past is just a story. And once you realize this it has no power over you”. – Chuck Palahniuk

How Character Becomes Destiny

How Character Becomes Destiny 
How Character Becomes Destiny

Originating from the Latin language, destiny is said to be an anticipated future course of events. It is sometimes known as fate and additionally, viewed as a preset future, either for everyone or just for oneself. Your words shape your thinking, which in turn shapes your behaviour.

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved” – Unknown

In life, here’s how it works; every habit of yours eventually defines your deeds or consequences. Whether they are negative or positive, these behaviours will shape who you are. Thoughts are shaped by the things you say, and your actions follow suit.

Ultimately, every single action determines your habits. It is these habits that matter the most. If you wish to shape your destiny or change the trajectory, then it’s up to make the consecutive effort to put things in place by shifting gear in your intellect, principles, priorities and habits.

“It’s up to you to make your destiny and not up to destiny to make you” – Amit Abraham

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