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Getting a Scholarship from an African Scholarship Program


Have you ever imagined yourself studying in one of the best universities or colleges in the world without stressing over your school fees or getting a scholarship? Due to the systemic injustice against people of African descent, most Africans lack the financial stability to attend Ivy League colleges and universities.

Those who do manage to, end up working three to four jobs every day just to be able to pay their tuition. Some of them end up living in substandard accommodation off their campus and have to worry about looking for enough money to cover their food and transport needs.

In fact, some of these students have to engage in prostitution or drug peddling just to meet their needs.

Well, getting a scholarship has helped such students achieve their academic goals without having to hustle day and night to meet their needs. Scholarships cater for things such as:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Pocket money
  • Transport to and from the institution

The application process for getting a scholarship may be a little bit tedious. Most international universities need four recommendation letters from past teachers.

This disqualifies students who have perfect school records but terrible reputations or those who have bad blood with their teachers. Others require an additional four essays that aim at showing the personality of the student rather than their academic prowess.

When applying for scholarships, most people only consider universities abroad. This limits their scope of education and accessibility to resources. They are not aware of the fact that some of the best universities are located in Asia and Africa itself.

Scholarship african

Scholarship programs that target Africans are more inclined to cater to their needs because they are aware of the hardships that most of these students face. This read will give you an overview of the best international and domestic scholarship programs for Africans.

Tips for Getting a Scholarship

  • Early application- This is probably the most commonly given advice when it comes to scholarship applications. This is a very important success tip. The funding available in programs and schools is limited. Thus, they are more likely to consider the first applicants in the list. There is a high possibility that you might get more funding.
  • Constantly check the university website- Most reputable universities usually update their websites on a daily basis. You might want to frequent the university page to get more insight and be able to apply for available scholarships early enough.
  • Look for alternative grant provision sources- Do not restrict your search to the university website. Do your research and talk to people to get more information on the available scholarship programs. Look through books, the internet, and libraries, among other sources.
  • Focus on the essay topic for your application- Once you narrow down to the most applicable scholarships, move to the next step of focusing on the essay topic for your application and how you will make it target the opportunity. Analyze it, do not rush, and pick out all the keywords. This will help you understand and restrict yourself to the needs of the question as you answer it in the form of an essay.
  • Let another person read and give some helpful insight on your application- This will help you pick out the errors and typos, and get feedback. You will understand your weaknesses and strengths after this. A critical eye will improve your application and give some insight into what the person who will review your application will think about you from it. They will most likely pinpoint things that you had not considered as you were drafting your application.
  • Time management- If you decide to apply for more than one program then you need to consider the application deadlines. As you juggle these applications, you are bound to lose track of time. Thus, there is a possibility that you might not make some of the deadlines. Write down the deadlines and place this in a visible place that you will constantly refer to while you draft your applications.
  • Do not lose hope- You are bound to lose hope after failing to secure the first application. Do not let that setback keep you from achieving your dreams. Keep applying and putting in the extra effort. When it comes to scholarship applications, you might want to brace yourself for the numerous rejection letters that you will receive in response to your applications. Most scholarship winners admit to receiving many rejection letters before getting a scholarship acceptance letter.

International Scholarships for African Students

Numerous international scholarships target African students; they include university scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships, and government scholarships. Below are some scholarship programs you could reach out to for more information and apply.

  • The African London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund: This fund targets African scientists who have already graduated with their first degree and are looking for funding to help them pursue their master’s degrees. The master’s degree should touch on disease control within Africa. b grant under this fund will win you the opportunity to study at either the Nagasaki University in Japan or the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. You could contact them on
  • Aga Khan Foundation scholarship program: This program targets needy Africans who need funding for their PhD and master’s level education. It is less rigid in comparison to the previous one since getting a scholarship under this program wins you the opportunity to study anywhere across the globe. You could contact them at
  • Commonwealth distance learning scholarships: this scholarship targets students that are in commonwealth countries. The students need to be pursuing master’s degrees with the fund. Distance learning is restricted to a few universities internationally and within the UK. You could contact them at
  • The beit trust scholarship: This program targets students pursuing PhD and master’s degrees in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi. The program funds students to study in the UK, South Africa, or Ireland. You could contact them at
  • Women tech makers scholars program: Just as the name suggests, this scholarship targets African women including the women in the Middle East and Europe. The women should want to study in a technical field such as computer engineering or computer science and any other related course at the university level. You could contact them at
  • Australia Awards Africa: This government scholarship is provided by Australia to Africans. Getting this grant is accessible through choosing to study a professional training course in Australia or a master’s degree in the same field. You could contact them at
  • Master’s degree ABE initiative: This scholarship targets students who want to study in Japan. The students must be pursuing a development-related master’s degree. You could contact them at
  • VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarship: This program is based in Belgium. It targets students from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Getting this scholarship will require you to pursue a development-related training program or master’s degree. You could contact them at
  • Netherlands fellowship program (NFP): It targets African students who wish to pursue short courses, PhD and master’s degrees in the Netherlands. Getting a loan under this program is easier than the rest because it targets students who are female and those who are from sub-Saharan Africa. Fifty per cent of the fund is for students from sub-Saharan Africa and the other fifty per cent is for female ones. You could contact them at
  • African graduate scholarships at the University College of London (UCL): It offers funds to people who are pursuing their master’s degree under the Institute for Global Health. You could contact them at
  • Ruth First Scholarship at the Durham University, UK: This scholarship program targets African students who have previous education backgrounds in the following states: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, and Angola. You could contact them at
  • The centre of African studies visiting fellowship at the University of Cambridge: This program offers two visiting fellowship programs to African students. Through these fellowships, students can conduct their writing and research at the university. You could contact them at
  • Zawadi Africa education fund for young African women: This funding program targets female students who come from humble backgrounds that are disadvantaged. These students have the option of studying in another African state or in the USA. You could contact them at
  • MSFS scholarship at Georgetown University, Washington DC: This scholarship is for full-time payment strictly. It targets Africans who dwell in sub-Saharan African states. It aims at helping them study for the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) training. You could contact them at
  • MasterCard foundation scholars program: It targets African students who seek t study in either Africa or the USA. You could contact them at

The above list is not exhaustive. Very many scholarships and loans are available for African students across the globe. Some of them are conditional while others are ready to accommodate anyone who seeks to advance their studies. Some of them only offer to fund students who desire to pursue their PhD or master’s degrees.

African Scholarship Program

Africa-Based Scholarships for African Students

This part will help you find African scholarships that are available to university and college students, and students in both primary and secondary schools.

  • ACCES Scholarship Program, Kenya: This scholarship program specifically targets students from Kenya. It helps them get enough funding to study within Kenya for their undergraduate-level education. You could contact them at
  • Mandela Rhodes scholarships: It targets students who have amazing leadership skills. It caters to their master’s and honor’s degrees at a reputable university within South Africa. You could contact them at
  • TRECCAFRICA scholarships: This scholarship program targets African students pursuing their Ph.D. and Masters. It allows both full and partial funding. The scholarship allows the students to pursue their education at partnered African universities. You could contact them at
  • WAAW Foundation scholarships: This scholarship targets African students who are female. The students should be interested in pursuing a course that is STEM-based in their undergraduate program. STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. You could contact them at

Other reputable programs include:

Below is a list of ten lucrative careers in this era that might interest you as you secure your scholarship and pursue your dreams.

  1. Chemists– They use chemicals and their knowledge to improve the standards of living. They may develop products such as cosmetics, drugs, and even synthetic fibers. In ancient to this, they create processes that aid in curbing pollution, reducing the use of energy, and even refining oil. Having a degree or diploma in this field gives a graduate an upper hand due to its versatile use. A chemist has the ability to specialize in areas like materials chemistry, medical chemistry, macromolecular, physical, theoretical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry.
  2. Molecular biologists– Holders of diplomas or degrees in this field are needed in various fields. They study plant, animal, and human codes cell processes. They incorporate their acquired knowledge in physics, genetics, cell physiology, chemistry, and other sciences. They work through experimentation to get results and content in various research areas. They are always room for more research with respect to engineering plants or testing drugs. They deal with duties and responsibilities such as interpreting results, recording information accurately, differentiating and organizing cells, expressing genes, signaling cells, and sequencing genes, among other activities.
  3. Fashion designer– They design fashion ranges and clothes. Some designers opt to specialize in specific clothing or trends such as accessories, footwear, children’s clothes, and sportswear, among others. They produce designs for markets such as high street fashion markets, designer ready-to-wear, and haute couture. With the aid of technology, designs can easily sell and ship from across the globe. As a designer, you have the option of self-employment or working for a design company. This creative field depends on the risk and ambition of the designer. This will determine your monetary compensation and rise in the market.
  4. Linguistic specialists– They perform consultations, experiments, and studies that are related to language. All the available jobs in this field of study deal with analyzing words and developing an overall language understanding. The respective duties vary opening on the aim that the specialist seeks to achieve. Some of their duties and responsibilities might include linking the relationships between various languages through history or tracking down the history of sounds or words.
  5. Political scientists– They deal with the operation, development, and origin of political systems. They analyze issues that relate to governments, policies, and related trends. Graduates employed in this field of study might be required to study issues such as ideologies, making political decisions, and public opinions. In addition to this, they might be needed in analyzing public documents, election results, and the operation and structure of various political entities. These entities are subject to modification and restructuring, thus the input is in high demand.
  6. Food scientists– These people work to improve and develop the latest of foods. They do this by altering the processes involved in production and packaging, appearance, texture, flavor, and the products’ nutritional value. This means that government agencies, academic institutions, and food processing companies mostly employ them. They help these institutions when it comes to the competition. Altering their products affects their competitive power. This means that the subject institutions rely on graduates who have diplomas and degrees in this field highly.
  7. Accountant- For a new accountant in the market, the following duties and responsibilities are in order. They include:
  • Reporting and comforting to the procedural standards of the business
  • Analysis, examination, and preparation of financial statements, accounting records, and other financial records for completeness and accuracy assessment
  • Analyze, maintain, and develop budgets
  • Preparation of periodic reports that help in making comparisons between actual costs and the budgeted costs
  • Establishment of a table of accounts
  • Assignment of entire to their designated accounts
  • Making reports to the management about the establishment of finances
  • Analyzing business obligations, financial commitments, revenues, costs, trends, and operations, to provide advice and projections of future expenses and revenues
  • Computing the taxes owed and paid by the business

All businesses and companies require an accountant to help them with various tasks. Thus, this field is highly welcoming of graduates who hold degrees and diplomas in accountancy related courses.

  1. Hotel management– Hospitality managers are in charge of running daily operations in hotels and restaurants. Some of their tasks include maintaining the financial and administrative records, ensuring customer satisfaction, ensuring facility maintenance, and overseeing the personnel. Most of their duties and responsibilities are specific to the hospitality facility in question. Some of them require the managers to hire and fire personnel, interview new personnel, monitor various facilities, track the budgets, prices, and even coordinate office activities.
  2. Nursing– This involves providing and planning nursing and medical care to patients at home or in hospitals. This job does not only involve aiming the healing process of the ill, but it also involves offering support and advice to patients and their families. Additionally, they work towards helping the diagnosis process, helping with the paperwork of the facility, and providing follow-up care to the invalids. Some facilities offer substantial salaries to college graduates who choose to work with them.
  3. Communication specialists– This specialist is in charge of the company’s external and internal communications. Most of the time they are restricted to normal business hours, but with time they tend to work on emerging issues or company deadlines. They deal with tasks such as marketing materials, press release editing, designing press releases, preparing and sending notes to form management, job descriptions, or memos. Additionally, they manage online content and make sure that the company stays up to speed with the changing online requirements.


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