Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair – 14 Best Home Made Remedies

Body hair removal has become a huge task because if the right method or tool is not used, it leaves the skin with bumps, rashes, and most likely skin diseases. Although some people are comfortable without removing or shaving unwanted hair from the body, others think it is unhygienic to leave the hair on some parts of the body, particularly the pubic regions.

Whichever method is employed to remove hair from the body, if the result isn’t smooth, flawless, and hair-free skin, you are likely going to be very disappointed and seek to try out a more safe method?

Look no further as we’ve got some home remedies for reducing hair growth and lightening the hair.

14 Methods For Removing Unwanted Hair Naturally and At Home

Although the methods for hair removal we are going to talk about may not be the permanent solution to unwanted hair growth, consistency in the application will certainly guarantee results.

1. Raw Papaya Paste With Turmeric

Get raw papaya (Paw-paw) and add a few peels into a pulp, preferably juicy pulp and then add one or two tablespoons of dried but powdered turmeric. Mix until it becomes a paste and then apply on the face or body parts. Leave for up to 20 mins before washing off. You may do this two times a week for up three months to guarantee results.

How does this work?

Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that reduces the growth of the hair, and turmeric contains antioxidants that prevent the skin from bacterial infection.

2. Potato And Lentils Paste

This method requires you to soak up a cup of lentils in water, preferably overnight. You can grind to turn it into a paste the next day and then grate or sieve potato to extract the juice from it with a clean cloth. You can add the juice to the lentils, add lemon and honey in small portions and then apply it on the face and body for up to 20 mins before washing off.

How does this work?

Potatoes have bleaching properties because of the acidic properties in them. It lightens the hair and slows hair growth.

3. Cornstarch And Egg

The idea is to make a peel-off mask out of egg and cornstarch. You may need the skill of separating the egg white from the yoke. Add a teaspoon of cornstarch to egg white from a piece of egg, and you can apply the paste made from it on your face or legs. Leave for up to 20 minutes after feeling the egg mask tightening, and then peel off the mask and pat dry.

How does this work?

Cornstarch can remove hair and some dead cells from the skin while the egg nourishes the skin.

4. Sugar, Honey, And Lemon

Mix a tablespoon of lemon, sugar, and honey, heat mildly till it becomes a paste that is wax-like. You may add some water if it is too thick, and apply it to parts of the body. You can cover the area with a waxing strip, and strip it off in the direction opposite the hair growth.

How does this work?

Honey is a moisturizer of the skin while sugar removes the dead skin cells through exfoliation. Meanwhile, lemon bleaches the skin.

5. Baking Soda And Turmeric

A spoon of turmeric can also be mixed with baking soda. Add very little water and mix until it becomes a paste. Apply on the body and massage gently for up to 15 mins before washing off with lukewarm water.

How does this work?

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and when mixed with baking soda, it reduces hair growth.

6. Oatmeal And Banana Scrub

Smash the banana and mix with a spoon or two of oatmeal to make a paste. Apply the paste on parts of the body where you want reduced hair growth, and massage gently opposite the direction of hair growth. Leave for 20 mins before rinsing with cold water.

How does this work?

Oatmeal is used as a body scrubber to smoothen the skin while banana softens the skin. It reduces the further growth of hair when applied to the body.

7. Oil Massage

One of the many benefits of using oil for massages is that it reduces hair growth. Coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, castor oil are all good for body massages and they reduce hair growth.

How does this work?

Hot oil massage leaves the hair lighter and thinner because of the friction involved. With regular massage, the hair roots might eventually be closed.

8. Garlic Juice

Among the many benefits of garlic is reduced hair growth. You can blend some cloves of garlic and extract the juice. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and apply it on parts of the body where the hair makes you uncomfortable, leave for 20 mins before washing off with lukewarm water. Because of the pungent smell of garlic, you may need specific moisturizers to get rid of unwanted smells.

How does this work?

Garlic is high in zinc, selenium, and sulfur which aids hair removal.

9. Cornflour With Milk

You can make a mask out of cornflour and milk. Mix the two substances in equal portions until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area, leave for 20 mins before peeling off, and pat to dry afterwards.

How does this work?

The mixture of cornflour and milk when applied to the skin, sticks to the hair follicles, holding it tight.

10. Rosewater And Alum Powder 

Alum is not only used to purify water, it is commonly used as an ingredient of aftershaves and deodorants. You can mix a half spoon of powdered alum with rose water and apply it as a paste on the face or skin. Leave it for up 45-60 mins and then wash off with cold water – you may need to apply moisturizer or coconut oil to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

How does this work?

Alum is effective for ridding the skin of wrinkles, unwater hair, cracked heels while rose water hydrates the skin and gives it a natural glow.

11. Basil Leaves And Onion

Get like 5-6 basil leaves, crush and add some thin onion layers from a bulb and make into a paste. You can apply the mixture on the part of the body with the unwanted hair and leave for around 20 minutes before washing off. If you do this twice a week for some month, there’d be obvious evidence.

How does this work?

Onion and basil leaves are antioxidants that reduce the effect of wrinkles and rashes on the skin.

12. White Pepper And Camphor

Smash some small balls of camphor and mix with 2 teaspoons of white pepper, and apply on the body part with hair that needs to be removed. You can mix with a carrier oil to make a paste before application. Leave for up to 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

How does this work?

Camphor is a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent which cures several skin-related issues. Meanwhile, white pepper acts as scrubs which helps in the process of hair removal.

13. Gram/Chickpea Flour Scrub

Gram flour is one of the oldest methods of natural hair removal. A half-cup of gram flour is mixed with any carrier oil. Curd can also be added to parts of the area where hair is unwanted – leave for up to 20 minutes until dry, then use water to wash it off.

How does this work?

Gram flour removes all impurities from the face and body.

14. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea lightens the colour of the hair, and this method of hair removal has been in use for ages. You can brew two bags of chamomile tea for a few minutes. When it is cool, apply to the body part that requires attention, leave for 20 minutes before washing off.

How does this work?

Chamomile naturally lightens the hair because it is soaked by the yellow colour of chamomile.


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