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Get Paid to Text, Flirt And Chat With Men


Gone are the days when chatting was for connecting with friends and making new friends. There are so many apps now where you can chat and be flirty with men and women, whichever is your preference. Fortunately, It is a rare opportunity that presents you with fun and a few bucks.

You’ll be surprised by the number of people out there looking for physical, emotional and
intellectual connections all around the globe. If they are willing to pay for these services, why stop chatting for free with friends when you can earn?

You’re probably wondering if these apps are legitimate, safe and protect your privacy. If these are the questions in your head, you are asking the right questions. The answers you seek are provided for you if you read further.

Just as you can get paid to chat with lonely people, you can earn decently flirting and chatting with the other gender.

Who can flirt online via chatting?

This job is perceived to be exclusively good for extroverts. If you do not like to talk or want
anybody in your face, you will likely find texting, talking and flirting unappealing.

If you want to venture into this passive income stream, ensure you find out first what it entails. The conversations might be offensive but you must stay professional regardless. Your ability to set boundaries and absorb offensive chats, talks and texts will help you to thrive in the business.

Below are some of the characteristics of chats

  • It’s possible for chats to swiftly turn sexual.
  • You might be asked to video chat by some clients.
  • Your actions are personal and based on your comfort level.
  • You must establish your boundaries at the onset of the chat.
  • Some will ask you to strip off, touch yourself, or engage in other sexual activities. You are
    entitled to discontinue the exchange.
  • It is typical to be flirty.
  • You need to be upbeat and welcoming.
  • You must be able to maintain a conversation.
  • Nothing you don’t wish to do must be demanded of you.
  • Regardless of how others may view it, this is a profession that demands effort.

If you are not interested in the type of chats and conversations mentioned above, you may want to only keep the company of those who you know.

People who are comfortable stripping on a video chat make money. You must know and
understand the limit you can go with a stranger during a conversation. If you think that you won’t be comfortable with some types of conversation, it’s better to stay off the site.

Regardless, do not allow users of the site to pressure you into regrets and low self-esteem.

Ensure, you please yourself regardless of what they want.

Get Paid to Text, Flirt with These Legit Companies

Get Paid to Text

You can get paid to text, flirt, and chat with guys online via a variety of websites and chat rooms. If you’re looking to communicate for money, here are 7 businesses that will hire you to chat, text, video chat, and phone chat.


As the name implies, FlirtBucks is a platform where women are paid to flirt with men. You must be at least 18 years to make money using FlirtBucks.

Users must be very friendly with their clients who can chat about anything with them.

How Does FlirtBucks Work?

You can earn money on FlirtBucks in two ways, through flirting via text chats or video calls with clients.

10 cents is paid for text chats per minute while 12 cents is paid for video chats per minute.
FlirtBucks rewards users that worked on their platform for more than 6 months. The pay is raised to 12 cents and 15 cents per minute for text chat and video calls respectively. In summary, you earn about $10 per hour on a video chat with someone.

The requirements for admission into FlirtBucks include:

  •  Must be 18 years and above, female.
  •  You must own a smart device or a laptop with a working webcam.
  •  Internet connection
  •  Only residents of the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia are permitted to use the site.

Payment is made to chat with the clients of FlirtBucks. Other than that, you are not compelled to do any other thing that you find discomforting.

Nonetheless, you must be discretional in accepting or rejecting the demands of clients.


There’s currently an unfounded claim that women are earning as much as $40,000 per annum for chatting and flirting with men on Steemit. Conversations via this platform are meant to be steamy or stimulating.

Most men who come on Steemit do so because they hardly have time for relationships. So, they get on the site to unwind and have a fun time virtually with women.

If you want to earn from Steemit, you must ensure the following:

  • Chats are likely going to get steamy, so you must have an open mind.
  • Put on an outgoing and fun personality.
  • Internet connection
  • You must have a smart device or computer system.


From the comfort of your home or anywhere you are, you can sign up on the MyGirlFund app as a woman and connect with people who want to pay you to chat with them. You get to chat about anything both your interests spur you to talk about. Parties are only allowed to chat with aliases and must not reveal their personal information to each other. Privacy is paramount on the My Girl Fund app, so you can be free to unravel different layers of interest and earn as the lady.

Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is another platform to chat with strangers via phone calls, text messages or video chats (if you feel comfortable). Getting paid up to $2 per minute, especially when talking to someone you connect with, is a good deal if you ask me. The company pays participants within UK and Europe through direct deposit, while other participants outside these countries are paid through bank transfers.

Dream Lover

The Dream Lover is designed to connect men and women to chat and share pictures on the app. The app has an age restriction but not a location restriction. So, a person 18 and above can sign up and connect with strangers through chat to make a few bucks.

Other Opportunities for Chatting and Earning Online

Get Paid to Text

You should know that chatting and earning online is not only for strangers who are looking for emotional connections and friendships. If your people and connection skills are not so excellent, you should know that app developer also have you in contemplation. These apps are designed for you to connect in a more professional way to make enquires and solve peoples’ problems.

Individuals and companies make use of these platforms to connect and either ask questions for strangers to answer or, on the flip side, answer questions asked by strangers in areas of expertise. In addition, these apps utilize mediums like text or video chats to connect with clients who are also strangers to them.

Here are a few apps you can join to chat and earn money online.


If you have a short fuse for human interaction, even online, then the McMoney is a perfect fit for you. With McMoney, you sign up to receive text messages on your phone as an SMS testing platform. You don’t need to reply to these test messages at all. All you need is phone memory to receive these messages as they roll them out and receive your payment through Paypal.

Working solution

If you are signing up for the Working Solution, make sure you keep your good communications skills handy. You will be doing a lot of emailing, texting, social media, and voice calls to answer customer queries on behalf of companies. Depending on your knowledge of the technical solution you provide for your clients, you can earn anything from $8 to $20 per hour.


The 1Q is an app for answering marketing research questions through chats or mobile apps. You get to share your two cents on questions asked for the cents. The rates are from $0.25 to $0.50 per answered question, which is paid to your PayPal.


Ignorance is no more bliss because now you know that you can earn with your smartphone
instead of using it to chat for free. All you need to do is sign up for the chatting platform that best suits your interests and give yourself a worthwhile side hustle.

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