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Get Paid To Chat Online: Top Platforms That Pay In 2022


We all have friends that talk on the internet for hours daily. Be it on their computer or
smartphone, they are practically always texting people for the fun of it but you can get paid to chat online in 2022.

Guess what if you are obsessed with online texting?! You might be getting compensated for that. You are probably wondering right now, “Who would pay someone to communicate and
interact?” Well, it is true.

There are a variety of ways to get rewarded to talk online:

  •  English lessons instructor
  •  Customer service chat operators
  •  Be an online friend
  •  Share your opinions or knowledge
  •  Adult chat
  • Psychic/tarot chat
  • Charge fans or followers to chat with you

One of the benefits of making money through chatting is that you are able to work from home either full or part-time. The hours are also negotiable. You can work on a laptop, iPad, or phone. There are positions available where you can get paid to call or even video chat. You are entirely in charge!

Let’s examine in greater detail how to earn money by conversing online.

Get paid to chat online

If you are interested in being paid to chat online, check out these companies.


You have probably heard of Fiverr, the platform that allows you to advertise “gigs” beginning at only $5. It also offers any service you want. On Fiverr, you can generate income doing just about anything, even online conversation!

See what users need by searching for terms like “chat” and “talk.” Here are a few examples:

  • Virtual chat buddy
  • Psychic chat readings
  • Chat support/customer service
  • Relationship Advice

Simply register on Fiverr and post your own gig if you are able to provide any of these services.


You may be surprised to learn that some people are prepared to pay anyone to be an internet friend. You may sign up on Rent-A-Friend to become an online buddy and get rewarded for communicating.

It appears a little unusual, doesn’t it? However, there are several valid justifications for why
individuals are inclined to pay a random person for their time. For instance:

  •  Elderly and lonely individuals who desire conversation
  •  People who love to communicate with others abroad
  • People who want to chat about a problem but do not want to bother their “real-life” pals

Despite being a US-based website, Rent-A-Friend accepts members from all over the world.
Simply set up a free account to get started. You then wait for friends who might be interested to get in touch. At first, you’ll message each other through the website’s messaging service. Later, you can choose how to carry on the conversation – by phone, text message, email, or any other method you like.

Rates are up to you to decide. The typical wage per hour is roughly $10.

Get paid to chat using your skills

Possess any specialized expertise or abilities? Let’s talk about how that can earn you money!

Here are several sites that will compensate you to converse while contributing your knowledge.


If you are a specialist in your profession, be it healthcare, education, law, or another industry, Fibre is for you. It is a website that assists users in finding solutions to their inquiries from professionals. It is among the finest methods for you to generate revenue while having conversations online.

Depending on the type and area of their questions, Fibler connects members with relevant
professionals. To be hired, you will need to provide evidence of your level of experience in your industry. Interaction can be by text messages, phone calls, or video chats. You are compensated for your responses. It is a simple, hassle-free approach to launching a consulting side business.

You can also film “Videocasts,” which are brief lectures on your subject that viewers pay to

The freedom to choose the price you charge the user is one of Fibler’s best features. You may charge every minute or per message. The platform charges a fee in exchange for setting up the link between you and the client.


Maven describes itself as a system for “micro-consulting.” By responding to clients’ written or verbal inquiries, you can make money. Your own rate of pay is up to you to decide.
Even though it is a US corporation, anyone can sign up.

Fibler and Maven are comparable. The distinction is that anybody may join. Of course, some professions will always be in higher demand than others. If you have an area of expertise, this can be a fun way to make a little extra money. However, be mindful that it is unlikely to result in consistent income for the majority.


Here’s another website where you can charge people per minute to communicate with you.
Premium.chat is different from other websites on this list. You can’t just go up and begin earning money to speak with strangers. You have to go out and locate the clients.

If you have a blog or any kind of audience, this can be a great platform for you. It is a simple means of charging your fans or customers for online chat.

Listed below are a few examples of those that can use Premium. Chat to make money for their time:

  • Entertainers
  • Influencers
  • Counsellors
  • Tutors
  • Consultants
  • Tech support
  • Adult models

As you’ll see, this might be used in practically any sector! With the option to set your own
minutely prices, you can offer phone calls, video calls, or text messaging.

Get paid to chat in English

Gaining income through English-language chat provides learners who wish to enhance their
conversational abilities with a more convenient choice.

If you are a native English speaker, you already possess all the necessary skills to launch a
successful side business teaching English.

If you desire, online English teaching can be a full-time job. A teaching degree is required if you want to earn as much money as possible. Additionally, planning lessons and generating study materials will take a significant amount of your time.

Check out some of these websites to get started:


iTalki is a website for learning languages. You can register to tutor in any language known to humankind.

On this platform, there are two different sorts of teachers. The “community tutors” offer informal speaking training. The “licensed teachers” must have a teaching degree and often lecture students via textbooks or structured curriculum.

Join the second category if you wish to generate more money by chit-chatting in English. On iTalki you determine your own fees and schedule.


Get Paid To Chat Online

Through this video chat website, students from all over the world can learn English with
native speakers.

You apply to join Cambly after being approved as an instructor. Patiently, you then wait for the offers to start coming in. You may spend an hour or more with pupils at times, or only five minutes with random users. You are rewarded $0.17 for each minute.

Cambly provides some tools to get the discussion started, but most learners simply want to talk about popular subjects.

To receive payment for chatting with Cambly, you don’t need a degree, any experience, or a teaching credential.


This app links English speakers with Chinese language students. Depending on your credentials, nationality, and expertise, you can join at a variety of levels. It has a “FreeTalk” option, an unrestricted dialogue about whatever you or your learners want to interact about.
There are no criteria and you are free to choose your own prices.

Legit customer support chat operator jobs

Nowadays, virtually every respectable business offers a web chat feature. Customers now favor online chat over all other channels, and businesses are starting to recognize this. This indicates that there is a growing demand for online chat operators!

It is not quite as intriguing as many other strategies that have been covered in this article. Online customer service positions, however, can be a good fit for you. If you’re looking for a dependable work-from-home career and feel comfortable conversing with strangers all day, give it a shot.

All of the major job sites have a ton of these positions offered. There are several names for them, so try searching with the following term:

  • Online chat agent
  • Remote customer service advisor
  • Webchat agent
  • Customer support agent
  • Live chat agent

As an alternative, you can contact the main chat support companies directly, as they are
frequently hiring. These are a handful of the major companies:


Major UK customer service provider Sensee works with numerous wee-known organizations to provide home-based representatives. If you want to be compensated to chat, this firm is an excellent choice. It has a solid reputation. They give a living wage and have positive employee evaluations.

“HomeAgents” is the term used for Sensee’s chat moderators. Depending on the client,
HomeAgents communicate with clients using calls, social media platforms, mail, and/or other channels. When you sign up, you can specify your preferences.

However, you must dedicate at least 20 hours every month.


Arise is a vast organization that connects customer service representatives with businesses in the UK, USA, and Canada. You can choose from a variety of jobs at Arise that involve providing phone and/or online chat customer assistance.

Since shifts are typically available 24/7, this is a fantastic flexible work-from-home position.


Amazon doesn’t need an introduction. There are countless methods to profit from this company. Live chat assistance is one of them.

Similar to other eCommerce sites, Amazon uses remote employees to interact with customers and respond to their requests. Simple instructions are included in the job description. The time approaching holidays is the ideal time to submit your application to Amazon. If you don’t see anything that suits you, it’s worth checking out later when new roles are listed.

The Chat Shop

This large business employs live chat employees for many clients. There is no requirement for voice or video calls when using this online chat service. Instead of providing routine customer care, it is concentrated on conversing with customers for the purpose of increasing sales. If you reside in the US or the UK, you can submit an application for a remote online messaging job. Before you can move further with your application, you must pass a typing test with a minimum speed requirement of 65wpm.

Adult chat operator jobs (get paid to flirt!)

Get Paid To Chat Online

These are not suitable for everyone. If this kind of employment is not your style of work, do not pursue it. Should you not be interested, feel free to skip this section. Nonetheless, many people are curious to learn more.

If you are outgoing, flirtatious, and open-minded, you could think getting paid to flirt is
hilarious. You can get paid to chat with men on the following websites:


You can make money online by responding to adult messages by using the UK-based platform AdultChatJobs. You become an admin once you register. The platform is used to participate in adult conversations by logging in whenever is convenient for you. Your true name does not need to be disclosed. Your identity will never be revealed because all messages are typed.

Once a week, this website deposits your money into the accounts of its employees. Each SMS costs 15Pounds. Some reports have that some admins make up to E300 every week. Work can take place on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Why not pursue a career as a professional “flirt” if you are awesome at it? Consider FlirtBucks if you have interests.

FlirtBucks’ intent is solely for chats. No nudity is necessary. It is not a camgirl platform,
despite the fact that you would be webcam chatting with males.

Your payments occur per minute, how much you make depends on how long the chat or video session lasts. The nicest aspect is that the more time you spend using it actively, the more money you make. Although you need to wait three months if you are a new user before the charges go up. Every two weeks, PayPal makes a payment.


This is a worldwide corporation that hires chat administrators to work remotely from any place around the globe. They solely provide text-based online chat services, in contrast to many other chat providers. It is perfect if you detest answering the phone.

You may learn very little about the type of employment on the Cloudworkers website. However, some research on this site shows it actually offers adult chat. You won’t need to provide any images or personal information, and everything is absolutely anonymous. Both men and women are recruits.

Either full or part-time employment is available. This requires you to submit your weekly
availability and to work the shifts that you are given. Cloud workers receive monthly
payments via PayPal or bank transfer.


Operador is another business that does not provide much information online. Regardless, based on research, the job involves responding to adult chat messages.

Similar to Cloudworkers, chat operators pose as different people, so you can remain anonymous. They pay out regularly and you can make between 10 and 21p per message. You’ll also get a personal tutor to help you practice your responses.

Chat Recruit

If you have interests in working on adult telephone chat service jobs while engaging in some sexy conversation, sign up today. To go one step further, they even offer webcam jobs. They also provide chatlines for psychics. You can choose your own hours and set your own fees.

It is ideal for a clairvoyant, tarot reader, or other comparable professions. And if you have an existing fan base (maybe as an influencer, musician, or model), you can utilize this service to charge your followers to converse with you. If you want money flowing in rapidly, this is a perfect alternative because payment takes place weekly.


If you accept any paid chat online jobs, please take care to protect your personal safety. The following are some quick safety tips:

  • Be careful to hide your true identity and whereabouts.
  • Never divulge private information, such as your address or date of birth.
  • Use a nickname or remain anonymous on some of these websites. Never use your name in its
  • Before beginning a job, read the T&Cs. Ensure you have choices in case you feel uncomfortable.
    For example, if you don’t want to converse with someone, will you be able to end the
    conversation and block them?

This article views as a starting point for whether you want to use chat to make
additional money or make it your full-time occupation! All the best!

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