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Get Paid To Answer Questions Online: 10 Websites That Pay


Knowledge is not power until it is applied. Now, imagine being rewarded for applying knowledge – there are websites where people get paid simply by answering questions posed by those seeking answers.

There are so many websites designed for people who are seeking answers. Questions asked can range from academic, medical, sports, agriculture and even psychics. Topic experts are onboarded and rewarded for satisfactorily answering questions related to their field. It is as simple as this.

Payment varies, depending on the type and number of questions answered. For example, an expert who answers a medical question will likely earn more than someone who answers a general question.

Instead of wasting so many hours on the internet, you can put your knowledge to use and earn from it. Below are some of the websites that pay people for answering questions:


JustAnswer connects users with verified experts who can provide answers to their questions. Users can submit their queries on various topics, such as medical, legal, technical, or academic, and receive responses from professionals in those fields.

With a vast network of experts, JustAnswer aims to provide quick and reliable solutions to users’ inquiries, offering expertise across a wide range of subjects.


Method: Paypal and Amazon Gift Card

Rates: $20 to $50 per question

Website: https://www.justanswer.com/


PrestoExperts also connects users with experts who can provide answers and guidance on a wide range of topics. It is a platform for seeking advice and solutions on subjects like psychology, counselling, tutoring, career guidance, and more.

Users are allowed to browse through a directory of experts, read their profiles, and choose the one that best fits their needs. Experts are available for live chat, phone calls, or email consultations, providing personalized assistance to users seeking expert advice.

To become an answer provider on PrestoExperts, you must submit an application detailing your expertise and the niche you want to be providing answers. You can register for more than one category provided you are an expert in them.


Method: Check or Payment

Rates: $2/minutes

Website: https://www.prestoexperts.com/


Maven is one of the platforms where people get paid for answering questions. People who sign up can seek advice and insights on various topics, including business, technology, marketing, healthcare, and more.

Maven’s network consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. You are allowed to schedule consultations with experts, engage in one-on-one conversations, and receive personalized guidance. Maven offers a convenient way for individuals to access expert knowledge and tap into the collective wisdom of professionals across different industries.


Method: Check

Rates:  Depends on expert.

Website: https://www.maven.co/


On Experts123, users ask questions and receive answers from knowledgeable contributors. It covers a wide range of topics, including health, finance, technology and home improvement. Users can post their questions and experts provide apt and clear answers to the questions.

The platform also features articles and guides on various subjects. Experts123 aims to provide a community-driven platform where individuals can find helpful information and insights from experts and experienced individuals on a wide array of topics.


Method: Paypal

Rates: $10-$20 per answer

Website: https://www.experts123.com/


6ya is a mobile app that connects users with expert technicians who can provide assistance and answers to their questions regarding various technical issues. Users can ask questions, describe their problems, and receive real-time guidance from the experts through voice or video calls.

The platform covers a wide range of topics, including troubleshooting electronic devices, car repairs, appliance issues, and more. 6ya aims to provide convenient and reliable technical support on the go.


Method: Direct deposit

Rates: $3 is paid per call longer than 1 minute.

Website: http://6ya.com/


HelpOwl facilitates the exchange of information by connecting users with experts who can answer their questions. Users can submit inquiries on a range of topics, including product support, troubleshooting, and general knowledge.

HelpOwl’s network of experts provides responses based on their expertise and experience. Users can also browse existing questions and answers on the platform’s database. They provide a community-driven space where individuals can find solutions and valuable insights from experts in various fields.


Method: Amazon and Walmart Gift Card

Rates: $10 per question answered.

Website: https://www.helpowl.com/


Freelancers earn money on Earn.com by answering questions and providing advice. Users can sign up as experts and receive inquiries from individuals seeking answers or guidance on various topics.

Experts can set their rates for answering questions and users can choose the expert they want to consult based on their expertise and price. Earn.com provides a way for experts to monetize their knowledge and for users to receive personalized answers and insights from experienced individuals.


Method: Bitcoin

Rates: Varies

Website: Earn.com


StudyPool is an academic website that connects students with tutors to get help with their academic questions and assignments. Students can post their questions or homework problems, specifying the subject and deadline. Tutors on StudyPool then provide answers, explanations and solutions.

Students can choose the best response based on factors like tutor ratings, qualifications, and price. StudyPool covers a wide range of subjects, from math and science to humanities, business and so on. The platform aims to provide accessible and affordable academic support, enabling students to clarify concepts, improve their understanding, and excel in their studies.


Method: Paypal

Rates: $1 and more

Website: https://www.studypool.com/


Users seek answers and solutions to various technical problems and product-related issues. You can post questions, describe your problems in detail and receive responses from experts and community members. The platform covers a wide range of categories, including electronics, appliances and automotive.

Experts on FixYa provide guidance, troubleshooting steps, and recommendations to help users resolve their issues. FixYa aims to provide a collaborative space where individuals can find reliable advice and assistance to fix their technical problems and make informed decisions about their products.


Method: Paypal

Rates: $3-$5 per answer

Website: https://www.fixya.com/


This platform is unique. Keen connects individuals seeking psychic and spiritual advice with advisors who can provide answers and insights. Users can ask questions about love, relationships, careers and whatever topic they need answers for.

Advisors on Keen offer their services and charge fees for consultations or readings. Users can choose from a wide range of advisors based on specialities, ratings and reviews. Keen provides a platform for individuals to seek guidance and gain clarity on various aspects of their lives through the expertise of psychic and spiritual advisors.


Method: Paypal

Rates: Depends on psychics

Website: https://www.keen.com/


Answering questions is one sure way to make money online. However, you must be an expert to make the most of any of these platforms. Unless a user is satisfied with the answer given, no platform will pay you simply because you lent your knowledge to a question.

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