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Get Paid Online for Transcription jobs 


During the pandemic of 2020, a lot of people lost their jobs, and those that retained theirs mostly worked remotely/virtually. The pandemic opened the eyes of the world to not just the possibility of virtual work but a lot of folks who started making money from the comfort of their homes through transcription jobs.

The gig economy experienced a huge boom and more people have gotten short or long-term jobs with little or no experience. However, proficiency in certain skills is all you need to help you bag an online job.

Among the plethora of opportunities in the gig economy are transcription jobs. This kind of job requires the transcriptionist to listen to voice notes and convert them to worded or written documents.

This online job requires some sort of training and specialization because it can involve transcribing legal records, medical; recordings, and other special fields.

For those in the gig economy looking for a job in this niche, I have compiled a list of 20 sites where you can bag transcription jobs.

1. Accutran Global

Accutran global was established in 2002 with the primary aim of providing transcription or other related services to clients all over the world.

Based in Canada, they have a network in Northern America and have a proven track record to meet your transcription needs.

You’d be given a test and you can only be employed if you pass the test, and prove that you can have a good turnaround time. They typically pay ($0.005 per word to start).

2. Appenscribe

Appenscribe is one of the biggest platforms in the world that provides transcription services. Prospective transcribers are required to sign up on their platform to have any access.

For those that are fluent in multiple languages, there are jobs available on here for you. Prospective subscribers carry out two tests and must pass them before they can be given any job. They pay is about $0.005 per word but it can also depend on the contractor.

They also offer non-transcription jobs and you’re more likely to get a job if you’re frequent on their site.

3. Bam! Transcription

The main focus of Bam is the film industry but they do much more than that as they offer transcription services in the legal, financial entertainment, and research sector.

The best way to apply for a job on their platform is via email on their website.

4. Speech Ink

Speech Ink also provides transcription services for typists via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. You may need to sign up on MTurk to bag a transcription job because this is the platform mostly used to assign work and make payments for transcribers.

You are required to sign-up on MTurk and search for Speech Ink Job. There are jobs on here that need you to have simple qualifications, like passing a test.

The uniqueness of Speech Ink is that they rate the quality of work delivered by their workers and award them bonuses based on performance.

5. CastingWords

Transcribers create accounts on Castingwords before they start looking for jobs However, there are two methods used by transcribers to get jobs – the Mechanical Turk and CastWords workshop.

They are present in 66 countries where transcribers can work via their workshop. However, for the US, their application menu is restricted to certain states.

The pay offered here depends on the contractor and it is different from job to job. Nonetheless, they have a payout of $1.

6. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf offers opportunities to transcribers to earn passive income. They pay per task and have three steps for transcribers to get started – You may need to sign up on the work market, join crowdsurf and start crowdsurfing.

They also utilize the Mechanical Turk platform where surfers accept, work, and receive payment for transcription. MT is owned by Amazon and several job offers are made on this platform for transcribers.

7. Daily Transcription

They offer transcription services for legal, entertainment, corporate, as well as academic institutions.

Daily Transcription is one of the most flexible platforms because workers are allowed the create their own schedule while they pay higher than their counterparts, starting at $0.75 -$0.85 per audio minute. Although there is not too much work on here, users of this platform typically earn $250- $950 per week

You will be required to pass a test before you can get started.

8. Go Transcript

Go Transcript claims they are one of the biggest platforms in the world that provides transcription services. They offer jobs to people who are not experienced and they are not restricted to certain countries.

Typists or transcribers can earn up to $0.60 per video minute and those big on the platform are said to be earning about $1200 monthly.

9. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription has been utilized by freelancers to make money. Founded in 2004, GMR Transcription has grown from strength to strength because they do not compromise on the quality of work. However, they hire only US-based transcriptionists.

They offer services for academicians, medical & legal professionals, students, theologians, and many more niches.

10. Neal R. Gross

Neal R Gross also offers an opportunity for beginner typists mostly in the legal sector. This means they require applicants to have some years of experience.

They do not joke with their turnaround time at Neal R Gross, and that’s why they always have plenty of work to do here. You may be required to type at 60 WPM and be able to work 30 hours a week.

The method of application is to submit a cv and cover letter through their web page

11. Babble Type

Babble Type is a platform for beginners as well. They are constantly in search of transcriptionists, editors, and translators for their clients.

They have a welcome video that helps transcribers determine if they’d like to remain on the platform or not. They also test prospective typist before they can be considered for any work

12. Scribie

You must be proficient in English and have a verified Paypal account among a few other things to be able to sign up on this platform. Scribie is one of the most reliable platforms for aspiring transcribers and beginners. They pay $5- $25/audio hour.

They also have a package that rewards typist who completes three hours of work every month. They also reward people who refer typists or customers to their platform – however, their biggest disadvantage is the fact that they pay lower than their counterparts.

13. Tigerfish

They offer the most flexible online transcription jobs but you must pass their test before they make an offer to you. They have opportunities in documentaries, law enforcement, interviews, and so on.

However, they are not always recruiting new typists, that’s their major downside.

14. Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations

TNT are one of the biggest service providers for transcription. They have facilitated jobs for industry heavyweights like Animal Planet and discovery channel. Their test is said to be one of the most difficult but you can join when you pass this test.

They do not just do transcription services, they also do translation, subtitling, and closed captioning. They have been in the business for 21-years and are still thriving.

15. TranscribeMe!

You must understand English or Spanish to be able to utilize this platform to make money. After signing up by filling out a form, TranscribeMe gives you a test to check your proficiency.

They have customer service agents that contact those who pass their test within two days and inform you of the next step. They also allow people who fail their test to retake the same after 24 hours.

16. Ubiqus

Ubiqus have tasked themselves to provide multilingual expertise to support their clients in the international community. You are likely going to get more jobs if your turnaround time is good enough.

Like the other platforms for beginners, you will take a test but once you are successful with it, you start out the same as those that have experience. They pay every two weeks but sadly, they only recruit residents of the US and Canada.

17. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP

They used to be the biggest pay-master for transcription online jobs or beginners. However, you must fill out their questionnaire before they can consider you. They require prospective typists to take a test to seal their employment,

1-888-TYPE-IT-UP keep their applicants waiting for weeks or month before they invite them to take a test. They also charge $59 as an exam fee during their recruitment exercise.

They use this exam fee to reduce applicants. So if you are looking to start out as a transcriber, you may check out the other platforms that do not require you to pay a penny.

18. Verbal Ink

At Verbalink.com, they have a knack for wanting to hear from typists that are inclined to join them.

You will have to pass a simple test to get started on here too.

You will also be required to submit your cover letter and resume to get started. They are a very good platform for transcribers.

19. 3Play Media

They have jobs for transcribers and editors. They have a notoriously difficult skill and proficiency test for typists. You are required to be able to type at least 75 Word Per Minute to be considered.

If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you’d get more jobs to do on 3Play Media.

20. Transcription Outsourcing

There are several typing jobs available on TO. They include legal, general, medical, or financial transcription jobs.

You are required to fill out their application form if you are interested to get jobs through their platform and they get to contact you if they need more information from you.

21. Focus Forward

Kim started the transcription company Focus Forward in Pennsylvania in 2003 because she wanted to go above and beyond for her clients and give them the most pleasure.

Focus Forward’s website says that they make $0.40 per audio minute, which is just their base pay.

Your pay rate is likely to go up if you have some experience and turn in assignments quickly in your spare time.

22. People per Hour

People Per Hour was started in 2007 so that employees could work when it was best for them and get away from the 9-to-5 routine.

People per hour, which was a lot like Fiverr when it first started, changed the lives of people who wanted to work from home and make extra money on the side.

This site has jobs in a lot of different fields, like transcribing, web development, digital marketing, and more.

23. Flex Jobs

In 2007, Flexjobs was founded to provide a platform for freelancers to do their work with as much freedom as they see fit.

It is possible to work remotely or physically on this platform, depending on your preferences (part- or full-time).

Because of the simplicity with which people could schedule their time, many people, including parents, students, and part-time freelancers, were able to start a side business and generate money from it.

You can also work as a transcriptionist, which is one of several possible careers.

Flex jobs mirror Upwork in terms of setting and basic structure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that rewards might vary greatly from one company to the next.

24. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing platform comparable to Micro Workers, was built by the internet behemoth.

MicroWorkers is a good comparison for this platform because it provides similar work alternatives and the same perks and flexibility.

A wide range of tasks, including transcribing, data processing, and verification, are readily available.

25. ProScribe MD

ProScribe is a wonderful tool to use as a transcriber if you work in the medical or healthcare profession or plan to do so in the future.

Work experience in a relevant field provides an obvious advantage in terms of learning how things work in the real world.

Working as a medical transcriptionist will allow you to gain both theoretical and practical experience in the medical field.

A letter of recommendation is also provided by Proscribe’s Chief Marketing Officer should you ever decide to leave the medical field.

If you’re willing to commit at least six months of your time to work for the healthcare organization, you should apply as soon as possible to prevent missing out on this fantastic opportunity.

26. Acx

In spite of the fact that Acx isn’t exactly a transcription service provider, it belongs to a group of organizations that employ your language speaking ability to produce audiobooks.

Acx can let you earn money as a narrator for their clients’ audiobooks if you start your own business.

Working with them as a narrator has the obvious benefit of providing you with a large number of clients who are willing to pay you to begin and complete their work.

This is a job where you can do as many or as few books as you choose, thus the more you complete, the more money you’ll make.

27. Casting Words

Casting Words has been providing audio transcription services since 2005, with the sole purpose of connecting consumers who want their transcription done by the best transcribers.

The Wall Street Journal has named this New Mexico-based transcription company one of the best in the country.

A large part of the reason is due to the fact that casting word transcribers are highly trained specialists who know how to recognize hard wordings in phrases and provide incredibly accurate transcripts of any supplier.

Transcribing companies throughout the world can now earn a solid living while working from home, thanks to an uptick in business in this Mexico-based transcribing firm.

The starting pay here is between $0.85 to $1 for each audio minute, with no additional incentives.

The higher the quality of your job, the more the bonus you’ll receive.

Based on work grades, grades 5 receive base pay, 6 receive 1.5 times base pay, 7 receives 2 and 2.5 times base pay, and 9 receive 3.5 times base pay.

28. Terescription

Terescription has been providing transcription-based services since 2004.

They provide transcription services for a wide range of projects, including reality shows, documentaries, final screenplays, and a variety of other types of research and legal work.

Their growing worldwide clientele necessitates them to hire more transcribers, which they do on a regular basis.

There is only one requirement: you must be able to meet their active standards, which state that you must be available to work on a variety of schedules.

29. Appen

Appen was founded in 1996 and provides artificial intelligence solutions to clients throughout the world.

Their services include government, medical, and financial services, as well as a range of other areas.

Additionally, they offer translation and transcribing services.

So, working as a transcriber for Appen is a straightforward way to earn a decent salary.

30. Daily Transcription

Transcription services are available for a wide range of purposes ranging from academic and market research to litigation to closed captioning.

Many more people can now sign up to become DT transcribers and start making some extra money.

They claim that their pay rates are better than those of their competitors (Scribie, GMR, etc.) and that the average pay rate for companies other than competitors is around $0.75.

You might consider daily transcribing as an option if you are currently working with others or want to do so in the future, as they provide higher pay rates.




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