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Get Paid Daily Online With These 9 Affiliate Programs


On beautilifestyle, we have extensively published content on affiliate programs like the highest pay-per-lead programs, finding the best types of affiliate partners, the most lucrative programs, etc. And our publications have extensively covered the subject of affiliate marketing but we have received queries asking if there are affiliate programs that pay per day.

Yes, there are affiliate programs that pay per day, some weekly and others monthly. So the possibility of carving a niche for yourself as an affiliate who makes money daily isn’t far-fetched. Already smiling right? Don’t get too excited yet because affiliate programs that pay per day are not existing in isolation.

Rather, the programs we will be unveiling utilize what is dubbed as a payout frequency to get affiliates paid daily. Even though there are programs that pay per day, you should tread carefully because some of them have a propensity for fraud.

Now, let’s go through some of these programs that pay per day


AdCrax has been in the business as a merchant since 2014, and they have carved a niche for themselves in the mobile and smartphone market.

There’s no limit to the offers for promotion on AdCrax, which has a chunk of very big and recognized brands on its platform.

Although it is not easy to navigate their website, you get to see all the possibilities of making money here when you sign up with them.

On social media, you find affiliates who are pleased with their earnings sharing their testimonials about AdCrax.

Their commission varies but affiliates are paid via Payoneer, wire transfer, or Paypal.

Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus has also been in the business for quite a while and they are the baby of the very famous affiliate marketing forum Warrior Forum.

They are a very traditional platform, in the sense that products are listed by their creators on here, and affiliate sign up for promotion.

Most of their products are about how to make money online but listed also are, t-shirt designs and others.

If you are an affiliate that is not operating in IM, this marketplace is obviously not for you.

However, you can make many bucks if you are patient enough to dig deep for the gold that is on here. The programs have very high conversation rates on Warrior Plus.

The commission is up to 100% and payment is made via Paypal.

Terra Leads

TerraLeads is quite distinct from other affiliate programs because they started out selling products like nutraceuticals but they are currently producing the aforementioned products themselves.

They are one of the most innovative programs since they started operation. They refer to themselves as a Cost per Action Hub.

Currently available in about 28 countries, TerraLeads has listed more than 750 products for promotion.

One of the biggest flexes of this platform is that every region has a specific call centre to bridge the language barrier.

Bonus is also offered to affiliates as a plus for their sales. Their bonus is in the form of T-coins, used mainly to buy anything.

TerraLeads have various types of commission and they pay affiliates via wire transfer, Paypal and Paxum.


A lot of platforms where products are sold are beginning to manufacture and sell their own products, and ClickMagick is one of them.

ClickMagick is a product, SAAS product where affiliates are allowed to track link clicks from paid or organic traffic.

Affiliates are privy to detailed information about their return on investment on ClickMagick. The system also filters bot traffic and informs affiliates about how well their keywords are performing.

ClickMagick is one of the rare programs that pay daily but on the condition that fees have accrued for a minimum of 14 days.

They offer a 35% commission, payable via PayPal.


By now, you should have realized the affiliate programs that pay daily given the aforementioned platforms.

Paykickstart is set up to solve shopping cart problems and subscription payments

Their design includes sales funnels and upsells. This was done to make it easier for affiliates who might struggle with their affiliate business model,

This platform is integrated with a number of marketing platforms.

They offer up to 25% commission for recurring sales daily with their payment method as Paypal.

Rebll Network

RebIl Network is one of the affiliate programs that pay commission daily too.

Although they are not very well known in the market, they are currently evolving into a popular program in the dating community.

Rabil Network has over 600 programs where affiliates can make money and there are testimonies that their conversion rate is very high.

One of the biggest flex of dating is that their commission structure is attractive and anyone that gets to the threshold of payment, is paid daily.

Another flex is that affiliates have their managers and a responsive system on this platform, who swiftly attend to their needs.

Their commission varies and payment is made via wire transfer or Paypal.


Leadstead is available for affiliate publishers in any niche. And this program is specifically helpful for newbies.

Regardless of the amount affiliates earn from other platforms, Leadstead has a good marketing team that recruits affiliates daily. They currently have over 800 offers on their books with over 5000 publishers already signed up for their 400,000 plus sales per month.

Meanwhile, When you sign up, Leadstead goes through your website to check for illegalities.

They have various commissions and make payments via Payoneer, Paypal, and wire transfer.


If you are very familiar with affiliate marketing, you would have come across JVZoo, which has thousands of digital products on its platforms.

JVZoo is a rival of ClickBank but their products don’t really convert as those on other platforms.

In order to qualify for a daily earning, you would have generated a lot of sales that do not require refunding.

So, if you make a lot of cash for them, they’ll vet you before making approval for you to qualify for daily payment via PayPal.

Dr. Cash

Birthed in 2016, Dr Cash is one of the latest affiliate programs that deal with nutraceutical products.

Programs where nutraceutical products are promoted currently pay about the highest commission rates

Currently, more than 2500 products are listed on Dr Cash and they have a presence in more than 240 geographical locations.

Regardless of the source of your traffic, Dr Cash goes on the monetize whether from Facebook or organic.

Dr Cash does not only offer daily payment, affiliates can get paid twice a day through Paypal.

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