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10 Foods High In Collagen For Healthier Skin And Joint


Collagen is the substance responsible for binding the body together. It is a protein abundant in the body and responsible for holding the bones, teeth, muscles, skin, joints, and connecting tissues. Collagen is also responsible for the baby-like smoothness of the skin, eating foods high in collagen makes you appear younger. However, collagen production steadily declines as you grow older and get to your thirties.

Because of how important it is to the body, a lot of research and resources have gone into boosting the collagen in the body. For instance, many brands of collagen supplements compete for customers’ attention in the markets.

This is because as people grow older, they want to keep up the production of collagen in the body. This way they enjoy benefits like improving gut health, arthritis, firm skin and supporting muscle, joints and connecting tissues.

You can join the rest of the consumer market in debating which supplement brand is the best or, better still, look into your grocery supplies for natural sources of collagen. While debating your pros and cons, you should consider the certainty of whether nutrients are absorbed into the body from supplement consumption. When it comes to bioavailability, our natural foods remain undefeated. Natural foods are less expensive than refilling supplement supplies because you must eat them daily. Natural food is packed with more than one nutrient, unlike nutrient-specific supplements.

Categories of Foods that Supplies Collagen

I must reiterate that the natural foods that supply the body with collagen are divided into two categories. The first is foods high in collagen, and the second is foods that increase collagen synthesis and production. In light of the two broad classifications, we’ll present you with foods high in collagen under each category to help you when you go to the groceries.

10 Foods High In Collagen For Healthier Skin And Joint


Every part of fish and especially the skin is rich in collagen. The skin is used to treat burn patients. It has been observed that the absorption rate of fish-based collagen is faster than other protein sources. Quick absorption is equal to direct access into the bloodstream and replenishing collagen depletion in the body.


Spirulina is a microalga found in water. It is also a great source of protein-rich amino acids, an essential element of collagen. Spirulina has shown a promising effect on the skin when incorporated into skin care products and has aided the healing of injuries.


Collagen is one of the major proteins found in meat, especially parts that have bones and connective tissues. So, make sure you’re the first to go for parts like the chicken wings and neck when next you’re deciding on your protein. Some studies have shown that eating cartilage with a rich source of collagen may treat arthritis.

Egg white

The egg white is an embodiment of wonder, considering its effect on healing wounds, suppressing the skin from ageing and protecting against UVB radiation. It is not surprising that egg white possesses these abilities because it is rich in all 18 amino acids and all nine essential amino acids, which all build up collagen.

Bone broth

The bone is a rich source of collagen, mainly because it encases connecting tissues and cartilage. To enjoy the full benefit of bone-based collagen, you can extract broth from bones by cooking the bone in water and vinegar for 12-24 hours.

Citrus fruits

The fruits that fall under this category are grapes, oranges, clementine, tangerine, strawberries and guava. Their rich Vitamin C content is responsible for synthesizing collagen.

Nuts and seeds

Zinc and copper play a considerable part in boosting collagen production, and these two nutrients are found in seeds and nuts. They contain at least 20 per cent of copper and zinc,

Leafy green vegetables

Beyond the bright, attractive colour that leafy green vegetables give to your food, they are significant contributors of Vitamin C, zinc and copper in the body. These three nutrients, as you know, are responsible for collagen boost and are found in vegetables like kale and spinach.

Bell pepper

Bell peppers contain nearly one and a half of the daily Vitamin C the body requires. It is also rich in capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps fight ageing. With the combined effect of Vitamin C, which has been explained severally and capsaicin, collagen production is increased in the tendons.


Oysters are not just some fancy seafood that leave your stomach full and your ego inflated. Instead, oysters have great nutritional benefits of meeting your daily need for zinc and copper, two components excellent in collagen creation.

What Is Collagen Good For?

The importance of collagen cannot be overemphasized. Adequate collagen in the body is one of the reasons people look younger than their age.

As a matter of fact, inadequate intake of collagen delays ageing and improves joint health, according to studies.

So, if you want to maintain the above facet of health and beauty, you should try to prevent issues.

Further studies have shown that getting adequate collagen in the diet can enhance facial skin, including the texture and reduction of wrinkles.

How To Boost Collagen Production Through Diet

There are primarily two methods by which collagen can be increased in the body.

  1. Consistently eating high-collagen foods
  2. Consuming foods that promote collagen synthesis

If you want firm, supple skin and healthy joints, read on about collagen-rich foods for joints so you can integrate them into your diet.



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