Fastest tricks for weight loss, 3 Steps

Do you ever wonder why you leave your house and you see people doing exercise and workout routines? The primary reason for a lot of folks is either to lose weight, keep fit or maintain a healthy lifestyle but a chunk of people also set out to do exercises because they want to lose their belly fat, maintain or build a particular body shape or even because they are insecure about their appearance.

For some people, the motivation for losing weight might have stemmed from an abuse termed “Body-Shaming”, which is the act of deriding or mocking the physical appearance of a person. This subject matter is quite extensive to include fat-shaming, and other forms of abuses that is tantamount to shaming, etc. Our focus is quite related to fat-shaming, in essence, we are taking a swipe at the fastest ways to lose weight in a bid to avoid being fat-shamed and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activities/Exercise for Weight loss

While lifting weight is necessary for weight loss, there is a chunk of other physical activities that can speed up weight loss, this includes, aerobics, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, hiking, jumping, push-ups, cycling, and a host of different exercise routines.

Going to the gym at least four times a week is highly recommended and you must employ a trainer to be able to get you to shape. It is also of essence that you let your doctor into any plans for exercising.

Moderate Intake of refined Carbs

The uncontrolled intake of Carbohydrates, Starch, Sugar is a major reason people add so much weight. Therefore, portion control or cutting down on Carbs is necessary in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Although this largely depends on age and the level of physical activities, an adult male typically needs 2000-3000 calories per day while females require 1600-2400 per day to maintain weight and function optimally.

One of the many tricks to lose weight is to replace refined carbs with whole grain meals, and when this is done, the calories intake is reduced and the hunger level goes down significantly.

According to research in the year 2020, low carbohydrates diet was highly beneficial for losing weight in the older generation and so, there’s a conclusion that when you eat low carbs, you eat fewer calories and your appetite is also reduced.

It may be quite difficult to adhere to low carbs diet which will largely lead to less success for those trying to maintain a particular weight. However, the long-term effects of low carbs are still being researched, and we are yearning for the outcome of this.

Eat Protein, Vegetables and Fats

A balanced diet should contain reasonable portions of Proteins, Vegetables, fats, and wholegrain.

  • Proteins

Protein is responsible for the preservation of health and the muscular mass of the body. The cons of eating proteinous foods include improving cardiometabolic risk factors, appetite and the weight of the body.

The most common sources of protein include but are not limited to Beans, Meat, Fish, eggs, Legumes, and so on.

There are certain factors that determine the amount of protein that the body needs but for males, 56-91 grams is the needed intake per day while for the females, 46-75 grams is what is averagely needed.

  • Vegetables

This is one type of food that you can consume in large portions of without worrying about calories or carbs intake. The sources of vegetables include Spinach, Tomatoes, Kale, Lettuce, Cucumber, broccoli, Cauliflower, and so on.

  • Healthy Fats

What comes to mind when fatty foods are mentioned is nothing but tons of calories but the good news is that fats are healthy. Bar the meal plans you choose, your body requires a sizeable amount of healthy fats. Olive Oil, Avocado Oil is highly recommended in meals. Meanwhile, Butter and Coconut oil should only be used moderately due to their higher saturated fat contents.




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