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Fashion Tips To Make You Look Taller and Slimmer


The power of our outfit is stronger than we give it credit for. You can create an illusion of whoever you want to be with the right outfit, and therein lies the power. With the right combination of outfits, you can give the impression that you are a homeless person, and anyone who sees you dressed homeless will hardly recognize you when you switch to the chic, bossy, smartly dressed individual. Like flicking a wand, you can go from a couch potato-looking person to a confident-born leader and have fun creating any illusion you want people to think.

Your ability to dress whichever way you like can be viewed as a superpower and not a self-esteem issue where you are uncomfortable with yourself and need people to see you in a particular light. When you see dressing up as a superpower, you wield the power to dress in any way you desire.

In the same vein, there are days and occasions when you want to appear taller or slimmer because you’re in the mood for that, or that’s the impression you hope to create. On does days, more is needed to identify the clothes you want to wear. You must comply with the rules to achieve a tall and slim figure. To hit your tall and slender figure target, follow the tips below.

Fashion Tips To Make You Look Taller and Slimmer

Wear heels

One of the oldest tricks in the book for looking taller and slimmer is to wear heels. Wearing heels does not only make you appear taller, but it also adds length to the lower parts of the body, therefore increasing the height. Heels come in various forms, like low heels, wedges, high heels, etc. As a result, your height will be altered slightly regardless of the heels you put on. In addition, when you wear heels, it improves your posture and makes your shoulders appear broader. As a result, some people prefer to avoid wearing heels. This is why there is a plethora of options for people who want to look taller than they are. First, however, ensure you are comfortable in any heels you choose.

Buy what fits your frame

Tall people appear shorter when they wear oversized and baggy clothes. And the opposite is the case for people who are petite and wear oversized clothes. It is better to wear clothes that would fit your frame. When you wear fitted attire, it brings out your structure and does not diminish your appearance. You can pair a loose bottom with a slim or fitted top and vice versa, so some of your figures show if not, you will look shorter.

Go for high-waisted jeans and high-rise pants

Fashion trends are recycled with time. Consequently, Gen Z has brought back low-rose pants, which could be more user-friendly for short or petty people who desire to appear taller. High-waist jeans and high-rise pants tend to create a vertical line that will help you look taller. However, ensure you do not allow the pants or jeans to drag on the ground, but they can cover your shoes if they are boot-cut or full. High-waisted jeans are usually longer than standard trouser length, but if they are too long, they will make the wearer appear shorter. Ensure you tuck your shirt for a long look. Avoid paints that are cropped, especially those that chop your leg visually. Cuffs are not an option in pants. Avoid them if you want to look taller.

Wear a column of colour/Monochrome

Many people dress in a single colour, but only a few know what it does to their appearance. Yet, it is one of the most effortless outfits you can come up with. Wearing a single, monochrome, or column colour can undoubtedly make you appear taller. This is because you will appear with an unbroken visual from top to bottom to your viewers. Appearing taller with given dresses is a function of proper layering and colour. (Too many layers can make you appear wide and shorter).

When you wear different colours, it will cause some distractions and break your visual line. It would be best if you opted for darker tones or black to appear slim. These colours will not distract whoever sees you. Darker tones or black is not the only shades that are good for you. Navy, burgundy and any darker hue will work perfectly too. If there are parts of your body that you want to hide, then by all means, avoid tans, whites, and high-saturation colours. In addition, try not to break the line with a contrasting thin belt that slams the eye to a halt midway and draws attention to your waist. It would be best if you also avoided wide belts for the same reason.

Vertical prints or stripes

Most people process a person’s outlook based on their outfit’s visual cues. If a detail or emphasis appears on an outfit, the eye will stop to take it in. Therefore, any vertical stripes, prints, or seams aid the eight to sight top-to-bottom of the entire outfit as against horizontally. This can help with appearing slimmer and taller. If you want to appear classic with this style, go for wide-leg pants with vertical stripes. This style is never outdated.

Tuck in your tops

Several fashion tricks can make you appear taller, and tucking in your tops is one of them. You can either tuck in your top or do a French tuck, which defines the waistline and upper half of the body. Tucking in your top is easy because your legs will appear longer than usual.


Shoes are a fundamental component of any style. Wear nude shoes that will lengthen the look of your leg and make you appear taller. Likewise, pointed shoes give the feet a definite stopping point. Usually, when the sharp end of your outfit comes to a point, it will feel conclusive, but a round or even a square toe fails to create a stop visually. A pointy heel is like a sentence that ends with a period. A pointed heel with a low vamp also makes your legs appear longer. Any shoe with straps and some sandals can shorten your leg, making you appear short. However, if these shoes are nude or match your skin, you will do fine.


Gen Zs find a way to make it look better, no matter how outdated a fashion trend is. Flares are Jean trousers with thinner thighs. If styled on a flare, your leg will look long and more delicate with your eyes drawn up. To bring out the best of this fashion trend, it makes your waist appear small, and if you wear it with a pair of heels or boots, you will look your best and even taller. Also, because flares always hit the ground, they draw your eye down to the floor, whereas a cropped ankle might disrupt this.

Form Fitting Dress with Accentuated Waist

In order to appear taller, choose a dress with a defined waist. While your dress doesn’t have to be tight, you still need it to accentuate your waist. There are numerous dress types that have this feature but a wrap dress is one of the most attractive.  Wrap dresses or a shirt with a waist tie to draw attention to your waist. They highlight the tiniest part of your body and create the appearance that your legs are longer. You can also get similar results by using slits, thereby looking more feminine.


Necklines have a serious influence on how your figure appears in an outfit. Therefore, it is essential to pick the proper neckline for your top. Any neckline with a downward scoop, such as V-neck, or even an off-shoulder neckline will open up the top of your body. As a result, it drives the eyes upward and creates the appearance of a longer torso, making you appear taller. For better results, you may match them with high-waisted pants. If you prefer a button-down shirt over a V-neck, you may leave a few buttons undone to achieve the same effect.

Watch Your Proportions

Avoid anything unnecessarily oversized, and use carefully considered styling methods to balance your proportions. The goal is to always look stylish. It is vital to dress appropriately for your figure. Choose an outfit that is fitting at the bottom and loose at the top of the opposite.

Styling your body in equal halves will make you look shorter than you actually are. To appear taller and slimmer, your body should be divided into thirds. One-third on the top and two-thirds on the bottom is the perfect ratio to appear taller. You may also add heels.

You should also make sure your prints are in the appropriate proportion to your figure. Larger prints will make you appear shorter while smaller prints can heighten your frame.

Wear Longer Jewelry

The lengthening impact a V-neck has on your top can be achieved with a long necklace that forms a “V” shape. It might be a simple jewellery addition. It helps to maintain your figure by appearing vertical. By elongating the neck, giving the impression that you are taller, attention is diverted to the waist. Since the waist is the tiniest area of the body, your figure appears proportioned. A huge pendant or other stand-out pieces should be avoided. This will prevent the attention from moving farther from the clothing.

Try Fitted Sleeves

While statement sleeves like puff sleeves and bell sleeves are in vogue, they might make your upper body appear bigger. They can be a distraction by diverting the eyes from your entire style. They also take away the length you are aiming for by adding a horizontal feature on the top of your look. As a result, your desired vertical and streamlined appearance is diminished. Sleeves with less bulk tend to look slimmer.

Use Shape Wear


If employing the previous bits of advice does not produce the illusion of verticality that you desire, it is absolutely fine. You should try giving shapewear a shot. It is a perfect substitute to add a little slimming flair to your figure. It is beneficial for concealing budges in light-coloured clothing.

Start with the proper bra and undergarments; they serve as the basis for your entire outfit. The right shapewear smoothens, lifts and streamlines the areas of your body that requires it, giving you a leaner, longer appearance. It should be a combination of functionality and beauty with fashion elements such as lace.


“I want to look shorter and wider”, said no woman ever. Everyone desires to be taller but not everyone has the genes. While working out can give us the body we want, height is a completely different story. However, clothes are an excellent way to trick the eyes and achieve your goal. Remember, it is not, particularly what you’re wearing, what makes the bigger difference is how you are wearing it.

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