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Earn $10k Per Month Doing These


Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling limited by your income? Are you looking for ways to increase your earning potential and achieve financial freedom?

There are diverse ways to earn up to $10000 a month. By leveraging skills, and knowledge combined with dedication and persistence, you can pave your way towards financial abundance.

It is important to note that success and income levels can vary depending on individual circumstances and efforts. The ideas presented here are not guarantees, but rather possibilities to explore and consider.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this exciting path towards earning $10,000 per month or more, let’s take a look at these methods:


Dropshipping is a method of selling goods online without having to maintain inventory. Think of it as being the middle guy or intermediary in online transactions between companies and customers. Here’s how it works:

Upon receipt of an order, the vendor forwards it to a drop-shipper who ships the item directly to the buyer. The dropshipper acts as a go-between person for the seller and buyer. With dropshipping, you can comfortably launch an e-commerce business without having to lease warehouse space, manage inventory, or manoeuvre packaging and shipping.

To get started, you’d need to set up yourself with an e-commerce platform like Shopify.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers numerous opportunities to earn a substantial income, with the potential to reach $10,000 per month. Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Social Media Management: Many businesses require assistance managing their social media presence. You can offer your expertise in creating engaging content, scheduling posts and growing your follower base.
  • Content Creation: Content marketing is crucial for online success. You can write blog posts, create videos, or design infographics for businesses looking to enhance their online visibility.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Help businesses improve their website’s visibility on search engines. By optimizing their content, conducting keyword research, and building quality backlinks, you can boost their organic traffic and generate leads.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Manage paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. By creating targeted ad campaigns, optimizing ad spend, and monitoring performance, you can help businesses maximize their ROI.
  • Email Marketing: Develop and execute effective email marketing campaigns, including lead generation, segmentation, automation, and conversion optimization. This can help businesses nurture leads and drive sales.


To begin with, cryptocurrency is a kind of digital or virtual money that is protected by cryptography. Cryptocurrency is usually not issued by a central authority and does not exist in the physical world like paper money.

Investing a certain amount of money in a coin and then staking it when price trends are strong, or the coin is scarce are two important methods for making money with cryptocurrencies. You can trade cryptocurrency for other coins or mine Bitcoin with other coins, based on price trends. Keeping your coins for a long time is the key to success in cryptocurrency.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, you have nothing to worry about concerning legality. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States decided that Bitcoin would be considered property for tax purposes. As such, virtual currencies are taxable as capital gains because they are merchandise.

The majority of cryptocurrencies are stored on decentralised networks that employ blockchain technology, which is an open database maintained by various computer networks. A blockchain ensures that each cryptocurrency’s coins are legitimate. The cryptocurrency market databases CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, BraveNewCoin, and Cryptocompare are the four most widely used ones.


Freelancing offers a flexible and independent way to earn a living while leveraging your skills and expertise. Not having to commit to a full-time job, freelancers perform specialised work for customers. Freelancers frequently take on several projects simultaneously for various clients, making them flexible. As a freelancer, you can fix your rates or convince clients to pay you above their budgets.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, the client may pay per project, per task, or per hour when they engage a freelancer. Short-term assignments are typical for freelance projects, though happy clients frequently ask for additional work. Part-time or full-time contract workers manage work for clients as freelancers, and they frequently sign contracts before beginning projects. Check out platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Toptal to get freelancing jobs.

Launch your website

Building a website is one sure way to earn money. Publishers of websites employ web designers, link builders, and SEO experts to help develop the Google profile of their site. Web owners earn money through advertising and sales of products on their platforms.

You can earn $10000 per month through ads and even similar amounts selling products as an affiliate marketer. For the enthusiasts of Affiliate Marketing and those who like to sell products for hosting websites, you may check BlueHost for all the tools you need to build a secure website.

Shop on Instacart

You can also be an Instacart shopper and earn big. They recently revealed that they are hiring about 300,000 Instacart shoppers. This was done to meet their increasing demand. On this platform, you can become the personal shopper of your client.

On Instacart, You shop and deliver groceries to those in need. And the biggest flex about this platform is that it tells you the days with plenty of orders so you can maximize your earnings.

Buy a blue-chip stock for as little as $1

Buying a stock for as low as $l can turn the tide of poverty in your life. People with shares in Apple or Amazon have never regretted buying these companies’ stock, especially for beginners.

If you want to be a shareholder of Apple or Amazon, you can check Stash to get started, but this service is exclusively built for American citizens.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling the goods or services of a vendor to earn a commission. You will receive a commission if someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase. So the more your effort in referral, the more the pay. Typically, these commissions take the form of a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale price.

Affiliate marketing requires little to no capital and is low-risk and low-cost. To begin, all you need to do is sign up for an account on a content platform, after which you can select your desired niche.

Additionally, you can sign up for multiple affiliate programmes concurrently. Keep in mind that you have complete control over these actions. To increase your traffic, get in contact with affiliate marketing tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Google Search Console.

Create a Podcast

One way to connect with a community of people and earn a lot of money is to start a podcast. Having a podcast gives you the ability to leverage your platform to quickly connect with brands, sponsors and your audience’s subscriptions. Another way to grow your podcast is to provide premium or paid content. Even though it will require some initial funding, this will undoubtedly bring in both money and fame.

Get paid to watch videos online

Yes, you CAN get paid to watch videos or complete online surveys. Making money from watching videos is simple and easy. It also happens to be one of the most suggested of all side gigs. You can watch videos whenever it’s convenient for you, but how much money you make depends on your consistency and effort is what determines the revenue you generate. Several platforms offer these services and we have listed them in our previous article. So do check it out!

Here are a few things that must be in place to earn $1k a month:

Earn $10k Per Month Doing These
Earn $10k Per Month Doing These

There is a fine line separating poverty from wealth. It may not always come from laborious effort but rather from hard work, knowledge, and skilful work. People often have fantasies about a certain type of lifestyle that they can afford, but some people have not been able to pay the price of wealth, even with the available knowledge.

Earning $10,000 a month is fantastic, but it seems impossible, right? You will earn very big money if you deliberately aim to make it big. Here are a few things you must consider:

Set a goal

Living without any financial goal is like living on the edge; you will likely run into lack later.

$10k by an average of 30 days is about $333. This means to earn $10k in a month, you need to make at least $333 per day.

Breaking down your goal this way reduces the burden and fear of not scoring the said goal, and it leaves you motivated daily, knowing that you have a target to meet.

Also, after breaking down your goal, ask yourself things that you can do to make this happen. You can do so many things to fetch you $10k per month, including Affiliate Marketing and others.

Make a plan

After coming up with a goal, the next is to draw a plan that will lead to the end goal. This plan should answer questions of why, where, how, when, and who if necessary. If your plan is adequately prepared, it will motivate you to the latter. Moreover, you should not map out a plan in your head; WRITE it down in your diary with a topic.

For instance, if you desire to sell a cosmetic product, you may need to write “What sells, source of products and How to sell a product.” This right here is a plan.

There’s much more to earning $10k per month, but this is one way to start.

Create a timeline

The next step is to adopt a timeline/timetable and follow through. If you do not have a timeline to reach your goal, you may be caught up procrastinating. You can vary your timeline depending on the stage you are on the plan.


Earning $10k per month requires effort, commitment, and a growth mindset. While there may be challenges along the way, the potential rewards are well worth the investment of time and energy.

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