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Earn $10,000 Per Month Doing These

There’s a thin line between poverty and wealth, and this line may not necessarily be a result of hard work but knowledge, information, and smart work. In this publication, I have laid bare proven methods you can use to turn the tide of poverty around and earn a minimum of $10,000 per month for half a year.

Oftentimes, people or you too fantasize about a particular kind of lifestyle that can be funded with money but despite the information we are all privy to, some people have failed to pay the price for wealth. Yes, there’s a price to be paid.

Earning $10,000 a month sounds great but a near-impossible feat, right? but this is to inform you that if you are deliberate about earning big, you will earn very big. And I have come up with how you can earn this amount consistently for six months. Thus:

Set a goal

Living without any form of financial goal is like living on the edge, you will likely run into lack later.

$10,000 by an average of 30 days is about $333. This means, to earn $10k in a month, you may need to earn at least $333 per day.

Breaking down your goal this way reduces the burden and fear of not scoring the said goal and it leaves you a tad motivated daily, knowing that you have a target to meet.

Also, after breaking down your goal, ask yourself things that you can do to make this happen. There are so many things you can do to fetch you $10k per month including Affiliate Marketing and others.

Make a plan

After coming up with a goal, the next is to draw a plan that will lead to the end of the goal.

This plan should answer questions of why, where, how, when, and who if necessary. If your plan is adequately prepared, it will motivate you to the latter.

And, you should not map out a plan in your head, WRITE it down in your diary and with a topic.

For instance, if you desire to sell a cosmetic product, you may need to write “What sells, source of products and How to sell product”. This right here is a plan.

There’s much more to earning $10k per month, but this is one way to start.

Create a timeline

The next in line is to adopt a timeline and follow through. If you do not have a timeline to reach your goal, you may be caught up procrastinating.

You can vary your timeline depending on the stage at which you are on the plan.

Launch your own website

Building a website is one sure way to earn money. Publishers of websites employ web designers, link builders, and SEO experts to help build the google profile of their site.

Web owners earn money through advertising and sales of products on their platforms. You can earn as much as $10k per month through ads and even similar amounts selling products as an affiliate marketer

For the enthusiasts of Affiliate Marketing, and those who like to sell products for hosting websites, you may check BlueHost for all the tools you need to build a secure website.

Get certified get paid on Facebook

A lot of people log into Facebook to chat with their friends and keep themselves abreast of socialization. But do you know you can earn in $ for helping companies to write their Facebook ads and optimize campaigns?

Now, here is the thing, Facebook certifies interested people in ads and this they do for free. If you are looking for resources to get on with this, check out this publication on Digital Marketing – it will teach you how to make some bucks through email marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, and so on.

Shop on Instacart

You can as well be an Instacart shopper and earn big. They recently revealed that they are hiring about 300,00 Instacart shoppers, this was done to meet their increasing demand. On this platform, you can become the personal shopper of your client.

On Instacart, You shop and deliver groceries to those indeed. And the biggest flex about this platform is that it tells you the days with plenty of orders so you can maximize your earnings.

Buy a blue-chip stock for as little as $1

Buying a stock for as low as $l can turn the tide of poverty in your life.

People with shares on Apple or Amazon have never regretted buying the stock of these companies, especially for beginners.

If you are looking you are looking to be a shareholder of Apple or Amazon, you can check Stash to get started but this service is exclusively built for American citizens.










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