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Different Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings


What if we told you that you’re not as “straight” as you believe you are? Sexual orientations are important for a person’s growth in life. When a person comes to terms with who they are, their sexual orientation may shift over time.  Regardless of gender, ethnicity or demography, your sexual orientation determines your point of attraction towards someone.

So many people tend to hide behind the idea that sexual orientation is solely related to intimate sexual relations when the subject of sexuality surfaces. Sexual orientation is much more than that. Nowadays, there are many distinct sexual orientations, and the first step towards figuring out where you fit in is realising what it is that draws you. Only then can you comprehend their meanings.

What is sexual orientation?

Different Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings
Different Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings

Sexual orientation refers to a person’s enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction to individuals of the same gender, a different gender, or more than one gender. It is a fundamental aspect of a person’s identity and may be experienced as an attraction to males, females, both males and females, or neither males nor females.

Let’s say you are the type of person to get attracted to intellectually sound individuals, you’d notice that regardless of gender or age, you’d be naturally drawn to this person. Why? Because somehow, that one trait alone pulls you inwardly to want to know this person. For other people, the variation could be looks, physique, charisma and personality.

While sexual orientation and sexual identity are closely associated, they are not the same. Sexual identity pertains to an individual’s self-perception, sexual behaviour to the actual sexual acts the individual performs an

Types of Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings

Different Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings
Different Sexual Orientations and Their Meanings

Sexual orientations can vary from society to demographic and other factors, as previously mentioned. Nevertheless, despite these variations, it is possible to determine which part of the sexuality spectrum a given person falls into. In this piece, we will examine the most common types of sexual orientations and their associated meanings:

Before we get into the main course, we have to add that amidst the numerous types of sexual orientations, they are all birthed from two main categories – Sexual orientation and Asexual orientation.


People with such sexual orientations are attracted to people of all genders. For individuals in these spectrums, gender seems insignificant in sexual or romantic attraction, which is a main spotlight for folks with this type of orientation.


Individuals who identify as polysexual are attracted to different genders romantically or sexually. The difference between pansexual and polysexual is that those who are pansexual are attractive to all genders. Meanwhile, polysexual people are attracted to more than one gender.


People from all genders can identify as bisexuals. Ultimately, when someone is bisexual, it indicates that they are attracted to people of both genders as well as to themselves.


Those who are attracted to other people of the same gender both physically and emotionally are referred to as homosexuals.


Individuals who identify as heterosexual, also known as “straight,” often experience romantic and sexual attraction towards those who are not their gender. Male – Female and likewise.


In simple terms, a gay person is attracted to other people who are their gender. Men who are attracted to men both romantically and sexually are referred to by this term in social contexts.


People who identify as autosexual are drawn to themselves sexually. Such an amazing concept! People who are autosexual may also feel a sexual attraction to themselves, just like those who are autoromantic.


Lesbians are typically women who experience romantic and sexual attraction to other women. Lesbians can also identify as nonbinary individuals or those who do not identify with the conventional binary sexes of male and female. This might be the result of their primary attraction to women and their sense of kinship with femininity.


Regardless of whether they were assigned female at birth, people who identify as gynesexual are attracted to women, females, and perceived delicate femininity.


Bicurious people are attracted to and have sex with one gender but they are curious about having sex with the different genders.


This denotes a gender identity with a different idea about sexuality, gender and heterosexual norms.

LGBTQIA+ is made up of people of all sexual orientations who can also identify as queer. The term “queer” was once frequently used as a derogatory term. In broad terms, non-members of these communities shouldn’t use this designation.

Sexual fluidity

Human sexuality is not always fixed. This implies that they are not limited by any specific sexuality and that their sexual orientation is not fixed.

Closing Remark

It can be a little overwhelming to realise where you fit in, particularly if you’re new to the LGBTQIA+ community. But don’t worry—you’re protected. You can live your truth without fear of shame from others, and it’s acceptable to affirm your gender at birth rather than being “straight.” You have the freedom to choose your identity and who you want to be.

Since there is a spectrum of sexual preferences, you shouldn’t be pressured to identify with a gender you don’t feel comfortable with or that doesn’t define who you are. You can lean on the LGBTQIA+ community as they have all hands on deck for any information and support you need. We also have a list of LGBTQIA+ countries you might want to check out.

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