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CoolSculpting | An Innovative Way To Lose Weight Fast


One of the most popular ways to lose weight is exercising or practising intermittent fasting.  No matter how much work you put into losing weight, body fats won’t disappear easily. Due to these stubborn fats, exercising could take weeks, months and sometimes even years to achieve desired weight goals. But what if we told you there is a much better, faster and innovative way to lose weight? CoolSculpting it is!

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure targeted at fat spots without causing any damage to the outer skin or inner body tissues. This procedure could also be referred to as body contouring.

Though exercise can cause weight loss, the effect is temporary or for a given period especially if you are not consistent. Coolsculpting, however, eradicates the fat cells once and for all and has little to no waiting time. The efficiency of CoolSculpting is so fascinating and secure that up to 7,500 persons subscribe to its procedure annually. Additionally, this procedure has been tested and approved by the FDA since 2010.

CoolSculpting Procedure

CoolScultping targets a particular part of the body for fat reduction. During the procedure, the doctor uses two paddles to clip the targetted part of the body. The paddles are left for a little more than 1 hour until they are cool. This process destroys a minimum of 20% of fat cells in the targetted area.

Who Needs CoolSculpting?

Most people who undergo CoolSculpting do so for the aesthetics. Some do it to deviate from exercising while others do it because it is trending. If you can fully comprehend what CoolSculpting entails, you will understand that it is not to be done just for the fun of it. The question remains, who needs CoolSculpting?

This procedure is the best option for people with fats above 210lbs and those between 400 -550lbs respectively. Those that fall between the weight scale of 140- 195lbs with flappy arms or folded necks are also CoolSculpting candidates. It is also best to stick to exercise routines and dieting. Also, it is important to note that a pregnant woman cannot undergo this procedure.

Body Areas that Need CoolSculpting

Due to the effectiveness of this procedure, it is tempting to want every part of the body sculptured. This might be a want, but it is not a need. Accepting that all body parts are beautiful and mustn’t be perfect is one step forward in identifying which body parts need sculpturing. The most common challenges where stubborn fats preside are:

  • Back Rolls
  • Armpit folds
  • Waistline fats
  • Lower abdomen
  • Double chins
  • Face fats
  • Neck Folds
  • Stomach regions
  • Behind the Knee Folds
  • Flappy arms
  • Inner thighs
  • Fatty Feet

Note: these areas mentioned cannot have 100% of fat removed as fat is also a protective layer and another form of glycogen for the body. Hence, only the excess or approximately 23% – 25% is removed.

Why You Should Consider CoolSculpting


Lasting Impacts

By completely eliminating a portion of fat cells, CoolSculpting delivers a non-invasive method of reducing the overall amount of fat in the treated area. The fat cells are permanently eradicated shortly after they are frozen and extracted. Thus, you will be able to flaunt your figure and enjoy the outcomes for several decades into the future.

Customized Measures

At the start, a customised, one-on-one consultation with a knowledgeable and amiable professionals will kick off a CoolSculpting therapeutic plan. In these appointments, sensitive details like medical history, previous contouring regimen, and the areas of your body that are most concerning are looked upon. These professionals will take into account all information and provide assistance in deciding if CoolSculpting is the best course of action for you.

Enhanced Confidentiality

Undergoing Coolsculpting would not only improve your overall body physique but also increase your self-confidence from time to time. Unlike being limited to a certain type of clothes, you’d be comfortable to wear anything at all times without having to worry if your flaps are out.

An Economical Procedure

At a reasonable cost fat-reduction procedure, CoolSculpting can assist you in reaching your fitness ambitions. The overall number of spots to be addressed and the number of appointments needed to achieve the ideal physique will determine how much this procedure will cost.

Minor adverse impacts

CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive and effective technique. During the process, patients will feel a sense of pull while the applicator suctions hard fat and skin. These applicators do come in different sizes and work for different parts of the body. Following the procedure, the treated area could potentially temporarily become numb or tingly. Every side effect is after the procedure momentary and moderate. For the most part, patients find the CoolSculpting procedure to be quite painless and worthwhile.

Brief Procedure Duration & Healing Interval

Because each fat freezing treatment can last anywhere from 35 to an hour, it’s a practical choice for people who have hectic schedules. Contrary to other invasive procedures like classic liposuction, patients can continue their normal activities immediately following the fat freezing operation, and anaesthesia is not a must.


CoolSculpting is the only non-surgical fat reduction procedure clinically approved by the FDA. It tackles and freezes subcutaneous fat cells, causing your body to naturally rid itself of them. In order to freeze and kill fat cells, CoolSculpting lowers a patient’s body temperature to as low as 4 degrees Celsius. Scientists refer to this technique as cryolipolysis.

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