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Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs Online


Are you looking for one of the most lucrative virtual assistant jobs online? Do you know companies that offer virtual assistant jobs online?

Remote positions ranked fourth in popularity among job terms in the previous year. And virtual assistant jobs are regarded as the pioneer of remote positions.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants collaborate remotely with companies or one-on-one clients to carry out various administrative duties.  They perform a wide range of office and social-media-related tasks. They utilize software applications and social sites for information organization and communication with customers. In essence, it is an executive assistant job but from home!

They are frequently employed by both small and large businesses, even bloggers. Understandably, hiring an employee and setting up a work area is more expensive than paying someone to work from their home.

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

Depending on the needs of the business, a virtual assistant may be hired to complete a wide variety of duties. Generally, virtual assistants support businesses, organizations, or people by:

  • planning the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedules
  • acting as a point of contact for clients, partners, and staff members
  • collecting and monitoring data
  • keeping a list of events for the organization
  • keeping track of inventory for business products
  • putting together information and data for business meetings and presentation
  • selecting content to be published on blogs, websites, and social media
  • providing answers to inquiries from customers

Things You Need

The advantage of a virtual assistant position is that it doesn’t require being an expert or having a degree. You simply need the following:

  • Personal phone number
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Suite
  • A computer

Also, these are some of the skills you might need:

  • Proofreading
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Project Management
  • Word Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling
  • Telemarketing

Who Hires Work-At-Home Virtual Assistants?

Jobs for virtual assistants are available in many sectors. While some concentrate on jobs like graphic design that call for specialized knowledge in the field, others handle more general administrative duties.

Are you interested in working as a virtual assistant? Here are ten companies that are currently hiring:


Smaller works that can be finished within fifteen to twenty minutes are the main focus of Fancyhands. Workers take care of all the little tasks that would take up a professional’s precious time. This website may not be useful to experience virtual assistants, but it is a good place for newbies. This company employs remote assistants to carry out a range of duties, from administrative tasks to quick errands.

The average task pays around $2.50 to $7. Subsequent tasks pay higher amounts. This company pays per project. According to its difficulty and time frame, every task is given a rating.

Fancyhands appears to have some positive reviews from Forbes, Mashable, and Time Magazine. You should check out their job board.

Belay Solutions

This company has been in operation since 2010. They offer independent contractors and businesses access to virtual webmasters, bookkeepers, copywriters, and administrative assistants. Both full-time and part-time assistants are employed. The main priority is helping one or two of the company’s clients with scheduling, data collection, project coordination, and travel arrangements. Your hourly charge can be between $5 and $20.

Since this company is one of the most renowned in the sector, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree. They are also looking for professionals with a minimum of five years of administrative experience. It is an excellent place if you want to move from an office job to a virtual one.

Visit Belay’s website and submit an application to get started. You’ll be called for the next phase if any client expresses interest.


Equivity connects executives in a range of industries – including law and marketing- with virtual assistants. Virtual assistants assist clients with activities such as bookkeeping and booking appointments.

This company only works with virtual assistants who can deliver high-calibre service. Professionals who can work up to twenty hours per week and respond swiftly to clients’ demands are eligible. A bachelor’s degree and a certain level of expertise are needed.

The salary varies according to the firm you work for. It is somewhere between $13 and $19 per hour.

Time Etc

Time Etc. is a recruiting firm with offices in the UK that connects experts in different fields with virtual assistants. They exclusively employ applicants with a minimum of five years of experience. It is ideal for administrative professionals with in-office expert knowledge who are looking to move into a virtual career. Virtual assistants are employed to perform tasks such as locating products for clients, conducting essential information research, and providing administrative help. They may also be required to create content.

The hourly wage ranges from $11 – $16. However, you can later bargain for better pay.


Boldly is spread out across Europe and North America and provides virtual business operations fully remotely. They offer established companies quality virtual assistance in bookkeeping, marketing, administrative support, project management, and a lot more.

Virtual assistants at Boldly are paired with clients to fulfil clients’ demands via a business dashboard. They assist busy clients with setting up meetings, scheduling appointments, designing, multilingual writing and much more.

Vicky Virtual

This company generally emphasizes phone work, like phone answering, attending to callers, scheduling appointments, and simple administrative duties. It caters to small businesses looking to save up time by offloading customer support and phone labour. Beginners will find it suitable because the beginning rate is $10 per hour.

If you are a terrific communicator and have exceptional typing skills, this job is for you.


There are numerous opportunities to work as a virtual assistant on Zirtual. They are publicly recognized for their outstanding customer service and consistently recruit only qualified applicants to work with them.

This organization is less flexible than the majority of virtual assistant companies.  This is because their entry-level virtual assistant positions call for you to be accessible during specific working hours. Even so, working from home remains preferable to a daily commute!

Zirtual’s virtual assistants are skilled in a variety of fields that are needed by executives of new and existing businesses. Tasks could include management of finances, planning events, data entry, social media marketing, and scheduling travels. Additionally, they are treated like independent contractors and subjected to the standard pay rate. The salary ranges from $3,000 to $3,500 monthly. You can check out the posts that are open right now via their website.

99 Dollar Social

A newbie virtual assistant seeking a full-time position as a social media assistant will do well with 99 Dollar Social. This company employs experts in social media content management to manage clients’ social media pages. An ideal candidate must be very knowledgeable about social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The hourly wage is $12. The virtual assistants deliver premium social media content and must be dedicated to managing not less than ten accounts. Earnings will increase as you take on more accounts.


For a variety of enterprises, Gabbyville offers virtual receptionists to handle business calls. They provide an excellent solution for firms that lack the flexibility to hire a full-time, on-site receptionist.

This company recruits candidates with great customer service qualities, effective communication and organizational skills. Virtual assistants that work at Gabbyville help clients with call screening, booking appointments, and live phone answering.

Zip Recruiter

In the last few years, Zip Recruiter has developed into a potent tool for businesses. It uses its matching-engine technology to help employers identify applicants that closely fit their specifications. There are many opportunities available because this site posts hundreds of virtual assistant jobs each day.

Zip Recruiter can assist you with beginner-level hourly jobs, assistant positions, and even additional freelance alternatives. Choosing a position that fits your schedule is simple because jobs are into categorizes.

A typical virtual assistant working with this company makes roughly $21 hourly.


Whether or not you’re just beginning in this path of the profession, employment is not difficult. This is due to the increasing demand for virtual assistant jobs. You can start working right away with little training or effort.

If you have some organizational abilities, are a fast typist, and are an effective communicator, you will make a splendid virtual assistant. Start today!

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