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7 Companies That Offer Remote Jobs In 2023


Since the pandemic of 2020, working from home has become more fashionable because of the many advantages these jobs present. The benefits of remote jobs in 2023 are numerous, from the elimination of commuting to limited supervision.

Working from home or remotely used to be a passive income venture. Many people who work remotely now earn as much or even more than those who go to a physical office. You only need a smart device like a laptop and a stable internet connection. If you have these two, you will likely get a remote job from anywhere in the world, even if you are not skilled.

However, remote work opportunities are few and far between because of competition for places and, sometimes, the need to work in a distributed team. Regardless, you can bag a remote job no matter your time zone or regional requirement these employees stipulate in their openings.

Below are some of the top companies that Offer Remote Jobs In 2023


Developers may swiftly locate, reuse, and contribute to more than 24 million projects on GitHub using an industry-standard methodology. In addition, the company interacts with remote staff to fulfil its objective of providing tools that foster software innovation and solutions for all kinds of challenges.

GitHub has an office in SOMA, but they think employees should work where they are happiest, as this will boost their productivity. The company offers additional benefits to encourage a healthy work-life balance, such as free gym memberships and Amazon gift cards for employees to purchase relevant books.

Additionally, GitHub employees are permitted to attend one business-related conference annually, anywhere in the world. If you’ve been requested to speak at a conference, GitHub will also fund your travel fees.


WordPress is one of the companies with workers from all over the world working remotely. Automattic is the company managing WordPress, with its team members scattered across 36 countries. Employees can work from the comfort of their homes across all continents. You find that because of this distribution, they are working 24/7.

The fascinating thing about working with Automattic is that they offer allowances to their staffers who desire to set him office space in their homes. At Automattic, remote workers meet up with their team members in some of the best locations in the world, with the travel expenses paid by the company.


Basecamp is a platform that strictly employs only conscientious workers and thoughtful, kind, and supportive humans to work remotely.

Regarding project management tools, Basecamp has the best to-do lists, web-based text documents, file-sharing, messaging and milestone management systems. In terms of distributed work, you can count on Basecamp you serve you best.

Basecamp has a community of writers, speakers, engineers, pilots, and photographers at all whatnots who are employed to work remotely all over the world.


Buffer is a platform that provides tools for businesses and individuals to build their audience online and simultaneously engage effectively with their followers. They are currently present in seven time zones. Despite the time zone differences, workers can work remotely and conveniently.

Although Buffer has over a million subscribers, their response rate and resolution of emails within an hour for more complainants are only made because of the distributed nature of the team. Buffer is one of the places to be if you are looking for a remote job.


Upworthy is a content distribution company. Contents on the platform include topics on cancer, body image, bullying, homosexuality and so on. It is one of the fastest-growing media companies, and all the team members work remotely across various climes.

On Upworthy, employees are highly professional and do not need to be supervised constantly. They are given the freedom to work at their pace and convenience. Employees are advised to go on vacation and do routine medical checks.

Working at Upworthy is quite convenient and rewarding.


Toptal has employees working remotely from about 93 different countries. In addition, this tech company employs the top software developers worldwide to work remotely. At the moment, Toptal has over 110 employees that scatters across the world.

As a Toptal member of staff, you can take advantage of their set-up to live as a “digital nomad” who can travel anywhere in the world for months, weeks or years. Breanden Beneschott, the organisation’s co-founder, has travelled and lived in over 30 different nations and offers support to anyone who wants to do the same.

Toptal employees are currently in over 93 different countries with an internal team and network of developers.


Treehouse is a platform that connects students to employers. Those looking to learn a tech skill or even improve their skill can take advantage of the services of Treehouse to build their capacity. This imply that teachers with skills will receive payment for teaching on this platform.

Treehouse did start entirely distributed company but decided to open offices in Orlando, Florida and Portland, Oregon, after reaching around 40 employees. However, the company still allows certain positions to work remotely. Current open positions include a Designer role, listed as “anywhere in the U.S.” Other listed Teacher positions can be based in Portland or Orlando.






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