Change Your Mindset and Get Positive Results

Change Your Mindset

“Nothing happens by mistake” is a popular cliche that has garnered wide credence among the people of all the climes in the world. So, chances are that you do not only attract what you want in life, but you can cause a drastic change in your life if you overcome certain mental hurdles when you change your mindset.

The mind is that faculty of the intellect where stagnation or change begins. There is the story of a boy who failed his A-levels exam on 5 attempts. He had even delved into depression before he met a counselor. According to his story, words like “your result don’t define you”, “You can do it”, “Failure is not the end”  and a lot more resonated with it him and he began to change his own mindset. He eventually believed in his abilities and himself, and on the sixth attempt, he passed his exams.

Do you know the difference between the poor and the rich is sometimes a mindset? Some people’s mindsets have scuppered their financial destiny, all because they were operating from the realm of scarcity and doubt. You hear and read of Billionaires in the world, but do you really believe that you can join their league? You are limited or elevated by your mindset – so much depends on how you view things from the perspective of your mind.

What is the Mind?

The mind is the mental faculty that includes, thought, imagination, will, memory and sensation – and the aforementioned faculties are responsible for pain, desire, intention, emotion, belief, disbelief, perception, and intention.

Now let’s take a swipe at the meaning of mindset

Mindset is typical of your perception of a situation, meaning how you see things regardless of what the reality is. Also, your expression says a lot about your mindset and belief.

From what a person says, you’d know if they have a negative or positive mindset. So in conclusion, you change your mindset if you change your thought process/belief.

Types of Mindset

Different studies have claimed that there are various types of mindset – but we have restricted ours to the findings of Carol Susan Dweck, who claims there are two basic mindsets, Fixed and Growth mindsets.

  • Fixed Mindset: This is a very negative kind of mindset that does not give room for change. For instance, a statement like “I’m like that, “I cannot change who I am” are exhibitions of a negative mindset
  • Growth: It’s a mindset that believes in possibilities. For instance “I’m a work in progress” and all kinds of positive affirmations.

Effect of the right mindset

The right mindset is about everything you need to succeed on a project. With the right mindset, you look and see things from a different perspective. And when you see things positively, you’ll feel very well and motivated about yourself.

Having the right mindset does not automatically qualify you for success but it will change what you do as well, thereby changing your entire result.

In essence, if you’re tired of being stuck at a particular spot, change your mindset.

How to change your mindset

There are so many ways you can change your mindset. Let’s take a swipe at some of these methods:


Meditation is an exercise of the mind that improves your focus level and helps you discover areas of life where you need change. During meditation, you scan your mind, and body to get feedback. So, if you are keen on changing your mindset, the first step is embarking on meditation.

Embark on personal development endeavors

Regardless of how well you think or believe in yourself, you’re unlikely going to succeed if you do not develop yourself. For instance, if you want to become a motivational speaker, you have to read books, watch videos and practice oratorial skills. A mindset shift is not wishful thinking, it is more than that.

Get a long-term vision

You may have a positive mindset about something but change takes time. Therefore, ensure that you look beyond the present and continue to work towards scoring that long term goal.

 Do the dirty work yourself

Success and failure are personal – take responsibility for where you are at the moment and work towards achieving the goal you have set. You cannot be waiting for others to help you realize a personal vision, so the onus is on you to have a mindset of hard work and smart work to achieve your dreams.

Hire more women

There’s a controversial study that claims more women performed better than a group of men on the same job. The presence of women is believed to be a motivating factor for groups, this is even if the women are not in leadership positions. Women are liable to solve problems more holistically and collaboratively than their male counterparts, so if you want to succeed, adopt this tip.

Practice the changes you want to see by training and retraining your brain

It was Will Durant who said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”. To see changes, and results, you must be proactive in training your mind. If you want to become an orator, the only way is to practice oratorial skills, so a positive mindset backed by practice will inevitably lead to success in the long run.

Eliminate your ‘sunk costs’ mindset

Find the strength to start afresh, no matter how far you have gone. This means you should be unattached to any material or immaterial thing. Some people embark on a project but despite pointers that their project might be heading for the rocks, they’d continue to work on it. Even if you have a positive mindset, you should be rational about the rewards of backing off or continuing a particular path. Know when to stop and start over again.

How to Practice a positive mindset

I was stuck on a particular digital marketing project but in my heart, I wanted to succeed and become a mogul in that business of making money online. So, instead of putting in money in the business, i decided to learn all it takes to become a successful digital market – i embarked on learning all the hacks of the business, from building a website, to building backlinks. I went as far as reading about those who succeeded in the business.

You know, there’s a cliche that “What are motivates you, multiplies itself”. So I got mentors in the business who motivated me. People like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Partel, Ryan Deiss, and Rand Fishkin were always on my laptop screen motivating me and their audience.

So, I learned a lot of the hacks and i started to see myself easily succeeding with the tools i garnered from my mentors.

I thought I was very knowledgeable, but the more I watched and listened, the more I got motivated and a gradual shift in my mindset. I realized that I needed to know and practice more. So, i got on my laptop and started to learn every rope of the digital marketing business

And my fervency in studying thought me how, to begin with, the end in mind, I started to imagine success already – this laid credence to the thought of Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Over time, I made so much money in the digital space because I took some time to change my mindset. I can tell you that i grew and my growth began from my mind.

Further Examples of Mindsets

Mindsets are not restricted to “Growth” and “Fixed” alone, we have also outlined mindsets that are either under the Growth or Fixed mindsets.

Attributes of Growth Mindset – Hero Mindset, Abundance Mindset, Agile Mindset

  • Hero Mindset: This is when you remain undaunted in the face of inherent challenges. You believe that regardless of your reality, you’d eventually rise above all challenges and become conquerors.
  • Abundance Mindset: You do not see friends and colleagues as competitors, you believe the “Sky” is big enough for everyone to thrive. And even if there’s not enough to go around for everybody, the abundance mindset strives to make more to accommodate others.
  • Agile Mindset: This is a mindset set is embraces change. How do you grow if you’re not ready for a change? with an agile mindset, you’re on your way to growth.

Attributes of Fixed Mindset – Victim mindset, Scarcity Mindset

  • Victim mindset: This mindset blames other people for personal failure, with phrases like “Why always me”. If you don’t take responsibility for failure, you may never experience success.
  • Scarcity Mindset: Even when there’s enough, the scarcity mindset believes it won’t go round. You may not succeed with this type of mindset.











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