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Can relationships Work With No Physical Attraction?

can relationship work with no Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is sometimes the magnetic force that pulls two people together to start a conversation or offer to help a stranger for the first time. Physical attraction is not the only reason for connecting people but will we will dwell on it a little.

Falling in love with people you are physically attracted to has its perks and sometimes its advantages overshadow other important reasons that should be put into consideration when falling in love with someone.

When you are together with someone you are physically attracted to, there is a form of ego boost you get when you show them to your friends and family and they are also pleased with your selection.

Should the relationship get to the point of bearing offspring, you would have obeyed the law of natural selection and replicated the traits of the person you are attracted to in your kids.

We know how important physical attraction is but it will be detrimental for anyone who makes a relationship decision based on physical attraction alone.

There is so much more to look out for when deciding on a partner to create balance. For example, you need to look out for emotional intelligence and connection, a similar value system, ability to learn and be open-minded, just to mention a few.

Signs of emotional attraction

Frequent communication

Talking daily without getting bored or tired is one of the signs of a great emotional connection. If you are emotionally connected to someone, chances are that you’ll be at their beck and call.

You may be unable to sleep well if you do not hear from the person in a day and when you get into a conversation with this person, it is always unending and filled with thrills (Physical Attraction).

No Physical Attraction in A relationship

The beauty of emotional connection is that even where they are not physically your spec, both of you can create a strong lasting bond.

They are always on your mind

Another sign of an emotional connection is when the person frequently crosses your mind. You may not be with them but you will find yourself smiling because of the moments you shared and when you think of them, you just get a feeling of satisfaction.

You share similar values

It is easier to be with someone who you share the same values with. If your values conflict with each other’s, there will be arguments and disagreement. Consequently, the connection will break. Having the same values means you’re on the same page. Imagine having a different religious belief with your partner, chances are that you’ll struggle to bond (Physical Attraction).

You sense each other

People who have a strong emotional connection are instinctive towards each other. You can easily tell if the other person is happy or not. If you have a bad day, they will sense it and know from your countenance. The reason they have this deep sense of understanding is the emotional connection they share. Communication is mostly effortless.

You admire their qualities

If you’re only attracted to someone because of their looks, you’ll overlook some of their weaknesses. But if you are attracted to someone because you’re emotionally connected to them, you find that you love almost everything about them.

No Physical Attraction in A relationship is possible

You will love their voice, dress sense, personality and even their sense of humour, this is what emotional connection does. This kind of connection and feelings hardly go away.

Their opinions matter to You

Be it criticism or advice, it is easy to respect or accept the opinion of someone you’re emotionally attached to. You believe they mean well to you all the time, so this means you expect them to offer an unbiased or unsentimental opinion. Also, respecting their opinion means you trust them and trust is very important in relationships. This feeling is also a pointer to a great emotional connection.

You can be vulnerable with them

If you’re always uptight in the company of someone, it means you don’t trust them. And when you do not trust someone, you will hardly allow yourself to be vulnerable with them.

Vulnerability means sharing your deepest secrets with them, it means letting down your guard and trusting them fully with all you have.

Lose yourself with Love

When you are emotionally connected to someone, being vulnerable wouldn’t matter because you know that you won’t be judged.

You trust them with your secrets

Most people find it easy to share secrets with their lovers. If you do not connect with yours, you will hardly want to let them into your life. You will find yourself holding back if you do not have a connection with them.

If you’re in a relationship and you are uncomfortable with sharing your secrets with your lover, it is a bad sign. If you genuinely want each other, you will naturally confide in one another.

You don’t get tired of their presence

It takes hard work for any relationship to be productive. Regardless, you can get tired of the presence of someone if you’re not so much in love with them.

But if you love someone, you’ll crave their presence, you will want to be with them at all times. There’s always something to talk about and in the end, you feel very connected and happy in their presence.

The little things matter

People who are emotionally connected go overboard to satisfy each other. They make sacrifices and ensure they put in the bare minimum to make a relationship work. It is easy to meet the needs and go extra mile for the one you’re emotionally connected with.

The Importance of Emotional Connection

Physical attraction is important in every relationship but it should not be the primary reason for a relationship. People experience changes in their bodies with time, so a love solely based on physical appearance fades away with time. Let’s see why it’s best to go for emotional connection over physical attraction:

Looks fade

Nobody looks the same forever; the physical appearance is altered according to age and other conditions. If you’re with someone on the basis of their looks, you may not be attracted to them if they experience changes in their appearance. So, it is better to be with someone on the basis of an emotional connection because you will feel the same about them at all times.

The emotional connection doesn’t fade

Emotional connection is timeless, in fact, it grows with time and never disappears. Unlike physical attraction, you can rely on emotional connection later as the relationship blossoms.

Reasons Relationships fail

Even when people break up, they miss each other because of the emotional connection they had.

You have a deep connection

Emotional connection gives a deep feeling of love. You often don’t need to say too much to communicate. And even when you communicate, you don’t leave out anything.

Deep love connection

Meanwhile, people who are physically attracted, may not feel anything for each other when they are not physically together. So, emotional connection is much deeper but you hardly have control over how you feel.

You focus on the right things

People who are emotionally connected love for the right reasons. They look beyond physical and material things. They love a person for who they are and not what they can offer which is reassuring to both parties.

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