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7 Body Building Techniques That Does Not Require Gym Sessions


Looking for the easiest body building techniques to improve your physique? I’ve got you covered.

Although a lot of people are motivated to burn the excess calories in their system and tone their muscles, they still lack the motivation to consistently carry out the recommended exercise routines at the gym.

In so far as you have a small space around your habitation, you’d be able to achieve the same result as someone that would register at a gym. In other words, you can become your own instructor after going through the steps and routines that I am going to be laying bare.

All it takes is some focus on scoring goals set, a bit of lifestyle modification, and sacrificing in terms of going over the home sessions without necessarily lifting weights.

If you are able to practicalize the following body-building techniques, the outcome is going to blow your mind within the shortest possible time.

Running or Jogging

When you see people running or even jogging across your stress, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is an easy method to lose weight and add muscles. Alas, they have the motivation and stamina that is pushing them.

You are encouraged to start with walking, then brisk walking before slow jogging. As you get used to it, you can increase routines because your stamina would be increased as well.

If you continue, your body will naturally adjust to the routine and you feel more energetic in your system. When you move to run from walking, your body will naturally want short distances while the muscle of the leg and cardiovascular system is built. You may increase your pace and distance the moment they both become stronger. Running is the first step needed in building muscles and this method is therapeutic to the mind.


Push-ups otherwise known as press-ups can be done in varying positions. This method of exercising is effective for building the muscles of the arm, back, shoulders and chest. You may want to start modestly before increasing the number and pace of push-ups.

The moment you get used to the routine, you can lean on the wall or against the door and do push-ups at particular angles. Push-ups leave the biceps and triceps stronger.


Crunches is one of the most common body-building techniques effective for flattening the stomach and reducing the mass around the waist. Do not confuse sit-ups for crunches – you can start with 5-10 crunches a day before increasing the number and if you’re consistent enough, you’d see results within the shortest time.


Dips are effective for also building the muscles of the upper parts of the body. You are urged to use the full extension while performing dips. You may use the help of someone that can hold your legs to avoid troubles while performing dips.


Pull-ups have the same effects as push-ups, the difference here is that you hold a horizontal object and pull your entire body towards it. For beginners, a flat pull-up is advised before you can move to a studious routine like the upright pull-up. Chin-ups can also be considered because they are best for increasing the biceps and building muscles at home.


Squats can be strenuous but they are said to be masters of all exercises effective for increasing the muscles of the body. You feel the effect on your back and legs. It is one of the many routines that build the thigh and increase the strength of the lower back.

Bodyweight Exercises

Instead of wishing to have muscles, there are tested and proven bodybuilding techniques, though stressful, that can be used to increase body mass. It typically requires challenging the muscles by carrying out bodyweight exercises instead of going to the gym.

There are several bodyweight exercises like a one-armed push-up, the pistol squat, plank, I-sit, and several others that leave the doer challenged.

Bodyweight exercises lead to the gain of massive strength but it requires high body tension.

And so, we bring you body-building exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home without any equipment.

Ideas for quickly building muscles at home

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the body does not want to develop muscle. Muscles increase body metabolism and reduce fat storage in the body. While you’re trying to increase your body mass and build muscle, your body fights the process. However, we are going to take a look at the steps to follow in order to gain some muscular masses.

  1. Passionate Training: Where there is no passion, there will be no results. You have to be passionate about the routine and shy away from not pushing yourself beyond your limit
  1. Start with Easy Routine: Some people just want to jump the guns and do like people that are familiar to several routines. You must avoid the temptation of doing difficult routines as a newbie. Easy before the complex is the formula for success.
  1. Track your progress: Recording your progress is one method that can motivate you to continue. If you are able to notice progress from your tracking, there’s no way it won’t motivate you to continue.

Take Proper Rest and try muscle build workouts

Stress releases a particular hormone which is cortisol, which increases body fat. A good rest helps the muscle to recover and grow. It is good to know when to stop to avoid tearing the muscle. Also, advisable to work out for not more than 5 days a week.

Home Diet Tips to gain muscle fast

As I earlier said, lifestyle modification is a necessity for people who want to build their muscles and increase their body mass. The modification I am talking about here includes the kind of diet that we take. Eating fresh foods and taking between 1000-1500 calories is all you require in a day for your physique. Let’s see some foods that are good for building muscles.

  • Proteins: Proteins are the biggest agents that build muscles in the body. When taken, they transform into amino aides which act as the building chunks. Proteins also restore degenerated cells and heal torn muscles in the body. You should have protein at least once in 15 hours else, you’d lose muscles.
  • Carbs: You ought to take carbs as they basically restore energy by increasing glycogen. It replenishes the lost energy in the body and is responsible for increasing performance during complex workouts. Carbs also increase the calories in the body and give the body energy.
  • Fats: Dieticians have recommended the intake of fats because it adds to the calories in the body. The fat in fish is as omega-3 fatty acid, which is one of the most vital fatty acids the body needs.

High Calories Sources

If you do the aforementioned routines and add high-calorie foods to your diet, then you are on your way to building your body mass and muscles from home. Find the following fresh and light nutrients that are rich in calories,

  • Carbs: bread, rice, Yam, Maize, Pasta and are very good sources of carbs and they should be an addition to your meal.
  • Avocado: This fruit contains only 400 calories, and professionals highly recommend it for body-mass enthusiasts.
  • Salad: Salads are basically vegetables with lots of nutrients. Adding creams makes it a rich source of calories.
  • Nuts; Nuts, including cashews, Groundnuts and others are sources of vitamin E, iron, protein, Magnesium and fats. If you take 50 grams of nuts, you add 700 calories to your system.
  • Peanut Butter: They are a lesser source of calories because the fat content is unsaturated.
  • Fruits: Depending on the kind of fruit, they are also rich in minerals and nutrients that increase the calories in the body. Banana has up to 200 calories.

I am certain that has been able to dowse your indecision about going to the gym or not. But now, you should have realized the best body-building techniques to tweak your physical appearance without necessarily going to the gym.

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