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Bluehost: Is The Web Hosting As Good As They Say?


A physical site is necessary to set up a shop, store inventory, and conduct business when you want to launch a real-world enterprise. In the digital sphere, creating a website follows the same guidelines.

One of the fundamental factors you consider when creating a brand-new blog or website is a reliable, excellent, and secure website hosting provider. Bluehost is likely to pop up right away when you do a quick research on “top web hosting companies”.

You, then, ask yourself these questions: Why is Bluehost creating such a buzz? What distinguishes this service from its competitors in the industry? Does it contain all you need? Or would a different platform be a better match?

Even if it is your first or hundredth website, Bluehost is a fantastic choice for getting started. It is perfect for both novices and experts due to its user-friendly premium hosting service and dependable performance.

Let’s go right into the specifics!

What is Bluehost?

It is a standard web host that offers a variety of packages centred around:

  • Domain name registration
  • Competent email services
  • Simple shared hosting
  • Virtual Private web Servers
  • WordPress hosting
  • eCommerce solutions
  • With dedicated Servers, you have complete control

Bluehost stands out in the crowded market because of its affordable prices and exceptional WordPress hosting options. It has a solid legacy for offering top features and incredible customer service.

Since its founding in 2003, Bluehost has had about two million websites. When you create an account for web hosting through Bluehost, you can pick from the one-year package up to a three-year package. And, for prices that are lower.

Bluehost is a good choice, especially if you primarily want to develop a WordPress website. It is also great if you intend to sign up for a multi-year hosting package.

Bluehost: The Pros and Cons


With regard to small and large businesses.


  1. Exceptional Security: Bluehost offers some of the greatest security features available. Every security measure by Bluehost is efficacious and will save you hours of website tweaking. Furthermore, it will give you mental bliss, which is very important for novices. Experts take control of technical updates and security updates. As a result, you do not have to worry about these while running your business.


  1. Easy to Use: Bluehost’s amazing peculiarities and products have made it the most well-known web hosting provider. However, its fame is also attributed to how wonderfully simple it is to use. Since web hosting can sometimes be puzzling for some people, it’s not necessary to make the onboarding process more complicated.

Bluehost provides a simple onboarding procedure that requires a few minutes to finish. It allows you to quickly launch your website. It will assist you to complete a form with an easy-to-use interface that asks for information about your website. Furthermore, it requests your website’s objectives, your choice of name and motto, and the additions you wish to make.

  1. Beginner-friendly: Bluehost is the best option for anyone starting out in the process of development and maintenance of a website. This is because using it to put up your site does not require any coding or highly advanced web administration skills. They have teamed up with WordPress to alleviate difficulties.
  1. 24/7 Customer Support: Customer care is essential for every web hosting service. However, it can be tough to find one that offers prompt and helpful support. With Bluehost, you have 24/7 access to support.

Particularly at such a cheap entry-level cost, hardly can businesses claim to offer 24/7 customer service. With Bluehost, you will always get assistance from customer service teams with any problems. Time zone calculations are not necessary. Email and phone assistance are also provided.

When you launch your website, Bluehost’s customer care service is ready to assist you. Also, whenever you need professional assistance debugging site faults that are certain to occur.

  1. Free SSL Security Certificates: The SSL Certificate serves as a notification to search engines and website visitors confirming that your site is safe and protected. Previously, it was utilised by banking websites to persuade users that their data was secure. But Google had encouraged it to become standard on all websites. Your search engine rankings may thus suffer if you do not have an SSL Certificate. SSL is included with all hosting plans on Bluehost.


  1. Bluehost Speed: You finally discovered a hosting package that checks all the appropriate boxes. It supports the CMS of your choice. It offers tonnes of free bonuses. It provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and gives you access to cPanel and file management. You then notice that your website is not loading very quickly. This can be infuriating.


The excellent thing is that Bluehost’s speed is rated as swift. If you are concerned about the speed still, you may get in touch with Bluehost. Let them know the size, nature, and traffic volume of the website you are running or plan to run. You can then be offered the quickest plan that meets your description.


  1. Theme: We are not all world-class web designers, let’s face the truth. To avoid any potential embarrassment and maintain a professional image for your brand, Bluehost presents thousands of customisable themes. There are many opportunities to experiment and enhance your skills if you are new to running websites. The themes are readily available for both WordPress and regular websites. You‘ll most likely end up with a website that looks really impressive.


Alongside this, it offers discounted rates on non-exclusive premium themes created by outside designers. Unique premium themes start at $59 each.


  1. One year of a free domain: The fact that you get a domain name for free for an entire year may be one of Bluehost’s most enticing advantages. By doing this, you can launch your website without the additional effort of buying a domain from a third party, thereby saving time and money.


  1. Money-Back Guarantee: Bluehost enables you to test out its services with no risk. With Bluehost’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you have time to evaluate the platform and decide if it’s right for you. However, you must decide during the first 30 days. There will be refunds or cancellations possible beyond that time.


  1. A Buffet of Benefits: The days of meticulously planning out how many sites you are going to create and what kind of resources would be required to run them all efficiently are long gone.


The nicest part about Bluehost is that practically everything is unlimited!

We mean:

  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unrestricted subdomains
  • Unlimited Solid State Drive storage
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unmetered bandwidth


In essence, you are allowed to use them to build as many websites as you wish!



  1. Charges for site migration: Bluehost is not always the smartest option when it comes to migration advantages. For at least $149, which is a bit expensive, if you need assistance moving your website, Bluehost will help you move your website to and from some other platform.


  1. Not the best fit for high-traffic sites: An entry-level Bluehost package won’t suffice if you wish to scale an already popular site. There is always the need to upgrade to one of the costly managed WordPress levels.


  1. Constant Upselling: One usually does not require frequent nudges to consider purchasing additional features. You can go do independent research if you require further functionality. Regrettably, Bluehost will continuously bombard you with pop-up ads and other forms of marketing to persuade you to sign up for a more expensive subscription. Though some people won’t find these upselling attempts irritating.


Types of Hosting and Features

The six hosting plans that Bluehost offers are:

Shared Hosting

Without a doubt, one of the simplest methods to begin developing your website is with a shared Bluehost hosting plan.

The basic plan costs $2.95 and allows you to develop a site with 50GB of space. The fact that they also throw in a free CDN and an SSL Certificate makes it seem generous. It goes further than that.

Do you manage a number of websites? Then you should consider the Plus tier. It costs $5.45 each month. You will receive a 30-day trial of Microsoft 365. In addition, you get access to all the features of the basic plan tier and the option to host and manage an unlimited number of websites.

If you wish to effectively launch multiple websites from the beginning without incurring excessive overhead costs, this is the most feasible tier.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers, or VPSs, are the next level up from shared hosting in the hosting hierarchy. You do not literally have a single server all to yourself. However, the technology is configured so that you are granted a specific quantity of resources that no other customer’s use can interfere with.

According to how the organisation has them configured, these resources may originate from one or more servers. Regardless, the important point is that you get exactly what you pay for. You have a significant amount of power over the backend via cPanel, just like you would with a dedicated server. Another security measure is the fact that you don’t share operating systems.

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost and WordPress complement each other. Using WordPress hosting is the best option for managing a website. This particular hosting bundle from Bluehost was designed to help your website by providing technologies that work smoothly with WordPress.

This hosting package is the most WordPress-compatible. It is appropriate for blogs, websites, or online shops. WordPress instalment, updating, and Google My Business are all tools that Bluehost provides. Furthermore, you can select from a distinctive selection of WordPress-specific themes and widgets from the Bluehost Marketplace.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting (WP Pro)

This kind of hosting is a fully-managed platform. It lets you concentrate on creating a website with original content. Meanwhile, Bluehost takes care of the regular upkeep of your servers and the software that maintains your website operations smoothly.

Managed WordPress hosting is an all-inclusive marketing hub. It provides you with whatever you require to create and develop a successful WordPress website.


WooCommerce is a specific WordPress plugin, thus it may be used anywhere a WordPress website is hosted. It is an efficient strategy for hosting a WordPress-powered online store.

For many eCommerce enterprises, general shared hosting features all the assistance and space required for the duration of the site. WooCommerce comes with all the necessary components for putting up an online shop to market digital or physical goods. You can also manage affiliate sites or drop-shipping. There are a variety of choices for putting up product pages, landing pages, shopping carts, payment options, and payment processing.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

The highest levels of privacy, control, and resource allocation are offered by dedicated hosting. Due to their complete separation from one another, dedicated servers give users complete control over server configuration. This means that no user’s actions will have any effect on those of any other user.

Imagine having your own home with no bothersome neighbours. Dedicated hosting, typically, is the best fit for users with websites that receive a lot of traffic.

Bluehost Pricing

There are a few somewhat distinct pricing tiers offered by Bluehost.

The basic plan costs $10.99 a month. It includes essential website functions, marketing tools, and fundamental security features. Besides this, it occasionally provides coupons and discounts.

Bluehost’s most affordable option is shared hosting. It costs $2.95 per month during its first month and $7.99 per month after that. The priciest package, dedicated hosting, starts at $79.99 per month. Bluehost continues to be the most cost-effective and value-packed, particularly for newbies.

However, if after reading about them here you’re still unclear about which one will be most beneficial for you, get in touch with them for a private consultation.

Is Bluehost Right Got You or Your Business?

If you intend to use WordPress to create your website and think you would really like to sign up for a multi-year web hosting bundle, Bluehost is a perfect pick to take into account. It is among the most comprehensive services for developing WordPress websites and has been endorsed by WordPress since 2005.


So, does Bluehost live up to its reputation?

Absolutely, it does!

In summary, Bluehost is a fantastic decision for novices. It provides everything you will require to get started with WordPress. This includes a free domain name, automated WordPress installation, a free drag-and-drop website builder, and comprehensive step-by-step guidelines for each step of the process.

Most users will appreciate Bluehost’s experience. It is a web hosting service worth considering, for WordPress users, because the good exceeds the bad.

What are you waiting for? Create your account with Bluehost right away!


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