Best Selfie Apps for IOS and Android

Best Selfie Apps

With the constant innovations on mobile phones, it is easy for phone users to quality selfies and posts them on their social media pages. Regardless of the type of phone in your possession, you can take good pictures if it is a smartphone.

It takes more than the quality of the camera to get a good picture. Sometimes, the type or quality of the application is what determines the quality of the picture or selfie. And we have put together, some of the best selfie apps and their features for both iPhone and Android.

Best Selfie Apps on ios and android

Sweet Selfie Camera App

In terms of selfies, the Sweet selfie camera app is one of the best apps for pictures and selfies. It can be downloaded on iPhone and Android.


  • Pictures can be edited with face and body filters to make them look clearer and better.
  • A Landscaping feature is embedded in this selfie app so that you can edit the picture to make it appear professional.
  • For the ladies, you can edit selfies to wear makeup. Interesting right? It is unique and sophisticated.
  • You can select filters in real-time while taking selfies.
  • Collages can also be created with the Sweet selfie camera app.

Retrica selfie camera app

Retrica is one of the best apps for taking selfies and it can be downloaded on IOS and Android. Selfies taken by the app are crystal clear and there are features that make the app unique.



  • You can create filters with the Retrica selfie app.
  • The App has a community where you can connect with other users by following them.
  • Photos can be taken through the various filters of the App.
  • With Retrica, you can add stickers and graffiti to selfies.


Selfie Camera HD App

This App was released in 2021 and it is one of the best for taking pictures and selfies on Android and IOS phones. Selfies camera HD app is uniquely built with modern tools.


  • Like most selfie apps, you can add different filters to pictures using this app.
  • On this app, there is a variety of stickers, in fact, thousands of them that can be added to pictures.
  • Pictures are optimized to their clearest version.


CamMe selfie camera app

CamMe is one of the most used selfie and photo apps. It can be downloaded on IOS and Android.

CamMe selfie app


  • Pictures can be edited to be clearer, bolder and finer.
  • The CamMe app can take long-range photos. This means you can take clear pictures from distances.
  • This app is one of the easiest to use.
  • The features of this app include photobooth and gunshot templates, which make beautiful pictures.
  • CamMe also has a timer.

Camera 360 selfie app

The 360 selfie app has been around for a while and it is still relevant to date. Videos clips can also be recorded with this app and it is available for iPhone and Android users. However, it is more compatible with iPhones.


  • There are varieties of filters on this app.
  • The stickers found in this app can be added in 3D and HD.
  • Pictures taken with 360 Cameras are clear and clean.

Perfect365 selfie camera app

Perfect365 has also been identified as one of the best apps for taking selfies and photos. It has gotten millions of downloads because of the quality of photos it delivers. It is also available on Android and IOS.


  • This app is particularly useful for makeup and beauty tips for cosmetic lovers.
  • It is one of the easiest apps to use.
  • With this app, you can edit your picture to make it look perfect on any social media platform.
  • You can edit your pictures to look completely different.

YouCam perfect selfie app

YouCam is one of the most used selfie apps in the world. Currently, there are over a 100million users of this app and many are stuck with it because of the quality of its pictures. However, YouCam is only available for iPhone users.


  • YouCam can be used to reshape the face and body of pictures taken.
  • The filters available on this app are over 100.
  • Pictures are clear enough to be posted on social media.
  • It is one of the easiest apps to use and understand.

Candy Camera Selfie App

Candy app is one of the best apps for taking selfies and pictures.


  • You can edit your pictures with this app to make your skin appear smooth and perfect.
  • Changing filters on this app is quite simple. You can do so by swiping your screen.
  • Editing features also include making images appear slimmer and whiter in pictures.
  • It also has an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows for face detection.

Beauty Plus selfie app

Beauty Plus tops the list of best selfie apps available for iPhone users. It has numerous features that make it easy to use.


  • Beauty Plus has enough features to help you edit pictures to your taste. Pictures taken with this app can be changed to another colour, the brightness can be increased or reduced and so on.
  • It has all the features of other apps but is unique because the eyes can be edited in pictures to remove wrinkles.



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