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Best Dating Sites To Find True Love In 2022


Being single can be quite frustrating and boring. Single people are always yearning for people they can talk to, people who will share their emotional burden, and sometimes people who can share their financial burden as well. Thankfully, the advent of the internet has among other things brought love to our fingertips through dating sites.

Although there’s a massive cloud of doubt over love affairs that has its roots in dating sites, there’s proof beyond doubt several relationships that started virtually have also endured the test of time.

It is quite easier to know if you are compatible with someone you meet online than with the person you meet offline – this is because the virtual platforms mostly match people with the trait they want to find in the other person. Also, you can easily predict the behaviour and personality of a person through their online activities.

This is not to discourage you from finding love offline, anything is possible but you should be open-minded about your quest to find true love. There are a handful of virtual platforms for dating, but I’ll bring you only the most reliable of them all.

Top Dating Sites of 2021


Men and women can sign up on Bumble free of charge. However, when a woman matches a
man, the woman is expected to make the first move.

The idea of allowing the woman to make the first move is to create a balance, and equality and shift the power dynamics of love. If the man fails to respond 24 hours after receiving a love-interest message, he loses her.

Bumble matches people who are not living far away from each other and they encourage
integrity, kindness, equality, equity, discipline, and respect during all the stages of relationships.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites and apps that is used all over the world. They are a casual platform for hookups, friendships, and potentially long-term relationships. They match men and women with a common goal and allow them to build the kind of relationship they desire.

However, Tinder has different access levels depending on the amount users can offer. You’d be allowed to view your admirers if you subscribe to that service else the picture of your admirers will remain blurry from your view. This platform also tells you how far or close the person you are interested in is away from you.


OkCupid is more robust than other dating sites and it presents itself as a platform for serious-minded people. Subscribers carry out personality tests on the platform after which an algorithm matches them to people who are compatible with them based on the result of the test.

OkCupid allows users to share their stories, and their passion and matters more than the weather. This ensures a connection between people who can buy into each other’s stories.

This App is owned by the same company that floated Tinder so they have a bit of similarity as you can only message those that you match. Several love stories have emanated from this platform.


Hinge is very unique because they have been able to develop insights that help subscribers match potential partners. The insight is a result of research based on the online behavioural pattern of humans. When Hinge was floated, the focus was on connecting people and their potential partners through mutuals they share on Facebook.

The hinge allows users to display every of their demeanour and views including political,
religious, and economic which could be a point of attraction or turn-off for the other party.

However, they have the most engaging profile for users and this is one of the most recommended platforms for dating.

Coffee Meets Bagel

CMB sends a prompt to people who match each other daily because they intend to match their users with quality partners. This platform allows users to create more in-depth problems and they are responsible for suggesting the first wooing message for people of choice. However, you may need to go through a tutorial to use CMB because the platform is very complicated.

CMB sends reminders to you to message your matches – this gives them an edge over other APPs because people can be so engaged that they forget they are on dating sites.


Like Tinder, Happn scans your environment and only matches you with people who reside close to you. The platform was created in 2014 and connects people in an organic manner.

They attempt to connect you with people who have supposedly crossed paths with you, that way, it’s easier to start a relationship without going through the hassles of starting over. People living in a similar neighbourhood, who attend the same University have often met themselves here.

The League

The League is a dating platform for the elites of society. You do not just sign up on Elite, it
requires an application – including updating your profile with your LinkedIn page, job title, and some professional information. Payment can be made if you intend to expedite the approval of your application.

The League is a good dating site for people who are too busy to find love but are picky about it. Although this is for the elites, you will also find similar faces here on other dating platforms as well.

Her Dating Site

Her is an exclusive platform for queer women, lesbians, and bisexuals. Most of the other
platforms are inclusive for people other than the straights, but Her stands out because it attends to only the dating yearnings of different classes of women.


Clover has been used by a lot of folks who are only bent on hooking up. You order a date and have sex with him or her – you may take the relationship beyond the app if you desire.

They have insights for every user which is based on the information you supply. Clover claims to have up to 6 million users between the ages of 18 and 30 but you hardly find people on this app though.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the oldest online dating platforms. The site is currently offline but they say they are working on it.


Hundreds and thousands of people have found love using Match.com. They started offering this service in 1995 and are currently in 24 nations of the earth. The biggest flex of Match is the fact that 15 different languages are used to communicate on the platform. However, they require users to pay for subscriptions.

Members are allowed to upload over 20 photographs and they can express themselves freely through writing. Should you match a potential partner, you can message them through a secure email on Match.

eHarmony Dating site

eHarmony is among the pioneer dating sites. They match potential partners on what they call “29 dimensions” of interest and compatibility through questionnaires and results of the test carried out.

Like Tinder, you’d be required to pay for a subscription to be able to fully unlock or view the
profiles of your admirers. However, they have a refund policy for people who use their service for three months without being satisfied. They have also added a menu for same-sex dating.

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