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10 Bad Habits That Can Hurt The Brain


Do you know that you can hurt your brain by what you eat, and what you do and do not do? And such continous habits can hurt the brain?

The human brain is one of the most important internal organs of the body. Anything that affects the brain can affect the entire function of the body. If you keep your brain healthy, chances are that you will be mentally and physically healthy.

There are habits that affect the brain. Some of these habits are in the form of addiction while others could be formed as a result of routines or patterns. But for all it is worth, you should learn to care for your physical and mental well-being.

Below are bad habits that can hurt the brain

1. Poor Sleep Cycle

A poor sleep cycle means you hardly have good sleep at night. You regularly wake up more than once per night. You lie awake for more than 20 minutes when you wake up in the middle of the night. You spend less than 85 per cent of your time in bed asleep. You feel tired and have difficulty concentrating during the day.

A poor sleep pattern can lead to unnatural conditions like cognitive decline, memory loss, and mood swings. In fact, according to studies, lack of good sleep is one of the leading causes of dementia. Ensure that you get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night and do not neglect cases of apnea or insomnia.

2. Smoking

Habits That Can Hurt The Brain

Smoking is bad for the overall health of the body. Smoking can affect the lungs, trachea, and brain as well as damage the blood vessels.

3. Too Much Alone-Time

The presence of friends or loved ones can be a morale and a brain booster for many people. The fact that you are chatting with friends can stabilize your mood and make you feel healthier. On the contrary, spending too much time alone portends danger to your brain as much as the lack of sleep.

When you are all by yourself, chances are that your brain doesn’t get stimulated, leading to anxiety, depression and dementia. To Keep your brain healthy, ensure you spend quality time with your loved ones.

4. Being Too Stationary

People who have a sedentary lifestyle are likely going to suffer from brain diseases. Subjecting yourself to a particular spot for a long time can lead to different kinds of health issues from obesity to heart disease, diabetes and etc.

The above-named diseases are likely going to affect brain health. Regular exercise is recommended for the optimal function of the body.

5. Overeating

Obesity is not the only consequence of overeating or gluttony. Even if you have a good diet plan, if you overeat, you will likely suffer memory loss and cognitive decline, especially in adults.

Although research is still going on in this area, there’s a correlation between overeating and mental decline. To keep the brain healthy, eat healthily and practice portion control always.

6. Eating Too Much Junk Food

Junk food is pleasurable to the taste bud but there are downsides to eating too much of it. According to studies, junk food is bad for the health including the brain – those who frequently eat fries, potato chips, hamburgers, and soft drinks have a part of their brain associated with diabetes and obesity.

If you want your brain to be protected, focus on fresh foods with low junk.

7. Blasting Your Headphones

Listening to music may be good for the mind but headphones can damage the ear. If music is played at high intensity for even as little as 30 mins, it could have a negative effect and cause hearing damage.

Consequently, people who suffer from hearing damage have a tendency to develop Alzheimer’s. In fact, according to studies, the brain gets overworked during the hearing and this makes it difficult for it to store the memories of what is being heard. Ensure you listen to music at a safe volume if you want to stay healthy.

8. Spending Too Much Time in the Dark

Exposing yourself to sunlight improves the level of vitamin D in your body. Meanwhile, spending too much time in the dark can lead to mental issues like depression and affective disorder. It would be best if you were deliberate about getting enough sunlight on a daily basis to stay healthy.

9. Negative Thinking

As unbelievable as it seems, negative thoughts can damage the brain. Stress and anxiety affect the mental faculties of humans leading to issues like anxiety, depression and even dementia. Several studies have claimed people who dwell more on negative thoughts will likely have amyloid and tau deposits in their brains.

Sadly, these aforementioned deposits are one of the key indicators of Alzheimer’s. However, it is easier to change the habit of dwelling on negative thoughts. If you want to stay healthy, think positively.

10. Ignoring Your Health Issues

Avoid self-medication by all means and ensure you see your doctor the moment you feel unwell. There are health problems, if unattended, that can lead to other serious problems like brain damage. For example, most people do not pay attention to their blood pressure and hypertension can lead to dementia.

If you want to stay healthy, go for routine medical checks and do not ignore any form of discomfort or symptoms.


It does not take a lot to stay healthy and alive. If you eat right, exercise regularly and rest properly, you will stay healthy and alive for as long as you want to. This also means doing all of what is stated has positive effects on the brain.



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