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9 Ways To Apply The Natural Laws Of The Mind


Everything thing in life is created twice, first from the mind before a physical manifestation. The mind is very powerful, probably the most powerful intangible organ of the body. There are natural laws of the mind that help you to manifest whatever you desire. You could use these laws to achieve big dreams.

The mind has no physical form, yet it is as real as the next thing you can visually see or touch. The mind is your active consciousness and determines everything you represent. It is where convictions, habits and actions are formed.

The mind is shaped by factors like the environment you are exposed to, the people you’re surrounded by, education, travel, and life experiences. The mind puts all the elements into determination when processing what to say, think or how to behave. Therefore, safeguarding your mind so that it gives you the maximum output during decision-making is essential.

In order to maximise the usage of the mind, do the following:

Be thankful

Having a mind of gratitude is one of the best ways to get the most out of life. Life will continue to be unpredictable—one minute, the thing is going the way you want it, and the next minute, everything is out of control. Being thankful for the little miracles that happen automatically, especially the ones you feel entitled to, is a productive way to start your day.

Having a thankful mind is like seeing the big picture and fueling yourself to move forward, whether you are having a good or bad moment. When things are falling in place just the way you want them, your mind of gratitude gives you a reflective sense of pride and accomplishment. When things aren’t going according to plan, gratitude helps you hold on to the good times and gives you hope. Thankfulness safeguards your heart from the bleakness that comes with life.

Be in charge of your reaction

Borrowing from Newton’s Third Law of Motion, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. This saying is true even outside of physics because we are bonded the react to actions in the same or opposite way. For instance, when someone slaps you, you can hit them back, insult them or walk away.

You can even combine two or more possible reactions in response to an action or series of actions. Whatever you decide is the best reaction; make sure your decision stems from thoughtfulness, not impulsion. That way, you can own your response and hold yourself responsible for the outcome.

Pay attention to your habits

The habits we choose show the things that matter to us. For example, practices like exercising, healthy living, getting work done, resting, etc., tell you that a person is disciplined, hardworking and goal-oriented. On the other hand, habits like procrastination, lack of exercise, lack of reading, poor health and eating management, etc., point to a nonchalant, spontaneous person. Part of safeguarding your mind is identifying who you want to be and choosing habits that reinforce your ideal self.

Do not restrict your imagination

The mind is the hub for creating images, and that’s because the mind servers as soil for the imagination to grow. Whatever you think, believe or imagine, the mind can make come to pass, so allow those lofty imaginations to run wild. But, on the other hand, if you let your creativity run on the negative curve, it has a way of coming to fruition. So, guarding your mind is allowing your mind to create, think, imagine and believe you can achieve whatever you set your heart to.

Memories should be kept alive

Memories are a recollection of actions that make us feel emotions. We express some of these emotions through sadness, happiness, anger, joy, anxiety, love, shame, fear, envy, embarrassment, pride, boredom, guilt, loathing, jealousy, admiration, etc. Our memories are essential because they help our mind reflect on happenings in life so we can learn lessons. The mere act of distilling the lessons and applying them to future decisions or remembering them and relishing the past are some ways to keep your memories alive, and you give your mind a guideline to follow.

Be intentional about positivity

It’s no news that the universe aligns with what you put your energy into believing and has a way of making it come through. The word “intentional” is not used loosely here because you need to put in the effort to think positively and believe you can be anything and achieve anything you work at. Thinking of adverse outcomes comes easily because evidence always supports negativity at face value. To protect your mental space, cultivate the habit of being positive.

Practice the law of attraction

The law of attraction is a natural phenomenon that controls what happens in your daily life. Therefore, before any visible manifestation occurs, you must have nurtured in your mind what you want to achieve, the habits you want to grow and how you want your life to be in general. This visualization helps your mind to create ways of making what you attract come to you with the help of energies released by the universe.

Your attitude to life is your choice

Your attitude is the way you interpret life when things are good, bad, or in between. People see life differently, which is why you’ll see someone with a lot going on well for them, but they are always suspicious of good fortune and hysterically waiting for something terrible to happen. On the other hand, you may have come across people with their backs up against the wall, but they are still hopeful that their situation will change and they spread this attitude to others by putting a smile on their faces. Always chose the attitude of hope, happiness, kindness, and limitless impossibility.

Your thought can change everything

Have you heard stories of people who were held captive but survived because they held on to a memory from the past or thought of the future? Thoughts can help you escape the realities you are facing. Escapism is one of the coping mechanisms of the mind and it is very effective. You can go through hell’s gate, and your mind will be in its world, creating a make-believe imagination that you’re at heaven’s gate. This type of escapism helps to numb the body and mind from traumatic events.


You cannot separate the mind from the physical body even though you cannot see the mind. Yet the mind is part of our conscious and subconscious self. So, just as you will protect your physical body from harm, you must put measures in place to safeguard your mind. Feed your mind the right things and avoid harmful thoughts and behaviours.



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