9 Tips On Getting Closure From A Broken Relationship

gettijng closure

One of the most difficult things to do is letting go of the one you truly love or moving on from a broken relationship. Moving on from a broken relationship may appear unrealistic to some because of the emotions, time, and money they invested – but it is possible to get closure and be happy again.

If you are going through heartbreak, you’ll find this publication handy. Getting a result may not be as simple as adding one and two together but the journey is not one without a destination. You’d feel better and have a better life afterward.

Check out 9 tips on getting closure from a broken marriage or relationship

1: Pour out your heart

Some people find it difficult to move on because they bottle up the hurt and inhibit unforgiveness in their hearts. Why not send a mail or call up your ex and lay bare your heart to them about how badly they treated you? Lay down your pride and guard, tell them how their action affected you.

Hurt or heartbreak feels like a bottle full of water, you can only empty the hurt or bottle if you pour out the content. Sounds good right? you’d start to feel much better if you do this.

2. Recognize that there’s no timetable for moving on

Depending on what people do after a breakup, they may or may not get to the point of closure on time. Getting closure does not have any timetable, so you may just have to endure the hurt while it last and not try to rush the process.

According to experts, healing occurs in layers or phases and so, you should be very gentle with yourself and unpile guilt gradually.

3. It is normal to feel sad

If you feel disappointed, sad, angry and ashamed of yourself, that cycle of emotions is absolutely normal. However, it becomes very bad if you continue to dwell on them in an unhealthy way. If you persistently feel this way, you’ve got to find a way to release them.

And so, if you feel like shouting, shout, if you feel like crying, do so effortlessly because if you are not releasing your pains, you’d be deepening the hurt.

4. Forgiveness

Forgiveness breeds peace. You may not be at peace if you have unforgiveness in your heart because forgiveness does more good to you than your ex or those you offended you.

You need to forgive your ex for outgrowing the kind of love you were offering, but the most important type of forgiveness is self-forgiveness for the mistakes you committed. You may be unable to get closure and start a new relationship if you do not forgive yourself or your ex.

5: Grow

Most relationships break up when one partner outgrows the other. A person may perceive their partner as toxic because they have more exposure and are doing better than they are. You may continue to blame your ex and fail to see the reason for their decision to break up with you if you do not grow past the state they left you.

The more accomplishment you make, the better you feel about yourself and the more attractive you become to people of a better dating class.

6: Do not be jealous but be Happy For Your Ex.

You may be unhappy for the rest of your life if you are not happy about the progress or happiness of other people. This may not make sense, but one way to get closure is to pray for your ex to get their desires without you.

Love isn’t selfish but selfless, so you should want the best for the person you loved if you want to get closure.

7: Work on your physical look

Amazingly, people feel good about themselves if they easily get complimented for their dressing or physical build. It is a self-esteem issue if your looks suggest that you are not taking care of yourself.

Imagine that your ex does not like men with protruded stomachs and after a break-up, you develop more protrusion – she may never consider. you again. But if you build your abs and tone your muscles, you may become attractive to more intelligent and beautiful women. And the more wanted you are, the better the feeling you’d have.

8: Ditch the relationship high points

Memories are normally created in relationships – in fact, you may never forget the memories you share with your love, but you can stop dwelling on the good times only, in order to get closure. If you keep on fantasizing or thinking of the good moments only, your healing will slow down.

Thoughts on the positive memories created are most born out of fantasies. Instead of dwelling on the past, think about the possibilities of a better tomorrow.

9. Write your own happy ending

A breakup ushers in a new beginning, this normally affords the opportunity to recreate history again in your life.

Do not bottle up the hurtful feeling but see it as an opportunity to experience something new and better.



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