8 Side Hustles You Can Do Anywhere Around the World

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You know, it’s really not funny not having any money. So in this article, I’m gonna share with you eight side hustles you can do anywhere around the world, no matter where you live. Here they are:

  • REV
  • TURO

My first side hustle is Palfish

Palfish is the number one English teaching app in the world right now but stopped before you go anywhere. PalFish is different than other English teaching applications because you’re not necessarily teaching kids if you don’t want to teach kids like VIP kids, this one, you completely can teach adults. What I really like about Palfish is that you don’t have to actually teach anyone anything. It’s all about conversational English. And most of my students just want to call me just to talk about their day, well tell me what they did over the weekend and just kind of build their confidence in English. So I’m prosed about how Palfish is, you don’t have to teach children if you don’t want to, but they have that option. If you really love children, you don’t need any experience, any certification, anything. It’s only conversation, students can call you in their free time.

And the last one is you do not need to be a native English speaker. Your English just has to be better than the student that’s learning from you, and that’s it. So how palfish work is, let’s say I’m free during the mornings, I can put that online on palfish and students that are also online can see my profile and say, oh, she has some fun videos. I’m going to call her. So they’re going to call you in face to face or you can just do audio. So all you need is a phone and high-speed internet. Some cons about Palfish is, There’s a lot of competition. It’s a very easy app to join. Another con is that in the beginning, it does require a little bit of time on your end to create your profile to add videos because students do want to see how you speak and kind of how you are as a person. If you want to have success with Palfish, you have to put up videos of you. Okay, so the pay per Palfish is you actually set your own rate, so if you want to make $100 an hour at you can. It’s probably not going to happen though. The average pay as a teacher on Palfish is 10 to $24 an hour. Some people charge a lot less and people charge a lot more depending on their experience and what they offer.

My second side hustle is REV.

REV is a company that’s looking for captioners as to hook up with their companies and brands. For the services that you offer, you’re basically watching videos in adding time captions to the video. So pretty much I add captions to every single one of my videos, so I am technically a captioner, so it’s really not that hard. You listen to what the person’s saying and you type the words. Some great comments about REV is you can work whenever you want. If you feel like you want some extra cash, you can do it. If you don’t, there’s no pressure. They also pay weekly with PayPal, so if you’re looking for quick cash, they pay every single week and that’s just nice to have paid weekly. Another pro is they also offer translation in transcribing jobs. If you are, if you speak in the language or if you have some experience with transcribing videos, they also have some work for you. Okay, so a little bit about the pain. A transcriptionist can expect 40 to 65 cents per audio minute. A captioner can expect 40 to 75 cents per minute. Subtitler can expect $5 to $8 per video minute, and a translator can expect 5 cents to 7 cents per word. So more or less it kind of equals out to $24 an hour per audio hour, not per hour. Okay.

My third side hustle is URBANSITTER

Watching your own children for free is a thing of the past. Now, when I first heard about urban sitters, I thought, wow, this would be so great for stay-at-home moms. You have to watch your own kids anyways. Why not get paid to watch your own kids with other kids, girl and no one is watching their own kids anymore for free. No one’s doing that. Get on urban sitter, get some little kids and get paid to watch your own kid. Some pros about urban sitter is everyone is in a one central location, so when I was a babysitter you have to like go around the neighborhood and pass out flyers or your, your mom has to know a person that knows another person, but everyone is on this database so it’s really easy to find people in your area. Another pro is you can get paid in cash each time you babysit and you obviously can set your own rate. You can work when you want. Oh, there’s a lot of flexibility with this website. Some cons is obviously every family and child is going to be different. Maybe you get some crazy children, maybe you get some Tracy families, but it’s all just kind of who you get.

My fourth side hustle is TURO

TURO is similar to Airbnb but for cars. You rent out your car when you’re not using it, so you’re not dragging people around or you just … , let’s say you’re going on vacation for a week and your car just going to be sitting in your garage. Why not make some money? You’re kind of like getting paid to travel. Then technically this company is a marketplace for people that need a car and people that don’t use their car. You’re a person that lives in the city. We’ll have a car, but you don’t really use it every day because it’d be great for you. You can list your car when you want to. You can do only on the weekends. You can just do it one day a month. You set your own prices as long as you have car insurance and a decent car, people will be renting your car.


Some pros about using TURO is that there are located in more cities than any other competitor out there. Airports, random cities. They are also a lot cheaper than a lot of other competitors. They have 24 hour roadside assistance if something happens and owners are covered up to $1 million for any damage done to their car. Some cons about this company is cancellation is not as flexible with other competitors. You must pay your own gas and some people have complained a lot about the poor customer service, but if you have a car that you’re not using that often, why not just give it a try?

Number five is A FINE PARENT.

This is perfect for stay-at-home moms and dads. Let me tell you pretty much what A FINE PARENT blog wants our writers to write about things like their experiences about parenting. So if you’re a parent you actually might be very qualified to write for A FINE PARENT. It can be anything about personal experiences, tips, how-to guide or anything else that you think will help or entertain other parents. Just like you would pay for writing, you get $75 per post that gets published. If you’re interested in writing online, this could be a really great option for you because there are a lot of websites up there, a little bit sketchy about writing, but this website is legitimate and it’s geared towards parenting. So if that’s something that you have experienced with, look at the link below

My number six is ERLIBIRD

ERLIBIRD is kind of like a Beta testing website, so if you’re someone that really likes to play games like candy crush or you like technology, find different apps. This could be a really great app to work with for you than your previous just testing apps, I don’t know what else to say. You’re testing APP. You download the software and use it as you normally would as a consumer and then you leave your feedback. What was your experience? What were the advantages? What are the disadvantages? What do you think can make the APP better? And that’s, that’s about it. They pay you $10 per test, so if you can rack up a bunch of tests and it’s really not that much time and it does add up after a while. They do pay after seven days through paypal. Some pros about ERLIBIRD is that the rate’s pretty good compared to other Beta testing apps that only pay like a dollar or 50 cents they pay $10 that’s not bad. A second pro that I really like about this website is you get to try these apps before they’re even on the market. So there are a lot of new apps that are coming out that no one else has seen before and you get the first chance to see it, which is really pretty cool. Some cons about this website are you do need to be 18 years old. For some of these tests you may need a headset and a Webcam.

My seventh side Hustle I want to talk about is HOMESTAY

HOMESTAY is a website where you can write out your extra space for cash and I know we’ve talked about AIRBNB before. Everyone knows Airbnb. That’s kind of the point. HOMESTAY is a lot smaller, so the competition isn’t as high. Whereas like Airbnb, every year you have to charge less and less because it’s so saturated. There are so many people, everyone and their mom is renting out on Airbnb. It’s a HOMESTAY is a really great option because the rates are still higher because there’s not as much competition. There are a lot fewer people. So if you’re already renting out with Airbnb, this could be a good option for you to switch to HOMESTAY or just give it a try or maybe do both at the same time. According to their website, most of their HOMESTAY’S Make about $2,000 a month. So that’s not bad. Pretty good.


SWEATCOIN pays you to walk around and exercise. What more could you want to lose weight? You don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll walk around for some money. And that’s exactly what they do. They pay you to walk around. Don’t expect this APP to pay all your bills and really make a difference, but you have to walk around it anyways, so you might as well just download the APP and collect/get your coins by moving around, and it might even motivate you to do more than just the minimum. For me, this APP, it’s an app that you just download in, forget about it, and then come back in a month in like how $50 and you’re like, oh cool, $50 it’s not something I’m going to be checking every day or anything like that, but it’s, it’s money for walking. I can do that. I can walk. So they pay with paypal. I don’t really have many cons about this app other than it doesn’t pay that much, but you can’t expect them to be paying millions of dollars just to walk around like, so I’m, I’m actually quite happy with this app, another condo about this app. It’s not worldwide yet, so you can’t really use it unless you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Korea, United Emirates, and the Netherlands. It’s not in Spain yet. okay, guys, that is all I have for you today, but I still have tons more side hustles in my head and in my notebook. So if you’re still interested in even more side hustles, don’t forget to subscribe in.

Please share this with someone that you think would find some use out of this.  Let me know what things you’re going to try and let us know your journey. Help us out if you get some more information that I said wrong, let us know in the comments, share any other jobs that you’d come across that you really like, and let’s just keep sharing all this good information. Well, thanks so much for Reading,

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