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8 Reasons To Partake In Regular Exercise


You’d have a chance to maximize life to the fullest if you partake in regular exercise because of the numerous advantages. Exercising benefits the body, soul and mind.

There’s the story of a man who used to complain about a slight pain in his side but despite medical checks and scans, he wasn’t getting better. So, he got into an argument about the politics of England and in a bid to prove his point, he forgot that he had handed over his phone to someone else.

Shortly after the person who was holding his phone left, he remembered and had no choice but to chase in order to retrieve his cell phone. And Yes, he was lucky to get back his phone but he realized that the impromptu running made him feel better and the pain he was feeling on his side subsided, probably because of the exercise. To date, he exercises regularly and he’s super healthy.

Physical activities are as important as eating daily because it helps the physical body as well as the mind. If you want to be very productive, hale, and hearty, you must endeavour to partake in any kind of activity that increases your heart rate for a given period.

While we may not be able to exhaust the benefits of exercise, we bring eight reasons you should partake in regular exercise.

1. It can aid in weight loss

Asides from dieting, one of the fastest ways to lose weight is to partake in regular exercise. This is because the body expends more energy during the process of exercise. One of the advantages of exercise over dieting for weight loss is the fact that the metabolic rate of the body is increased during exercise, thereby calories are burnt quicker and faster.

And if you want to maximize the loss of fat and maintain your muscular mass, combine aerobic with resistance training.

2. It May Increase Energy Levels

Among the many benefits of exercise is the potential increase in energy levels. You find that people who often exercise are more lively and happy and they have a lower chance of sliding into depression.

And for people who often experience fatigue, studies have shown that exercising regularly can boost their energy.

Also, for people with cancer, exercise can increase their level of energy. It is also used as a therapy for stretching as well.


3. It May reduce the risk of Chronic Disease

Health is greatly impacted by exercise or the lack of it. Not just obesity, lack of exercise has been attributed to several chronic diseases.

Blood pressure, heart health, cholesterol level, insulin level, and body composition can all be improved with exercise.

And on the contrary, the lack of exercise can increase belly fat, which puts the body at risk of diabetes and heart disease.

4. It May boost brain health and memory

Those who partake in regular exercise have a slightly better-thinking ability, and their overall brain function is improved as well.

When you exercise, your heart rate is increased, and blood flows to all parts of your body including the brain while carrying oxygen.

We previously talked about how exercise may prevent chronic diseases. There are chronic diseases that affect the brain, so when you exercise, you’re also protecting the brain and preserving your memory.

During exercise, the part of the brain called the hippocampus, the part responsible for learning and memory, increases in size, thereby improving mental capacity, especially in adults.

Also, conditions like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia are put at bay because of exercise.

5. It can improve sleep and relaxation

When you partake in regular exercise, you expend a lot of energy which relaxes the mind and body and aids sleep.

If you are battling insomnia, do rigorous exercise at night and you’d sleep very well. This is because the recuperation process occurs during sleep.

People who exercise often do not alone fall asleep easily, they sleep deeper and appear to be more energetic during the cause of their daily routine.

There are so many exercise routines that can improve sleep but aerobics and resistance exercise is found to be very effective in aiding sleep.

6. It can improve sexual performance

Among the numerous benefits of exercise is the improvement of sex life. During exercise, blood flows to all parts of the body which improves flexibility and enhances sexual performance.

405 postmenopausal women were found to have improved and enjoyable sex life because they exercised regularly, this is according to a study.

7. It can make you happier

Exercise improves mood and reduces stress, which is one of the reasons some people feel unhappy and depressed.

During exercise, a hormone called endorphin is triggered, which stirs happiness and leaves the perception that pain is reduced.

And one of the biggest flex of exercise regarding happiness is that no matter how little the rigorous activity is, it is capable of improving mood.

According to a study, people who stopped to partake in regular exercise are liable to increased symptoms of anxiety and depression.

8. It can improve skin health

The outlook of the skin is greatly impaired by lack of exercise given oxidative stress.

When you exercise regularly, your body produces antioxidants that protect the body cells and prevent any form of oxidative damage.

And during exercise, the flow of blood underneath the skin makes it looks younger.


The benefit of exercise to the body and mind cannot be overly emphasised. Exercise does not only aid in weight loss, it boosts the immune system and improves fitness and health. If you do not partake in regular exercise, you will not be as healthy as someone who does.

8 Reasons To Partake In Regular Exercise.

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