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7 Skills You Must Possess If You Want To Become A Millionaire


Skills You Must Possess If You Want To Become A Millionaire. Whenever Ashley sets out to go to school, his mom usually looks him in the eyes and tells him he’s going to be super-rich because education is a path to prosperity. No doubt, education opens the mind and empowers people with a specific skill set but one of the lies sold to the world is you can become a millionaire or be successful simply because you are educated – this is untrue.

No matter the level of education or qualification that you acquire, if you are not disciplined, you may be unable to match some of your mates that are passionate and deliberate about their lives. As a matter of fact, you may even be passionate about creating wealth but if you lack the skills and know-how, you’ll continue to be perpetually poor.

If you are on the verge of giving up on your dream of becoming a millionaire, this publication will help you. Given my interaction with a whole lot of millionaires, I have realized that they have so many things in common. So, let’s talk about their skills.

To Become a Millionaire, Be Disciplined

Except for those who probably inherited their wealth, millionaires are a disciplined set of people. These people train themselves to abhor certain values and principles. For instance, if they set out a budget for the month, they hardly go beyond that amount regardless of the constrain.

Discipline puts you in control of yourself. You’d not be swayed by people’s opinions or thoughts. Discipline is important in happing one’s personality because it gives a sense of purpose and focuses. People don’t just become disciplined by default, it takes a deliberate effort to develop discipline. So if you are wondering why you are unable to become a millionaire, it is possible that you are not disciplined with scoring your goals, your time, your money and etc.

To Become a Millionaire, Set Goals

A person without a goal is like a child who wants to become a medical doctor but without going through medical school. A set goal is like a map that guides a user to a particular destination. Instead of wishing to become a millionaire, get a pen and paper, and write all need to do to become a millionaire.

And if you are on about setting a goal, it has to be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely, this is one of the secrets of the rich people you see. When your goal has all of those ingredients, you’d likely be on the path to greatness and wealth. Also, your goal should be dissipated into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and etc plans – this will enable you to track your growth.

Time Management

It is not enough to be busy like the ants but what are you on about? So if you are not investing your time rightly, you may end up in the same cycle that you want to escape. Time management helps you to achieve more over the course of a 24-hour day.

For instance, millionaires have a daily goal and timetable to help them achieve their goals – they often start their day early with the most important task. They do not get up from bed whenever they feel like it, they have specific times for waking up and going to bed.

Asides also being good with their own schedules, they are sticklers for time especially when they have meetings. So you’ve got to imbibe the culture of time management if you want to become a millionaire.


The greatest currency we have is people. Your ability to instigate relationships with business merchants and friends will go a long way.

Collins was a teller at a bank, he forged a good relationship with most of his customers. Unlike his other colleagues, he usually sends a thank you message to his customers at the end of their transaction and a lot of them wanted to know him personally. These people have all the conceivable skills you can think of, and so whenever Collins needs to get some big things done, he calls on any of them. So asides from being a banker, he knew how to network and retain relationships with the people who he perceives can add value to his life. So there are times when they beckon on him to get things done for them outside of the banking service.

There are people looking for you and your skills, you may not find them if you’re bad at networking and retaining relationships.

Money Management

Becoming rich is all about managing your money. If you do not have the habit of saving part of your earnings when you are earning low, you’d also be unable to manage your money when you get a heavy pay rise.

Also, the rich live within their means and have a budget system that enables them to spend wisely. For instance, a millionaire wouldn’t spend money to buy the latest version of an iPhone simply because of self-gratification and validation. They know it is not what they need at that time instead they invest their money and make money work for them – this is one stark difference between the poor and the rich.

While the rich keep their expenses low, they continue to invest for the long term and they are patient too because they know with time they’d get the dividend they desire.


Mark Zuckerberg started out on Facebook alone but with time, he figured out he needed people to help him with many aspects of the business. He found that people with these skills offered them juicy positions. Under his auspices, they are helping him fulfil his vision. So, even if you have the needed resources but lack resourcefulness, you may not be able to grow a corporation.

Again, what value are you offering for wealth? You may be educated but if you do not put your skills to work, you won’t earn. So becoming wealthy is a function of offering value for money.


Even for those who inherited their wealth, you can only maintain wealth or create wealth when you possess the traits of a leader. Wealthy people are leaders by nature – they know when to make a new decision, they understand what the people around them need to perform at optimum, and they know how to inspire their colleagues and workers. All these are the hallmark of a leader and millionaire.

Delayed Gratification

The world is dynamic and there are new innovations every day. If you are not patient and disciplined, you may find yourself buying the latest versions of cars every year. Wealthy people know how to delay gratification because they are growing wealth. Even when they see their colleagues driving the latest cars and using the latest gadgets, they shun the desire to satisfy their ego and invest their money instead.

Delayed gratification is also known as delay discounting, whereby a person discounts the value of future reward for the immediate gratification of self. This may look easy, but a lot of people do not know how to do this but it is also a major attribute of the wealthy because their future matters more than their present.

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