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7 Wrong Reasons People Get Married


Have you examined the factors that drive your desire to get married? Could it be you are worried about being left out? Are you only trying to satisfy those who have been pressuring you? Or are you doing it to create a happy family with someone you genuinely cherish?

Marriage is a decision to be in a committed relationship with only one person for the rest of your life. It is a monumental step that should not be rushed. It can be your hell or heaven. Therefore, you need to examine your heart, verify your reasons for getting married and ensure they are honourable.

Many factors influence people’s decision to get married. However, many do not thoroughly consider, reflect on, and think about their marital decision. They do not understand that it goes beyond a beautiful white dress and a fancy suit. It can be really sad because marrying for the wrong reasons can result in a life devoid of love.

Are you unsure about tying the knot? Here are some terrible reasons to get married.

7 Wrong Reasons People Get Married

Societal Pressure

Many people marry solely out of societal expectations. They do it because their friends, siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, etc. – expect them to. Choosing to get married should be a personal decision. It is more beneficial to be clearer about what and who you desire. It can be challenging but do not decide to get married because everyone else believes you should.  Everyone lives their lives so differently.  The decision to enter into a lifetime commitment to share your life with another person shouldn’t be influenced by others.


Don’t feel pushed to get married simply because you unintentionally became pregnant. You have a lot of options that are more sensible than marriage. There are many successful single parents out there. You might consider placing your unborn child for adoption. Especially if the relationship is bad; a child won’t fix a bad relationship. Marriage doesn’t fix anything; it simply adds more problems and difficulties. Do not let anyone make you feel bad for being pregnant and single. Besides, it is outdated to believe you must get married for the child to be legitimate.

Hunger For A Big Beautiful Wedding

It is difficult to let go of the desire to have a lavish wedding if you have spent your whole life fantasizing about it. However, you should remember the wedding only lasts a day. Even if the wedding is flawless and stunning, it does not guarantee a successful marriage. No one is saying it is not fun to have your dream wedding, it is. Many spend more effort preparing for their wedding than they do preparing for a strong, long-lasting marriage. Ask yourself if you want the marriage or only the party and the cake.

Fear Of Loneliness

This is perhaps the most ridiculous and frequent reason people desire to get married. When above a certain age, some begin to accept the myth that they will die alone and in misery. This feeling can be so intense that they get compelled to cling to just about anyone. Even if the person does not possess the attributes they desire in a partner, they get married to them anyway. Do not get married because of the crippling fear of loneliness. It is better to get married later than do it wrong. Remember, compatibility is more important than timing.

Pressure From Partner

When you have dating for too long, it is likely your partner begins to pressure you into getting married. It could come in the form of emotional blackmail where they give you an ultimatum and threaten to break up. This is the point where you must figure out whether to keep dating or not. It is not right to keep someone locked up when you are not prepared to get married. Regardless, never be pressurized to get married. Never give in to the pressure. If you do, you’ll never truly be happy. Eventually, you’ll detest yourself, your partner, and the marriage for it. Only consent to marriage because you are ready.


Some people exhibit a strong desire for revenge. They crave vengeance when they feel someone has wronged them. There are situations where they might get married as a form of retaliation. This is particularly true when it is a remarriage. They feel as though their exalted reputation is at peril due to a divorce. In this situation, these people get married to someone more successful or prettier than their ex to prove a point. Marriage is an enormous, lifelong deal. It is neither a form of competition nor an ego-maintenance program. It should never be done to get even with anyone.  This is the most absurd reason to get married.

Timelines And Life Goals

Many people have a plan for how their life should unfold. Some want to be married by 22 and have kids by 25. Having timelines and goals are important. It is good to have a clear understanding of what someone wants. However, life has a knack for ignoring even the best-laid plans. Therefore, it should not be necessary to set a firm deadline for broad life goals, such as a specific career, home, or marriage.  Matter of fact, it seems quite foolish to set a deadline based on age. No one should get married out of a sense of urgency to avoid falling behind schedule. It is wiser to wait until you are ready than to rush into marriage


Getting married is so simple these days. Still, everyday marriages end in divorce. If you are not married, you can walk away at any time, no questions asked. The dynamics change when you’re married. You split and have to put up with attorneys, custody disputes, or who will get what. Hence, getting marriage should be a careful decision. Discover all shades of who you are and find someone with whom you’ll share all that.

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