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7 Factors That Can Accelerate Premature Ageing

Accelerate Premature Ageing

It is natural for every human being in the world to grow old. The physical appearance is altered according to time and age. However, two people of the same age can look different in terms of their age. While one grows gracefully, the other can suffer premature ageing. Looks generally depend on biological makeup and routines.

A vast majority of the people in the world look a tad older than their ages because of their actions or inactions towards themselves. Regardless, there are various remedies to prevent premature ageing for those who really care to look finer, healthier, younger, and smarter.

Although not scientifically proven, the following methods can be used to slow down the process of premature ageing.

7 Factors That Can Accelerate Premature Ageing:

1. Attitude

Your mind is the most powerful faculty in your possession. The mind determines mood, attitude, thinking, intelligence, knowledge, and so on. If you draw more positivity from the mind, you’d look much younger than your age because it is given that happy people are simply younger people.

Various reports have indicated that a positive and happy mind breeds a longer life and a younger look.

Accelerate Premature Ageing

Wrinkles are not necessarily a biological condition. Angst, sadness, and other negative vices can accelerate wrinkling and reduce the life span of a person. If you want to look younger, you must have a positive attitude towards life.

2. Smoking and Drinking

Drinking alcohol and smoking are the major reasons some people age quickly. These social vices have adverse effects on the internal organs of the body, which is why moderation is very well recommended for those who love to indulge themselves.

There’s usually discolouration on the faces of smokers that make them appear older than they ought to be. Meanwhile, if the skin is very well hydrated, it gives the skin a tender and youthful look which is a huge contrast to the effect of smoking on the body.

Smoking and Drinking

Alcoholic substances affect the kidney and liver, and then it leaves a particular discolouration on the skin. Drinkers also have poor muscular tones, leaving them looking older than their age mates.

3. Age, Sun, Cold and Moisture

Exposure to sun rays is one of the major reasons people grow older than their ages. Sun rays have tendencies to damage certain cells on the skin and it causes wrinkling as well.

The UV rays of the sun are likely going to cause discolouration of the skin. The maximum time recommended to be under the Sun rays is 20mins, and once it is past that time, you’re no longer taking vitamin D but damaging your skin.

Ironically, Spending time in very cold weather also has a similar effect to spending time in the Sun. Cold environments make the skin tougher and wrinkled.

It is highly recommended that you moisturize your skin two to three times per day and stay away from harsh weather conditions like Sun rays and cold weather.

4.  Diet

The food you eat plays a huge role in your physical outlook, that’s why you have to always eat clean. Food high in fats, sugars and or food low in fresh fruits and vegetables are said to be very unfriendly for youthful looks.

Foods that accelerate weight gains like refined sugar, dairy product and white flower are commonly responsible for premature ageing. Foods that are not natural are not easily broken down by the body system, which makes the organs heavier and the body older.

Even for the overweight folks, you can replace sugary diets and fried and fatty foods with natural products that make the body tighter and younger.

5. Weight

Being underweight or overweight, have the same effect in accelerating ageing. An underweight person has fewer fats on the face which may allow the skin to sag and wrinkle. Meanwhile, an overweight person will look older because of the muscular tone created by his/her weight.

One of the major disadvantages of being overweight is the fact it can lead to so many health challenges and in turn affect the ageing process.

Regardless of age, targeted exercise is good to keep the body in shape. As it will add muscles and reduce the flabby, wrinkly look produced by fat.

Eating disorders are as well responsible for wrinkles and dry skin. Diets rich in antioxidants, and fresh, and natural foods can combat the effect of this phenomenon.

6. Choices

Choices have consequences whether good or bad, therefore what we do or do not do can help or hinder the ageing process. Regular exercise is highly recommended to slow down ageing and keep the body in shape.

The use of harsh chemicals around the body can accelerate ageing as well, which means you must be mindful of your body cream and other stuff you use on or around your body.

All the unnatural things like nail polish, powders, and lipstick have side effects if not rightly used.

Making choices good for our body and health is required to slow the ageing process. Choices like eating right and moderately, and then resting well, are all ingredients for a younger look.

7. Stress

Stressful living accelerates ageing. Some of the side-effects of stress are either red eye or a wrinkled look. Stress affects how we carry ourselves and the working of the mind. People that are overwhelmed with stress are also susceptible to sickness.

A moderate amount of stress is said to be good for the body, so any stress that creates physical signs on the body isn’t recommended.

Yoga is an exercise that calms the mind, so if you are stressed, you can practice yoga to mitigate the effect of stress.

You may not be able to stay away from physical activities in a bid to earn a living, but a healthy diet, exercise, and less-stressful life can keep us younger.

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