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Facial Exercises That Clears Age-lines and Make You Look Younger

Facial exercises

Growing old is inevitable but looking younger than your age is a thing of choice. One of the visible effects of aging is wrinkles but asides from using cosmetic products, there are specific facial exercises that can tone the muscles and ameliorates wrinkling.

There are about 52 muscles on our faces and if we neglect this body part, it may become loose and a tad flabby. We have come up with some facial exercises that will give your face a lift and make you look younger than your age.

Face Warm-Up

Just like you warm up before carrying out any exercise, you can do a facial warm-up before the real exercise. It doesn’t really matter the position you take, but ensure your back is straight and then sing the vowels for as long as possible. A, E, O and I are the best vowels to use to warm up your face.

The Brow-Raiser

This exercise, if followed through consistently can help the brows maintain their natural position.

To do this, place your index and middle fingers of the left and right hand above your brows. Gently push the skin down. The idea of pushing the skin down is to create resistance while you push the brows up and down. Repeat this routine 10 times in six sets.

Facial Exercises - Face Yoga

The Cheekbone Lift

The cheekbone lift gives you a defined cheekbone. If you have flabby and fat cheekbones, this exercise would be good for you.

Like in one above, place your index and middle fingers of your left and right hands over your cheeks. Lift the skin albeit gently and open your mouth to form an O shape while you do that. Hold for up to 10 seconds and then complete 10-15 sets.

Facial Exercises to Tone Facial Muscles

Cheek puff

The cheek puff removes unwanted lines around the mouth.

Puff out your cheeks with air inside your mouth. Move the air from the left to the right side, and from the right to the left side while holding for 10 seconds. This makes the cheek muscles firmer.

Facial Exercises - Face Yoga

Under-eye pull

The under-eye pull exercise is effective for ridding off dark circles and eye-bags. When you do the under-eye pull, the blood flows around the face increases.

Using your index fingers, pull the muscles under your eye outwards – stretch it to its limit but ensure your eye is closed while doing this. Do the same routine for both eyes.

The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

The exercise is perfect for people who are looking to get a slimmer face.

To do this, with your chin pushed forward, tilt your head to the back and suck your cheeks inward as much as you can. Hold the same position for 10 seconds and complete 10-15 sets.

Facial Exercises - Slim Face


The Jaw Flex

The jaw flex exercise tones the jawline of the face.

To do this, tilt your head backward like you want to do the chipmunk cheek squeeze.

Tuck your upper lip into your lower lip, and move the lower lip over the upper as far as you can. Hold for 10 seconds.

Facial Exercises - Chin Exercises

Forehead workout

The forehead workout makes removes crow’s feet and forehead lines.

To do this, open your eyes as wide as you can, then pull the forehead skin to the back.


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