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7 Exciting Alternatives To Medium for Monetizing Your Writing in 2024


Medium boasts a sleek design, an engaged community, and the potential for content monetization through its Partner Program. Some writers are looking for alternatives due to the fierce competition from over 100 million monthly contributors and limitations on geographic monetization. Fortunately, numerous alternatives possess unique advantages that Medium has not yet covered. To assist you in discovering the ideal blogging platform to suit your specific needs, we have compiled an extensive guide to the top Medium alternatives.

The key strengths of each platform are outlined in this guide, and they are compared based on key factors such as usability, monetization capabilities, earning prospects, and more. It is becoming more important for writers to explore new platforms and avenues to monetize their craft. In 2024, there will be several viable alternatives to Medium that offer unique opportunities for writers who want to earn money by producing content. Here are seven exciting ways to make money from your writing.

Alternatives To Medium for Monetizing Your Writing.

1. Substack:

An Engaging Platform for Newsletter Monetization

Substack is an engaging platform for newsletter monetization that enables authors to create and monetize their newsletters, offering them a direct channel to their audience while also allowing them to choose from various subscription models and payment options. Monetization on Substack can be achieved through affiliate links in newsletters or personal product/service promotion.

Substack makes it easier to create paid subscriptions with a 10% fee, which enables creators to set the rates for subscriber access to their newsletters. Readers who participate in your content can sign up for your newsletter, which gives them direct access to their inboxes. This holds significant power since connecting through email is more accessible than relying on a third-party platform to reach them. This is a good alternative to medium for monetizing your writing.


  • Establish direct connections with readers via newsletters.
  • Generate revenue by offering paid newsletter subscriptions.
  • Enjoy a straightforward and concentrated writing experience for newsletters.


  • Weak recommendation engine within the platform.
  • Incurs a 10% platform fee on earnings from paid subscriptions.

2. Ghost:

The Power of Ownership and Control – An alternative to medium to monetize your writing.

Ghost provides a versatile platform for writers to create memberships, subscriptions, and one-time purchases, with a focus on ownership and control over their content. Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that functions as a Content Management System (CMS), and enables users to build self-hosted blogs without being bound by platform rules.

The responsibility and autonomy of driving traffic lies with users. Ghost offers robust SEO tools for optimizing content and access to comprehensive analytics for performance evaluation and fine-tuning.


  • Complete autonomy in designing your blog’s appearance, curating content, and managing distribution.
  • Utilize comprehensive analytics for assessing content effectiveness.
  • Ensure content permanence without the risk of removal.


  • Absence of a pre-existing audience.
  • Initial expenses in purchasing a domain and leasing servers to host your Ghost-powered blog.
  • Demands a greater level of technical expertise.

3. HubPages:

Revenue Sharing and SEO Control

HubPages is a revenue-sharing platform where writers can publish articles, gain traction through the site’s audience, and earn through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. According to HubPages, it’s possible to earn $50-$100 monthly as passive income through writing, but it takes a lot of articles to reach that level.

While it may not rival Medium’s expansive built-in audience, HubPages provides greater SEO control. Although visitor traffic from the platform might be lower, you can optimize your content to widen your reach through search engines.


  • Reliable monetization avenues like display ads and Amazon affiliate links.
  • Enhanced manual control over content SEO.
  • Offers a modular writing interface for intricate content layouts when needed.


  • Initially, a smaller audience base.
  • Imposes a higher payout threshold set at $50.
  • Potential impact on user engagement due to display ads.

4. Vocal Media:

Earnings Through Engagement and Writing Challenges

Vocal Media offers a platform for writers to create content across various niches while earning through reads, tips, and engagement-based incentives. A platform that provides writers with payment based on the number of reads and tips they receive from readers. Vocal provides writers with the opportunity to choose from various niches and join for increased benefits and exposure.

This platform is the perfect choice for writers who want to write about their passions and hobbies and receive feedback from readers. Vocal Media is unique in its recognition of writers who deserve it. This blog platform regularly hosts writing challenges that offer cash prizes that range from $500-$1000, sometimes even reaching $10,000 or more.

Maximizing earnings involves drawing in more readers by crafting compelling headlines and actively promoting your pieces on social platforms. Building strong connections might even lead to tips from appreciative readers.


  • Stable income at $3.80/1000 reads, alongside a built-in tipping feature.
  • Opportunities through writing challenges to achieve substantial reach and earnings.
  • Provides a clean, ad-free user interface.


  • Limited initial audience base.
  • To unlock higher earnings of $6.00 per 1000 reads, a subscription to Vocal+ at $9.99/month is necessary.
  • Has a higher payout threshold set at $35 (or $20 for Vocal+ members).

5. WordPress:

The Power of Self-Ownership and Customization

WordPress, coupled with plugins like WooCommerce or MemberPress, empowers writers to create membership sites, sell digital products, or offer paid subscriptions. Despite its steep learning curve, WordPress still produces highly rewarding outcomes. An example of this is a WordPress blog that was sold for six figures, demonstrating its potential.

It should be noted that WordPress gives creators the ability to create assets that can be sold. Owning blogs and associated rights has led to multiple six-figure sales. Blogging on self-owned platforms like WordPress provides a pathway to constructing valuable assets, unlike platforms owned by others.


  • Establish a specialized blog with tailored guidelines.
  • Customize appearance with themes and expand capabilities with plugins.
  • Implement various monetization options, from ads to e-commerce.
  • Leverage robust SEO tools for increased organic traffic.


  • Involves technical complexity and a substantial learning curve.
  • Requires extensive management tasks, including platform upkeep, content marketing, content creation, and curation.

6. Steemit:

Blockchain-Based Monetization

Steemit operates on blockchain technology, compensating writers in STEEM cryptocurrency, exchangeable or used to enhance their accounts. Upvotes or community/token creation are how earnings are generated. One of the best alternatives to medium to monetize your writing.

The site caters to writers who are interested in crypto and decentralized platforms, and its unique approach to monetization involves its cryptocurrency, STEEM, which is based on blockchain technology. Consistent user engagement holds high earning potential, with viral posts yielding over $100.


  • Ideal for crypto enthusiasts; rewards contributors in STEEM cryptocurrency.
  • Encourages high engagement through incentivized commenting and upvoting.
  • Maintains full transparency with public access to information about rewards, upvotes, comments, and transactions.


  • Utilizes markdown formatting, which might pose complexity for certain writers.
  • Involves a steep learning curve for individuals new to blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Earnings may decrease if the value of the STEEM coin declines.

7. NewsBreak:

Reporting the News for Earnings

NewsBreak is a platform compensating writers according to their view counts and followers. Within the NewsBreak Creator Program, writers are responsible for covering local news, events, and stories.

This is the perfect option for those looking to reach a wide audience and report on current events. To make money, it is necessary to publish a minimum of 10 articles and obtain 100 registered followers.

Contributors who are accepted earn based on ad impressions per article, with variable pay rates. The main advantage is that news can potentially go viral, resulting in substantial earnings. However, viral content tends to have a short lifespan. This makes it a wonderful alternative to medium to monetize you writing.


  • Ranked among the top news apps in the Google Play Store, reaching 50 million monthly readers.
  • Earnings are predictable and linked to the number of views.
  • Higher likelihood of news content going viral, enhancing potential earnings.


  • Monetization requires meeting specific prerequisites.
  • Limited diversity in content.
  • Presence of advertisements within the user interface.


These platforms offer promising opportunities for writers to showcase their work, engage diverse audiences, and potentially monetize their content. Each platform possesses its own set of advantages and limitations, catering to different writers’ preferences and goals. These platforms are valuable avenues for writers, whether they aim for broader exposure, predictable earnings, or direct reader engagement

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