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7 Billionaires Secrets You May Want to Adopt


Everybody in the world wants to be wealthy but most of the world’s population is not ready to pay the price of becoming a billionaire. Although some billionaires inherited their monies, a huge chunk of wealthy people has similar routines or lifestyles or even secrets.

In order to maintain wealth or to become wealthy, there are routines that can be followed, else, all your work and effort will earn you money that is just enough to keep you in the middle class.

Following my undaunting years of research, I realized all billionaires have similar secrets. It is not enough to be intelligent or innovative, you’ve got to adopt a lifestyle that will increase your knowledge, time, money, expertise, and even zest to solve problems and earn from them.

There are billions of people in the world but most people already have a limitation in their hearts about becoming billionaires. Even though you do not believe that you can become one of the few billionaires in the world, I am here to tell you that becoming a billionaire is an achievable feat.

While there are several secrets to breaking the norm and becoming a billionaire, we are going to talk about billionaires’ secrets I garnered from having a pep talk with this class of people.

·         Dream Big and Have a Vision

Every billionaire had a mental picture of the person they became. You must be able to see your financial destination in your heart so that nature will conjure itself and make it happen.


If you limit your dreams and vision to being a millionaire, you’d likely end up as a millionaire – in other words, you are the product of your dream or vision.

Some of the billionaire’s secrets include writing down their visions and the steps to take in order to achieve the same vision, and this works like magic.

·         Be an Early Riser

I love to tell my folks that no matter how long you sleep today, you’d still feel like sleeping later or at night, so why derive so much gratification for early morning or too many periods of sleep?

All or most billionaires wake up early, at around 5.30 am to start their day. This will afford them more time to complete tasks than those who wake up late and are not punctual.


You may want to argue that all billionaires are CEOs and do not have to be at work early, but I’ve discovered that the thought process is a huge fallacy. You must note that getting less sleep does not translate to wealth, No, it gives you more time to get ahead of your peers in every way.

If you wake up early and fail to judiciously dissipate your time, it is safe to say you should go back to sleep.

·         Exercise Regularly and Meditate

The cliche “health is wealth” is one of the many reasons people embark on exercise routines. Exercise boosts your immune system and helps your body and mind to function optimally.

All billionaires have inculcated the habit of physical activities that will likely increase their lifespan and make them more productive at work. According to some of the billionaires I came across, they claim partaking in sports teaches people about winning and losing, a fundamental skill in life and business.


Aside from physical activities, meditation is an activity that is very good for the mind. It helps to build focus, resilience, a positive attitude, and so on. Most of them also have healthy eating habits.

·         Read

As you are reading this publication, every billionaire has a book they are currently reading to educate themselves or stay informed. According to Warren Buffet, one of the billionaires of our time, reading is the most valuable source of knowledge.

The billionaires that are currently not reading a book would be in the Economist, Financial Times, Fortune, or The Wall Street Journal. Reading does not just improve your vocabulary, it expands your mind with information.

Reading can be painstaking if you are not used to it but it’s a habit that can be developed. You can have a systematic approach by drawing up a priority list and plan for reading. Read what your role models and mentors are reading, as well as spend money to get the knowledge that you see on display in the lives of billionaires.

·         Adopt a Routine

The life of billionaires is all about routines and routines. Instead of wishing their day and time away, they have set goals from when they wake up to when to go to bed at night.

Routines are usually adopted patterns of behaviour or habit that lead to long-term results if religiously followed.

You may want to start with simpler routines like waking up early before adding complex ones like not going to parties on Fridays but using that time to study.

Billionaires hardly spend for what is not budgeted, it is part of the routines that you can adopt to curtail frivolous expenditures as well.

·         Be Disciplined

All Billionaires are disciplined with their time, money, routines, and life. They have set standards for themselves and those around them.

Let’s take a look at a man exercising in order to get a flat stomach – if he is not regularly following the regimes, he’d never achieve the result. This is similar to achieving wealth, you must follow through routines with great discipline.

Billionaires master the act of shunning distraction and temptations because they know they are headed to a destination of wealth and sufficiency. Like every human, there are days you might lack the motivation and the willpower to do the norm. Do not allow yourself to slack off, that’s going to be the difference between you and those that are not billionaires.

·   Billionaires are Passionate about their Jobs

Billionaires love what they do. If you do not love what you do, you can never be productive in that field of life. Therefore, if you want to become a billionaire, discover your passion and make money from doing what you love.

It might take a while to discover your passion, but the moment you do and start making money from it. There’s no stopping you if you are in the billionaire cadre.

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