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7 Best Inner Thigh Exercises for Women


By now, you should know that there are no one-size trims for exercise. Aside from the general cardio improvement and muscle building, you will need specific activities to target where you intend to burn fat or gain weight. For example, jumping squats, donkey kicks, walking lunges, etc., are geared to develop the butt and hips. At the same time, workouts like plank, pull-ups and the like are for achieving a flat tummy. So, you get the point, and now we shall focus solely on exercises that develop the inner thigh.

Understanding why it is essential to develop the inner thigh is the first step in sticking to your workout routines, and I’m going to answer that question for you. Exercising the leg muscles, especially the inner thigh, is vital to building leaner, stronger, and more resilient legs. It is also responsible for stabilizing muscles. Unfortunately, many gymgoers focus more on building other parts of the body, and both men and women are obsessed with their developing abs. I trust you know the importance of adding the inner thigh workout to your focus radar. You won’t be part of those engaging in incomplete exercises.

To know more about what you’re dealing with, did you know the inner muscle has five parts? One is the gracilis which plays a vital role in flexing and rotation. The second is the penctineus, it supports flexion and adduction of the hips. The Third is the adductor brevis, whose primary job is to assist in adduction and flexion. Next is the adductor longus, which adducts the thigh and partially covers the adductor brevis. The last of the inner muscles is the adductor magnus. It is responsible for adducting the thigh and works with the hamstrings to perform flexion.

Exercising your inner thighs can build muscles or lose fat, depending on what you hope to achieve. Though genetics and body type play a huge role in determining our body size, shape or looks, the correct type of targeted exercise and diet can chisel or build any thigh.

The little knowledge you have on the importance of exercising the inner thighs will also help you to know the different tips to help you achieve a satisfying inner thigh. Once you start practising them, you will feel for yourself how your ability to lift and absorb a lot of eccentric stress has improved.

Fat-blasting cardio

Have you heard of fat-blasting cardio like Tabata, circuit training or HIIT? They are unique and intense cardio exercises that help you burn fat faster. The training keeps you in a calorie deficit which is fundamental to losing fat. You also experience regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. By and large, fat-blasting cardio is excellent for the inner thigh.

Healthy diet

The combined effect of what you eat, the quantity you eat and a more focused workout will give you the best chances at developing the adductor muscles. The hack is to eat enough calories to boost muscle growth but not so much that you gain excess weight. The watchword is moderation. You can track your calorie intake to see how much you consume, then circle back to decrease it by 5% when trying to lose weight. Your workout will amount to nothing if you don’t figure out a dietary plan for before and after exercise, so make sure you have a timetable for healthy, beneficial meals.

Target body recomposition

When building muscular inner thighs, losing fat cannot be done just for the sake of it; a method has to be followed, which is the body recomposition process. The body composition test gives results of your body mass, body fat, water and bone density percentages determine how you approach workout and monitors your progress. It is not a hurried process or a quick fix to your muscle-building journey. But, with dedication, you’ll see the effect.

Below are some of the best inner thigh exercises for women:

Plie Squat

Plie Squat is done to strengthen the legs, calves, and inner thighs. It is a variation of squat that you all know but this type increases the motion range of the hips.


  • Stand straight with your feet extremely apart from each other.
  • With your two hands stretched horizontally, tuck the tailbone and engage your core. Go down slowly to focus on your inner thighs while the knees are over your ankles.
  • Straighten your knees to engage your glute, then gently come back up.

Lateral Squat Walk

A resistance band is used around the thighs to strengthen them. It creates control and enhances both the concentric and eccentric parts for mobility. This exercise targets the thigh and glutes.


  • Place a resistance band over your ankle or lower thighs.
  • Ensure you stand with your feet wide apart, at a hip-width distance.
  • With the chest upright and spine standing tall, push your bum backwards and slowly squat.
  • While in a squat, walk 10 steps to the left to keep tension with the band. Restart, then walk 10 steps in the opposite direction while still in a squat.

Inner Thigh Heel Pulses

Although research is still ongoing in this area, inner thigh heel pulses are effective for toning the muscles of the thigh, core, and glutes.


  • Lay down on any of your sides with your entire body in a plane.
    Next, place the tips of your finger on the floor to get your body stabilized.
  • Lift the arm at the top towards the ceiling to a vertical position
  • Now, engage the glutes and core. Then rotate your toes when you squeeze your two heels.
  • Simultaneously raise your two legs off the ground and hold the position for 10 seconds. The release then repeats the routine on the other side.

Ball Squeeze

Ball Squeeze has been described as a vintage exercise routine but is very effective for strengthening the inner thighs.


  • With your feet apart at a hip-width distance, stand upright.
  • Get an exercise ball that can fit into your thighs and place it between them.
  • Push your bum backwards to a position of sitting on a high squat.
  • Then use your thighs to squeeze the ball, restart and repeat.

Glute Kickbacks

There are several exercise routines that can tone the glutes and strengthen the inner thighs. They include glute kickbacks which target the supporting muscle on the leg.


  • Like in the lateral squat walk, place a resistance band on your thighs.
  • With your feet at a hip-width distance apart, engage your core while you keep your spine long as you stand against a wall.
  • Keep one of your legs straight and firmly on the ground, then float the other behind you. Gradually, low down again to reach the floor.
  • Switch legs and do the same routine.

Hip Bridge with Pulse

To stabilize your knee and strengthen your inner thighs, engage in a hip bridge with a pulse.


  • You also need to make use of the resistance band for the hip bridge exercise.
  • Lay flat on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet flat.
  • With your shoulder glued to the floor lift your pelvis upwards.  Pulse your knees then lower your pelvis. Repeat routine.

Inner Thigh Raise

Inner thigh raise is quite a simple routine but effective for strengthening the inner thighs. However, this requires focus and control for impact to be made.


  • Lay down on any of your sides with your entire body in a plane.
  • For stability, place your fingertip on the floor and in your front.
  • Bend your right leg over your left or whichever is convenient first and then, engage your core.
  • With the bottom leg straight, lift the same leg two inches and lower back two inches. Repeat the routine on the other side.


The inner thighs and their proper functioning are very important to mobility, flexibility, and stamina, and one must exercise to get the desired results. Follow the tips and explore different workout routines that develop the inner thigh.


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