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6 Colours That Make You Appear Fat


Are you sick and tired of those few pounds that won’t be shed despite your best efforts to lose weight? Do you dream of your desired hourglass shape? Do you constantly bother about what else to do to achieve your body goals? We have some news for you on 6 colours that make you appear fat.

Truthfully, there is no more efficient option to lose weight than by consistently working out and having a diet plan. However, it is a common observation that some colours tend to make you look thinner, while others can have the opposite effect.

Have you ever questioned what colours give a chubbier appearance? Well, you aren’t alone in this; many people have wondered the same.

Let’s get into it!

In recent times, a lot of Instagram posts discuss how black clothing can help hide a pregnancy. You must have heard that every lady should own a little black dress. In addition to black, choosing monochrome outfits also make you appear thinner. Other dark colours also function for this purpose. To explore and achieve this slimming impact of colours, you may also go with dark green, purple, navy blue, and red.

Learning about these colours may help you either avoid them or find ways to pair them with other colours.

The following six colours tend to make you appear heavier.

1.    White Color

Avoid white at all costs, considering their history of making you look fatter than you already are. Given how well the black colour conceals, it makes sense that white makes the body shape more obvious. White has a brilliant quality and reveals all hues, alongside the body fat. As a result, it gives the impression that you are thicker than you actually are. It has the tendency to expand the horizontal lining dramatically. Therefore, those belly fat might look outrageously noticeable in a white bodycon dress.


As an alternative, consider creamy white, beige and ivory.

These have yellow, red, and orange undertones, causing them to have a warmer hue.

2.    Nude Color

Nude is a stunning colour that complements the majority of body types. It tends to flaunt your body shape. It displays the body contour. For these reasons, it is a tough colour to wear for thick individuals. However, this does not mean you should not dress nude. With the correct fabric and design, it can look really great.


But is that mean you shouldn’t wear nude colours? No.

You may combine it with darker hues such as chocolate, caramel, and mocha. You can wear a long, nude bodycon dress with a high-waist black belt to define your waist and give you a thinner appearance. The colour is definitely worth experimenting with.

3.    Bright Colours

Wearing a brightly coloured outfit is generally not advised if you want to conceal your stomach and big boobs. Similarly, choosing brightly coloured trousers might be a bad idea if you want to hide your wide hips or buttocks. This is because bright hues draw attention to the body more than darker colours. You should only consider them when you want to show off your assets.

You can consider bright colours for your accessories such as wristwatches or handbags. This takes the attention away from your body and diverts it to the accessories.

4.    Pale Colours

Some people might believe that pastel colours and pale colours are similar. But not all pastel colours give off an overweight impression. Examples of pale colours are pale mint, pale brown and light seafoam green. They are almost the same as white; therefore, have the potential to make you appear fatter.  Meanwhile, soft pastel colours like Coral Rose, which have more of a dark tone, do not make you fat. Mixing pale colours with darker hues is one tactic of wearing them, for example, a light mint blouse and black trousers. Pale colours can be incredibly beautiful when colours are well-blended.

5.    Contrasting Colours

Combining two different bright colours such as a yellow blouse and pink pants can create a large body shape. You might also appear shorter. When pairing outfits, it must be done with complementary colours in order to look stylish.

Otherwise, combine shades of the same colour. A vibrant shade of red with a lighter shade will give off the impression that you are skinny. You can layer the light hue underneath the dark ones. Wearing all one colour makes a person appear taller. It is, arguably, the simplest strategy to look fashionable while keeping costs low.

6.    Pattern and Stripes

Patterns might, like colours, give the impression that you are thinner or overweight. Horizontal stripes are bad news for chubby people. This is because they can give the impression that something is wider than it actually is. Vertical stripes will give the impression that you are taller and thinner.

Furthermore, as a curvaceous individual, you should reduce the number of busy patterns you wear, such as large, dotted prints. They will draw attention to your physique. If you are in love with busy patterns, an alternative is to select one with little designs. For example, you are putting on a black dress with a large, vivid red flower print. The red flower will still catch the eye and have an enlarging impact. Therefore, small all-over designs on an outfit can help curvy persons hide weight.


Whether you are discussing wall paint colours, abstract drawings, or apparel one principle holds: Light colours enlarge, and dark colours retract. Clothes that are light in colour will catch the eyes, emphasizing the area it covers, and giving an impression that it is larger. Dark clothes, on the other hand, will make the area it covers look smaller and slimmer because of their dimming appearance.

From your bag to the shoes, and the jewellery you pick, everything can reduce or amplify your size. If you are chubby, a thin belt or tiny handbag can only highlight your shape. While selecting your accessories, a necklace with a huge pendant is preferable. Consider balance over merely picking something because it is trendy at the moment. It is time to use these weight-loss fashion techniques to your advantage.


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