5 powerful Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

The Fear Of Failure

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Failure. Why is it that most people don’t pursue their dreams? Why is it that most people don’t do better than they ought to be doing despite their capacity? Most people don’t take the next step because they are either afraid of failure or they do not believe they deserve an achievement.

How often do you consciously work on yourself? In the last 6 months, how many books have you read and added to your shelf? What skill are you currently learning? The point is that if you want to succeed and overcome fear, you have to be deliberate about what you do.

Most people are not living their dreams simply because of fear. Fear limits vision and a lack of confidence have killed so many destinies. Most people are stuck on a particular job, stuck in a particular relationship, and stuck with a particular kind of lifestyle because they do not believe they deserve better.

Fear kills dreams, fear kills hope and Fear can age you. Sometimes it feels like a hypnotic spell. There is absolutely no benefit in allowing fear to limit or hold you back. Instead, it puts you at a disadvantage. But guess what? there is what to do to conquer this phenomenon called the fear of failure.

Modify Your Goals

No matter how good your goal looks, always leave room for adjustment to make it better. If you don’t leave room for adjustments, chances are that you will start over again if you fail to meet your target.
But if you leave room for adjustment, you will be able to continue even when it looks as though it’s not going to work.

For instance, instead of projecting revenue of $3000 per month on your blog, why not include in the goal how you can increase your traffic? Increasing your traffic would mean carrying out more SEO, publishing more quality articles and retaining most of your visitors.

If you are able to increase your traffic, you can be sure of meeting your revenue even if not immediately. Even if you do not meet your target, it will still be a win-win situation for you.

Deliberately Experience The Fear

It is commonplace for fear to paralyze people who give in to the feeling. And you know what? you may not be able to conquer fear if you always try not to experience it.

Allowing yourself to feel the fear makes it a lot easier for you to manage the situation. You will panic less after a given period of occurrence.

Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Instead of getting anxious over anything, sit quietly, and breathe in and out. This is how you deal with anything that makes you uneasy. Every time you do this, you’d feel calmer.

Fortify Yourself With Positive Affirmations

You have to begin to consciously monitor your inner conversation and start talking to yourself. You know, sometimes, the only good thing you will hear about yourself are the things you say to yourself. In other words, imbibe the culture of positive affirmation of self.

Regardless of the outcome of events, never talk down or speak negatively about yourself. You should always say words like “I can do this” and “I can make this happen”.

Do not wait for other people to cheer you up. Learn to be your own motivator. Just find people who have successfully done what you are looking to do and learn from them. Attend seminars, read books, meditate and do everything to develop yourself.

In other to conquer the fear of failure, you have to change how you see yourself. Your mindset is fundamental to the success or failure of your goal.

Meditate and Ask Yourself Questions

It is important to get feedback on your effort. Feedback gives your all the information as to why you failed and what you need to do better.


Therefore, you must ask yourself the following questions during your introspection.

  • Why did I fail?
  • What have I learned anything from the event?
  • How can I do better?
  • What are the positives that I can take out from the failure/setback?

If you are able to provide an objective answer to the aforementioned questions, chances are that you won’t repeat the same mistake when you try again. Feedback from self is important if you must conquer the fear of failure.

Imagine Obstacles

Motivating yourself is never enough. It is difficult to overcome challenges. Therefore, when hoping for the best outcomes from situations, think about possible challenges that you may encounter. And when you visualize possible challenges, it will be much easier to deal with them when they arise.

Imagining yourself dealing with obstacles (Fear Of Failure) reveals the worst that can happen and when you have an idea of what can go wrong, you’d know what to do.


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