5 super Tips To Not Let Your Past Define You

Past Define You

Tips To Not Let Your Past Define You. Do you feel weighed down by the activities of your past that you are unable to take new steps? Your past belongs to the past and it does not define who are you.

Of course, it is the activities of the past that brought about the present but it is what you do now that creates the future. Therefore, your past does not define you or your future.

We all make mistakes or wish there were things we shouldn’t have done. Those regrettable things may have lasting consequences or live in our memories forever. You just have to move on with life because you cannot change the future.

Just remind yourself daily that your past doesn’t define you.

Tips on not letting your past define you:

  • Control Your Thought

A lot of the changes we see in life begin from the mind through our thoughts.

You can control your thoughts by not allowing yourself to think about negativities and the past. Although this is difficult to achieve, it can be learned over time.

Most people dwell on their past that they fail to enjoy the present or even envisage a bright future.

If you want to move on from your past, train your mind to forget about the past. Think positively only.

  • Think About Who You Want To Be

Your failures of the past should remain in the past because those activities do not define you.

You should focus your thought on the person that you desire to become.

If you are keen on becoming a motivational speaker, think about that alone and channel your energy to becoming the best.

Past love

It is practically impossible to correct the past but the future can be created through thinking and planning.

To forget about the past, dwell on who you want to be.

  • Meditate on positive things

Meditation creates positive energy and motivates the mind.

When you dwell on positivities, you will manifest positivity – this is a law of attraction.

To create a better future, ensure you stay on your thought of positivity alone. Your mind may wander a bit but when it does, return to the positivity and you will manifest positive things only.

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you do want your past to define your future, you may have to do away with negative people. Just as your past should belong to the past, so is it with people. There are people who should remain in your past especially if they are not adding value to your life.

You can know where a man is headed in life if you see the people he’s surrounded by.

Happy people

If You do not want to let your past define you, adopt mentors who can guide you to create the kind of future you want.

  • Don’t Listen To Naysayers

There will always be people who are there to spite your effort because of your past. They will remind you of your past, mistakes and weaknesses. Do not listen to this category of people because they intend to keep you trapped in your past.

Dont listen to others

You must be deaf to naysayers and see them as detractors if you do not want your past to define you.


It is not easy to move on from the past but moving on from the past has a lot of benefits. The future is filled with possibilities and if you shift your focus to the future, you will be better for it.

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