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5 Tips to Attracting the Love of Your Life


You could be physically attractive and emotionally ready but still find it challenging to get into a relationship. However, there are top tips to attracting the love of your life for a harmonious relationship.

Before you get into a relationship, be sure that you know yourself because we attract who we are. If you are emotionally damaged, the chances are that you will attract a person with the same energy. So, you must be in a place of emotional health before embarking on another love journey.

We all dissipate energies, and the kind of energy you project influences the people you attract. We all exhibit two types of energy, secure and insecure energy.

  • Secure Energy

This kind of energy is exhibited by people who have self-worth. They do not need the appraisal of others to feel good about themselves. No matter their looks or state, they demonstrate happiness and are proud of who they are. Anybody who exhibits secure energy is emotionally stable and can only attract an emotionally healthy person.

  • Insecure energy

People who exhibit insecure energy do so in two ways. They are either takers or caretakers. These people easily find each other because of their desire for affirmation or validation. They seem to be looking for who would make them feel lovable. All takers do is be needy, demanding and yearning for the takers. It is only about self for them.

Meanwhile, the caretakers are the stark opposite of the takers. They give themselves up, hoping they’d be loved for who they are. So it is possible to attract your ideal lover and keep them.

Let’s take a look at five keys to attracting your lover:

Accept, Love and Value Yourself.

Healthy self-esteem is one of the keys to finding a soul mate. Even if a broken relationship bruises your ego, you must know you are good enough. A relationship that didn’t work out is not meant to be. Do not ever dwell on the failure of a former relationship.

Else, you will turn out needy. People who don’t accept, love and value themselves need validation from others to feel good. While on the contrary, those who accept, love and value themselves exhibit positive energy. They dissipate this positive energy without needing the same energy reciprocated.

Learn to connect with your inner resource of love, wisdom and strength.

If you want to avoid blaming your partner for your joy or sorrow, you’ll need to have this ability which helps you to be in charge of your emotions. Your link with a higher soul, your comprehension of a spiritual source, or anything else that goes beyond your ego’s thinking can be a good source of information for you. When you gather vital information about your partner, you will understand their place in your life.

 Look For Friendship First

Some of the best relationships started as friendships. Your confidant and best friend may be your soulmate.

During friendship, you will get to know the other person and discover if you have a great connection. Within this period, you get to fall in love because you may have emptied yourself into a true friendship. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who isn’t your friend. It will be tedious and not worth your effort because friendship makes love thrive.

Know Your Relationship Deal Breakers

To attract the love of your life, you must know your deal breakers and never settle for less. You must know your deal-breakers before starting any relationship. That way, you will nib any potential relationship in the bud before it blossoms. When you don’t set your deal breakers straight, you might not see the signs that they are incompatible with your standards. In cases where you can sense deal breakers, you both might be way in your feelings, which may affect your objectivity.

Communicate clearly

When you learn to communicate your feelings clearly, you will also attract a good communicator. If you assume a lot and treat people around you based on their assumptions of them, it becomes difficult for them to develop deep intimacy with you.

If you like them, tell them. If you want them to treat you in a certain way, communicate. Please don’t assume they ought to know you don’t like this or that. It will be stressful for both you and them.

Be opened-minded

You must develop a mindset of constant growth. Learn things you don’t know anything about if it will make you a better person. Unlearn any bad habits especially if they affected your last relationship. Relearn some of the good virtues you used to live by before you decided they were no longer useful.

You just have to keep learning and it will broaden your mind on how to relate with people and discover more about yourself.  Do not allow your ego to come in the way of your receiving correction from people. For no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is not open to corrections. It is only when you have an open mind that you can accept you are wrong when it is pointed out to you.


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